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  1. Wow Mike - you really stock piled parts For this build! First reaction on reading the hydraulic part was in bad shape was feeling your pain, followed by “Well of course he had a good spare...” Well now played! Is the bad one salvageable for an parts or possible rebuild or is it too far gone? Rabin
  2. How many viewers did you have on your FB live video tour? Not the best time for any of the automakers, but hopefully it works out. There’s reports that Renault might not survive this pandemic shut down... Rabin
  3. Keep us posted on progress - it’s definitely a cool story and I hope it has an equally cool ending by going back to Peugeot or to some collector... Rabin
  4. I seem to remember the Mi-16 had a temp sensor, and it’s plug could cause running issues... Replacing sensor and verifying connector and wires were good would make a big difference - But hopefully Savo can weigh in on details. What kind of idle control valve does the Mi-16 use? That would be my only other guess. Rabin
  5. Not sure if you guys have the ability to do a proper paint correction to really get that paint back - But making it look as nice as possible would be huge. I’m too far away to consider it, but man would it ever be a great car for the xd3t 5sp from my 86 505 TD sedan. Rabin
  6. I edited my comments for clarity since Mike’s version of “looking and running like new” is pretty jaw dropping spectacular! My point was that if you do nothing the car isn’t worth much at all as there are just so many unknowns. If you put some labour in to detail it and identify the exact mechanical condition you have a chance of making more. All those systems need to be touched at the very least, but you cannot assume they need replacing until you assess actual condition. Might get lucky! Rabin
  7. Super tough to even guess value, but I’m certain that the car would have to go to Europe to get any real dollars. I’d also guess there’s no “value” in this as a “barn find” as these cars simply don’t have the collectibility this would have if it was a BMW or Porsche. Edited for clarity: My advice would be to detail the crap out of it, get it looking and like new inside and out, Change all fluids, and assess all the mechanical systems to see what exactly it needs. Depending on the result you might consider rolling the dice with BAT. Rabin
  8. Wow - That’s one for the record books! Auto or manual? Being a diesel - that old girl might just fire up - but corrosion in the cooling system would have to me a concern being 45yo. I think the best thing to do would be to have a good lock smith make you a key for it. There is sometimes a key code in the owners manual that can be used, or they can also make a key from the tumbler itself. If memory serves - you need the key in the cylinder and it has to be turned to a certain point before the pin that locks it into the housing can be pushed in and the lock removed. Housing can be cut and bent to remove the lock but that’s pretty barbaric when it’s very easy to just pull the column and take it in. Definitely keep us posted on progress! Rabin
  9. Your first post was Feb 2nd - And now you're posting pictures of driving it on a gorgeous mountain road - Well done! How do you find the transmission shifts after the fluid service? Fully agree on having multiple cars that fit different styles. I'd much rather have 2-3 cheap cars than one nice one. Rabin
  10. Fantastic job getting the car sorted - and done properly! Curious what kind of rubber is mounted on the rims? Those cars are so light and handle so good I’d be tempted to run so pretty aggressive tires to really let that chassis shine. Rabin
  11. As for undersized tires I don’t think that would affect anything because the car would have no way to know the tires were smaller. The effective gear ratio would change so it might accelerate quicker, and speedo would read low. Being low on oil was definitely a bad thing, and with fresh fluid it should be much happier. Still odd that it has no cooler set up. I really like this 6sp auto and the tuning it has in the Volvo because it doesn’t hunt for gears and allows the torque of the motor to get it done. I can’t stand the way the 8 and 10 sp autos drive these days as they’re always hunting for gears and downshifting like crazy for simple accelerations like lane changes. Rabin
  12. Agree with Mike - wheel centers look great that far away, and still accent nicely. Wheel fitment looks great with the larger tires as well. Rabin
  13. What colour was the oil on the first drain? If it was replaced in 2016 you'd hope it was still pretty clean... When I flushed my older 5sp Volvo it took 10L using the cooler line to drain when the motor was running using the drain 2L, Fill 2L method before it came out clean. Different model transmission, and the oil was quite dark when I did it. I also put in a remote hydraulic oil filter into the cooler line circuit, which I will also do on my 06 V70R when I flush it's fluid this summer - it's been 40K miles since I did the Valve body. Rabin
  14. I like the 18’s with properly sized rubber. Both are very nice rim designs, but on a huge car like that I think 18’s suit it better. I have 18’s on my E61 BMW with 245/45-18 & 275/40-18 front and rear at they suit the car very nicely. Rabin
  15. How is it running and driving now? I’m curious how you find the car drives - power, handling, etc. Great work! Rabin
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