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  1. I believe the earlier TD cars like yours had the rad with the top outlet coming out at a 90 degree like the junkyard rad - top rad hose was a J shape that ran along the top to the driver side and then tuned back to the motor in a “J” shape. I’ve never seen someone do a universal rad in a TD, but I’ve retrofitted many rads from different cars with no issues. Rad hoses can be tricky, but metal or even copper ones can be made pretty easy if needed with just some hose couplers to connect them. Rabin
  2. Your best bet would be to contact your local windshield place to see if they can source them. They were made, so hopefully they can locate one. Finding a used one, and then shipping it is exceptionally dicey for both parties inolved. Rabin.
  3. I sent this to our mailing list to see if anyone has a 504 wagon parts cars - Unfortunately I'm not aware of any. Wagon looks like it is in excellent shape however, hopefully it's not to difficult to find one. In the mean time it's s simple fairly flat shape so it might be possible to replace with plexiglass in the interim. Rabin
  4. Welcome to the forum! What did you do to your wagon? I’ve never seen wheels like that on a 505 - They look good! Rabin
  5. Try unplugging your O2 sensor as well and seeing if it runs better. Rabin
  6. Crankcase breather on the side of the motor could be plugged, but that usually pushes oil out the slinger front seal and your oil level drops pretty quickly. One of my favorite cars died when I thought I’d be fancy and installed a pcv breather filter on the xn6 and it ended up freezing up on highway, which pushed oil out the front slinger until it seized the motor at highway speed. Oil light flickered once and was very quickly followed by rod knock.
  7. Definitely sounds like it’s dumping way too much fuel in which would align with the high idle, and rough running, smoke, and high oil level. Fuel will actually wash down the cylinder walls and into the oil. This needs to be addressed ASAP as with no oil on cylinders wear happens fast. You should be able to pull injectors and put them in glass bottles. Moving the air plate manually should flow more fuel so you can see which one or if all are messed up. Did you do anything with the air plate / distribution block? Rabin
  8. Damn - not available in Canada, which is probably why I'd never seem them before. Rabin
  9. Congrats D00zer! Looks great, and quite the accomplishment to get a car off the road for 17 years back in service - Well done. Let us know if you have what you need with the above diagrams. Total aside - But what are the specific model and size of the tires? Getting good 15's is getting tougher and I can make out that they're Toyo Proxes R something (?) - but I've never seen the tread pattern. Looked like Vredestein tire at first until I zoomed in. Thanks, Rabin
  10. I re-read your intro and I remember you mentioning that the car you were in was previously your Mom’s car. Definitely wasn’t silver, and the car looked familiar - so almost sure this was the same car. Rabin
  11. Looks like good progress Hugh! Curious - was this the car you were driving when I followed you to the hangar in Medicine Hat? Funny story that one, I was driving my newly acquired '89 505 Turbo 5sp home from Oregon, and as I was entering Medicine Hat at like 6:30AM, and I came up behind another 505! It turned off and I continued, but then I thought - what are the chances?! Wheeled around and gave chase... Found Hugh just arriving to the hangar and we've been friends ever since! Rabin
  12. Welcome to the forums Walter! Would dimensions help for the dogbones? I have some, but they’re the only spares I have with 2 wagons using the ZF 4HP22 trans. I also have 504 wagon tail light lens, but pretty sure North American cars had amber lenses for the signal lights. Rabin
  13. They are hard to come by, but they are around. I have one, but need to find the time to get the head done! There’s a Facebook sister group to the forum (https://m.facebook.com/groups/peugeotnorthamerica/) as well as a message list serve that I host as well: http://list.canam-peugeot.com/listinfo.cgi/peugeot-l-canam-peugeot.com Craigslist, Kijiji, autotrader possibly? Most cars up for sale usually surface on FB, here, or on the e-mail list. Rabin
  14. Shouldn't be too hard to find either the 405 or a 505 with some looking, one nice thing about the North American cars is that they were very high spec, and we got the 505 Turbo (gas) which I believe Australia (and other RHD markets) did not get. Not sure what the 505 GTI translates to model wise, we got different models (GL, S, STI, STX (v6), Turbo, and Turbo S off the top of my head...) NY would be considered "rust belt", but there may be some well kept summer only cars in the area. Rabin
  15. Welcome to the forums Cam! I used to frequent Aussiefrogs as well fairly often, and am sad to see they’re going to be retiring the forum soon. We’re a much smaller lot as you can imagine, but we do enjoy members from all over the World. I’d happily accommodate any displaced Aussie froggers, but the name doesn’t really work for the other French car enthusiasts… LOVE your 205 and it’s pretty awesome that you decided to bring it with you! Most folks wouldn’t even think to do something like that, so it’s truly special that you did. I’ve only driven a 205 GTI 1.6 and it was amazing. The telepathic steering and handling even on my short drive was a revelation. Looking forward to updates! Rabin
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