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  1. Congrats! Can’t wait to read the report from its next shake down run. If it is fixed - Who wins the diagnosis sweepstakes? I believe I suggested checking injectors on 06/15 and on 06/25 figured injectors 2 & 3 had to be the cause of the fouling plugs. Did I win? Rabin
  2. Fuel rail cleanings are - at best - only good for regular maintenance, same with the in tank cleaners. The only proper way to clean them is to do what you're doing now. Once clean they should be able to ensure they've got nice spray patterns, and ideally are matched flow wise as well so that they're all within a certain cc/min. The condition of the injectors, and the fact that 2 & 3 were also the plugs fouling means this looks very promising as the root cause of the issues. My guess was that atomization sucked bad, so at low RPM it wouldn't burn as well which caused the O2 CEL - also way those were the plugs that fouled. Rabin
  3. Have you thought about block paint colour? I tried researching to see if Peugeot had some sort of code or system for engine block colours but never really found anything definitive. Was really after seeing if Peugeot Sport did anything special on the race cars... Rabin
  4. Powder looks great - was it a local company? Are you doing the motor assembly yourself? Will be great to see you document it if you do... Rabin
  5. To test the starter you need to short the main + stud on the starter solenoid to the spade connection on the starter solenoid - they're usually close and can be jumped with an old screw driver or similar metal, but it's a good load and will spark / damage the metal you use slightly. It's that smaller (usually spade) connection on the starter solenoid that needs +12V applied to it energize the solenoid which then makes the connection between the + cable to the starter motor itself through the solenoid. Picture of you starter might be the biggest help and then I can tell you some tests to run to ensure it's working properly. A test light could also be used to test your switch and the relay mod are also still working. I personally just like to start with verifying the starter and solenoid are known good first before messing with the switch start circuit. Rabin
  6. The answer is always yes Goce! What is the height difference of the motors? Looks like the diesel is much shorter height wise, but hard to tell how much shorter it is from crank centreline to the bottom of pan. Flap door baffle box around the pic up makes sense as well. Rabin
  7. Hi fs, The fact that your lights don't dim tells me that the circuit isn't completing. This could be a stuck starter solenoid - but you can test this with 12V directly to the starter bypassing the switch. Could also be the ignition switch itself isn't passing the signal to the relay anymore as well - again it's easy to isolate by testing with power directly to the starter. If all that checks out - I had similar symptoms years ago when my Mom's 1988 Dodge Omni did the same thing. We took it to a couple different shops but everything checked out. I was in grade 10 maybe at the time and was troubleshooting it and that night I dreamed the solution - it was the engine ground. Next morning I immediate pulled and cleaned all the ground connections in the starting circuit. Neg battery post, block ground connection, chassis ground connection - basically everything I could find. Also did the Positive cable and connections at the starter as well. (All connections pulled apart, wire brushed, and coated with dielectric grease.) Car started perfectly from that moment on. Of all the connections I did, the ground cable to block had a white hard corrosion on the cable that took some effort to clean off, but was only on the mating surfaces of the connection - looked completely fine and was tight otherwise. So - That's my advice if the starter and switch checks out - connections or cables. Replace any of the cables that show any corrosion on the copper inside the wire jackets at the connections as well. Internally corroded battery cables would also do it. Continuity only tells a partial story as it also needs to support cranking amps. Rabin
  8. Specs look good, but the "Canadian Designed" is a bit worrisome. If it was built in Canada I can understand the price premium, but if it's Canadian designed and built in China then I'm not sure it's worth the premium especially for a small 3L unit. You can get a decent 6L new one that's made in China for $250 shipped: https://autoparts-depot.ca/products/new-6l-ultrasonic-cleaner-stainless-steel-industry-heated-heater-w-timer-1?variant=32047320629330&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Google Shopping&gclid=Cj0KCQjwpNr4BRDYARIsAADIx9yJpwOko-7FlDNyaPMwa-cKih8xjZJvWAn6BnQgPmklS1hWyY3chIcaAowTEALw_wcB If you haven't already - I've got two friends that picked up very nice commercial ultrasonic cleaners for under $100 off kijiji. One of them looks medical grade and is heated to boot - works fantastic: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-other-business-industrial/dartmouth/branson-5800-ultrasonic-cleaner-3461k61/1512138426 Although shipping would be $$ https://www.kijiji.ca/v-other-home-appliance/alberta/new-ultrasonic-cleaner-6-5l-with-heater-ultra/cas_1575306?channelId=101&td=nBP_6_MGE_9K6meGRSKuwcL_jjFd8DWZ1MVV5sjqFz0gvWHgifOuRIA02CJYKduwDZZ-k5qLalGmvw34Ef7muuZCMzZaIxm-anHRe0qJsNzPC-3fdK67WHM8jujJflm4k4OnAqRjr2LfjRKe2HTvsLDouu3Tut3tuW3AlxsfqczIwwvlTd4cxF5E4uciBQ8cSCCPWCA0BBuuS9oepsvSyCT_2xQOoDmlfSqaqK1QZkjpgpatZndiqwfWUVCACUHHV5hf1sF5O2CBkouGADImVhzhRcGdfkw7De5Y20Ufe7taF0n_MHXhdh241oEP7vMlaw0lJWRXOKO0Ee0-3qDAwzrkna_UkO5Re-P9AUShcrmZ7JpC6QWZdP34bZ-dl4LNKTRq1rRhSpj0bT-CVTRLMqIFs5SV16lzOtf79LWXcpLJDuc5ZD9sNurKpl6ROoY0zXlD73h-PFQUuAeYm2Xlj0qRDBGCYx5StYAq7fuotwlDiNU-t6afY4u1cv_7kXmEuXOJCYf3KKEqDeyEihFtX7QGfBXcYjtou_p5BmAeCZEBGZhYAeajWOqyuYEidQ1esFCNNZuHxE3wJLaPF4Nk7KPGb4xvXHVZ14_DdJarPgA
  9. That 05SR is pretty sweet - even has the sport body kit too which are rare. I waited for an 06/07 because I wanted the 6sp auto (because Wife), the upgraded bevel gear sleeve, and Haldex 3. Absolutely one of the best all round cars I’ve ever driven. She got all new 4C suspension this past Spring and it rides so well with the 245/45-17 Conti DWS tires - pretty much zero side hop. Rabin
  10. Great answer! So much of Peugeot ownership is all about the feeling one gets driving them, and what they're like in concert together. 100% correct on driving slow cars fast, they're so fun and so engaging without speeds that get you into serious trouble or endanger others. For me - truly quick cars need to be enjoyed on track, but the street can still be fun with simple analogue cars that are just plain fun to drive. Suspension, brakes, steering feel, comfort - these cars do so much so well. Very much underappreciated. I've got two kids and love wagons, so my daily drivers are a 2006 Volvo V70R, and a 2008 BMW 535xi Touring M-Sport. Both 300HP, AWD wolves in sheeps clothing, and astonishingly quick cars, but it's still the Peugeot's that have my heart. Rabin
  11. Finally got a chance to check the same kit I have that I got - Sadly no case. Doesn’t appear to have the missing piece, and appears to be missing a couple more items. Tempted just to get the other pieces and the case... I wonder if the manual has a contents list. Rabin
  12. This would not be considered a cursory visual check - this is a remove, clean, and deoxit/dilectric grease/whatever electrical connection sealing trick you have type adventure. Every connector you can come across is pulled apart, cleaned, treated, and reassembled while verifying wires are good. Grounds especially need to come apart, cleaned, and treated. Check the wires for internal corrosion at the terminal ends - if you see any blue powder / corroding copper then it’ll need further attention. Visual inspections just don’t cut it. Also - Finding truly exceptional mechanics is a very daunting task. Don’t underestimate how much more thoroughly a DIY person can be as a mechanic simply can’t charge a customer the time it would take to be as thorough as a knowledgeable enthusiast can spend on their own car... Rabin
  13. This has been the last 6 weeks - 2 weeks Vacation and a whack of evenings and weekend work. Just need to do some final leveling, and then it’s polymeric sand time to fill gaps. Hoping after this I can return to garage and car projects! Rabin
  14. Damn - I comb the adjacent for sale sites for Peugeot pretty regularly and surprised an Mi-16 so close would have escaped me! Between myself and friends mining for cool cars - It's pretty rare for one to pop up for sale without getting a heads up. I'd be seriously tempted if I every came across a CDN spec Mi-16 in nice shape. @91MR2 - Any comments on the ground & electrical connection checking and cleaning? With it being intermittent, it seems more and more likely to me that it could be a connectivity issue. Rabin
  15. Just out of curiosity - Have you cleaned / sealed all the electrical connections, as well as all the ground connections? Sounds almost too simple, but it’s amazing how much better everything can become with good grounds. Rabin
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