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  1. Curious why they didn’t run sprockets and chain to drive the injection pump? Good thing you have choices, but I assume worst case if the belt has an issue you just loose fuel and nothing catastrophic happens to engine correct? Rabin
  2. Love all the pictures! I’ve always had good luck with heavy grease in the pilot bearing hole, and then used a tight fitting socket, with extension in through the hex so the end is flat. A very hard first hit with a hammer and it usually pushes the bearing out. It sometimes take refilling with grease a few times, but usually works. Rabin
  3. Will you get the car rust treated in the cavities as well as a precaution? Definitely does look like it’s in excellent shape and just some maintenance to keep it that way. Rabin
  4. 505 sedan and wagon differential internals (ring and pinions) are supposed to be interchangeable as well. I’ve never done it, but I’ve heard it done from wagons to sedans for rally cars to get higher ratio gearing. Rabin
  5. Same spark plugs as a sport bike so that should help find an adapter. Cbr600f3 used the same 10mm plugs I believe. Keebs slotted his cam gear and said it was fine, there’s a friction disk that would help if you can get the right size: https://wctperformance.ca/ie-ekagrip-vw-audi-4-cylinder-cam-gear-friction-disk/ Would also use Nord-lock washers on the bolts to be extra sure. https://www.nord-lock.com/en-us/nord-lock/products/washers/ Rabin
  6. Is that with the tensioner functioning? Was the head milled at all? Retarding the cam would do exactly what you’re experiencing, I just can’t say how much it would affect it. (Starts and idles well, moves power band down in rpm, runs out of poop higher in rpm.) On my car with 12 psi and timing set to 12 degrees it would buck violently on boost. Timing back to stock and ran perfectly. I would never be able to run that much timing. You could try moving one tooth ahead on the crank into the mix to see if a combo of crank/cam teeth moves gets you closer. Failing that - could see about slotting the cam gear mounts to that it’s adjustable. Definitely seems like cam timing could be your issue… Have you done compression test? Valves adjusted? Rabin
  7. I wonder if the Cam is a tooth off - that would skew everything as well - one tooth retarded would likely give you the symptoms you’re experiencing power wise, and advancing the cam just lessen’s the effect… Rabin
  8. These cars HATE advanced spark. I used to bump spark as well, but it ran SO much better at stock advance (8 degrees), with the tps adjusted. Advancing the timing so much will/should effect idle. So if you’re running 20 advance and have proper idle (900 rpm?) it’s way off ideal. I’d recommend setting timing to stock (like exactly), adjust idle, and recheck TPS readings, then retry. FWIW - Bumping timing is an old school trick on cars without ECU’s - I used to race mine a lot (rallycross and autocross) and it ran best with stock setting and the TPS NAILED for adjustment. Definitely wouldn’t be messing with big timing (or boost increases) unless you had EGT and WBO2 monitoring things. Rabin
  9. Does the timing stay static (8 degrees) when engine is revved? Have you done the TPS adjustment and is it still in spec? Cylinder compression on all 4? Does boost build slow or quick? And what psi is it hitting? Rabin
  10. Peugeot’s never had lift pumps, just a primer on the filter head. Definitely want to do a lift pump and a modern filter head on my cars though - Just haven’t figured out what that looks like yet. Rabin
  11. I’m reading them! (I wish I knew the secret to attracting people that prefer forums…) I tried a buddy’s vacuum bleeder and I might need to get my own now - super slick and supposed to eliminate the need to burb the cooling system. BTW - My stuff has been dormant so long my wife has asked me to start getting rid of them. So I had to double down and make shit happen instead - I’ve been acquiring more goodies for some thread resurrections this Spring / Summer. I will have to pare down the projects, but think combining rather than just decommissioning.
  12. Engine sounded nice - Why did you think it would cause damage? Adapter and flywheel set up looks great - Pressure plate and clutch look massive! Sorry - I may have misunderstood your pump request. Pump timing is adjusted by clocking the injection pump, but never heard of measuring pump pressures on the car. Most diesel heads I know advise timing by ear on older cars, but pump pressures aren’t really a concern unless your injectors aren’t firing properly as they’ve got set pop pressure that has to be hit before opening. Rabin
  13. Pictures? And what Bosch pump do speak of? Factory cars don’t have a lift pump, but one might be fitted. Rabin
  14. I can’t help either as mine are assembled. @wadehilts
  15. Could you machine bolts to a point and then thread them into the holes? That way you could use them into the holes and then transfer them to a sheet of plywood or something similar. Might work for the crank center as well in relation to the block pins. Once marked - should be easy to measure accurately… Rabin
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