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  1. Oh man - That’s just terrible! I have a similar experience - I shipped a set of 4 RARE alloy wheels with UPS once, and they lost one of the wheels! I relentlessly hounded them, even found out they had “loss centres” where packages that lost shipping info ended up and would call them weekly requesting the check for it. That’s also when I found out they’ll sell you insurance for anything, but the fine print in the contract basically only covers new items being shipped from business that is selling them new to the customer. Anything used, or even anything new sold privately was e
  2. If my experience with the local Peugeot dealer in the late 80’s was anything to go by, they were ridiculously undertrained Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler dealership dudes that had little to no interest in these cars. In my experience that’s usually the response one gets when they have no idea how to fix it and really just want you to concede and accept the flaw. Temp and level should be dead simple to suss out, but I’m likely too OCD to not let that bug me. Rabin
  3. It works exactly the way the old yahoo group list worked for email only. The content that was in the group will get moved here at some point once I figure out how to do it best and have the time. Rabin
  4. Sorry - I tried editing a link and it didn’t work. This is the home page for registering to the distribution list: http://list.canam-peugeot.com/options.cgi/peugeot-l-canam-peugeot.com Works similar to the yahoo list - you sent an e-mail to list after registering and it sends to everyone on the list. Rabin
  5. This is a parallel forum set up to augment the e-mail list which I took over last year and re-hosted it on this domain as well. List is still somewhat active but very much alive here: http://list.canam-peugeot.com/options.cgi/peugeot-l-canam-peugeot.com I remember your username from YEARS ago, so welcome to the forum! There’s also a Peugeot group on FB as well... Rabin
  6. It’s an automatic, and the even when you load the turbo with the brakes it very rarely spins on take off with the Torsen diff - especially with good tires. With the manual I can leave the line on boost which results in first and 2nd gear wheelspin. Rabin
  7. It’s an automatic, and the even when you load the turbo with the brakes it very rarely spins on take off with the Torsen diff - especially with good tires. With the manual I can leave the line on boost which results in first and 2nd gear wheelspin. Rabin
  8. Rob Courter is Javel Garage in the vender section on the home page. To check the resistance you set the multimeter to ohms and check the reading from where the wire connects to the body of the sensor or it’s ground. If you Google the sensor you often will find the specs for it as well. FSM should have that info, but I don’t think I have any 405 manuals. Rabin
  9. As promised and much overdue:
  10. I can’t see it taking much effort to ensure they work properly, so why not see if it can be made accurate? The resistance of the sensor should be easy to test, usually the higher the resistance the higher the temperature indication, but making sure it’s within spec is the first think I’d do since issue could be gauge side. If it’s a single wire connection you may want to check and clean engine grounds as well to ensure pan is nicely grounded. There’s a Vendor section on the site as well, either Madhu or Rob in Texas would be good to check with. Rabin
  11. Definitely upgrade - Price drop is insane from when I last checked. For that price it’s absolutely a no brainer. Very curious to hear and see that system come together! Rabin
  12. Well that price just makes it a no brainer, but just know that pump might not cut it. “ Designed with a minimum 1500-hour service life in mind, these pumps come with a 3 year warranty direct from Rule/ITT. However, use with high temperature water and/or antifreeze/coolant may void this warranty. When I researched it years ago that was the big negative - finding an electric coolant pump that would have OE longevity was the problem, but there’s LOTS of OE electric water pump options now. Hopefully there’s a way to have it only turn on when needed, but another tip I re
  13. I looked at doing the very same thing - right down to the frozenboost intercoolers! Where I started to get second thoughts and eventually went back to figuring out an air to air solution was (And especially with diesels) - I really like adhering to the KISS principle: Keep It Simple Stupid. The electric coolant pump is what finally did me in - by the time I figured out what would should be the best pump for the job (Bosch Motorsport pump at the time), the idea was well over $1000cdn and the complexity of an electric pump and another cooling system just had me rethink and return to a
  14. Looks great! What tire sizes are you testing with? Wheel offsets look really good. Rabin
  15. I bought the newer v6 version directly from Otto when it was offered after missing out on the series 1 505 Turbo they offered previously. I don’t want to sell it, but just wanted to mention that although my wife thought I was nuts for spending that much on it, I have to say it’s a very nice model and I thought it was worth it. (Shipping to Canada made it a more like $200 CDN) Rabin
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