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  1. That’s not a stock filter head - but looks decent! I’d personally just drain the tank and refill with fresh. I’ve found drawing fuel through the system via the return line primes everything nicely before firing it. I’d also recommend testing the glow plugs and ensuring the glow plug relay is working - Looks like it’s still there which is nice. Rabin
  2. I’d read the first version of your post thinking it was a 5sp. The early series 1 505’s with the simple dash and the slim door mounted mirrors are very cool. Good to hear keys are sorted already, and it definitely sounds promising to get it running. My first job as a mechanic I’d commented on an old diesel tractor in a field being too far gone to fix up. My boss laughed and said we could get it running in 30m with fresh diesel, can of ether, and a fresh battery - He was right! Engine looks very complete, so hopefully once you get it sorted she fires right up. 80K miles is very low for these, so it’s still a baby! Rabin
  3. A good locksmith should be able to make a key for it if you can take the lock into them. Not sure if the door tumbler would suffice for making a key that would work in ignition however. Metric rims are tough - I ended up just recycling mine. I actually tried to see if they could be machined down to 15”, or welded into 16” barrels - but neither we’re feasible. Finding a 5sp was a great move, and I’m guessing this is an XD2s car? Rabin
  4. I’ve got a cool lever pump on my 86 505 5sp sedan Filter head that I’d love to fix as it worked slick when I bought the car - but now it’s leaking so I’ve got the same no start issue. I do have a push button filter head that I’ll install in the meantime as I’d really like to fix it enough to daily it although it kinda looks like ass... :) Rabin
  5. This is the same 6sp auto used in my 2006 V70R. I had to replace the Valve body when I first bought the car, but since then it's one of the nicest auto transmissions I've ever driven. Rabin
  6. 6sp auto? Is that the Aisin 6sp auto? I think they used the same one as the Volvo. If so - they can have a valve body issue that was solved with an update. Rabin
  7. Absolutely stunning! And spot on with the colour matching with black accents - Totally made the right call. Did the rear arch trims show up? Rabin
  8. No response from Miles yet, but will keep you posted if I do. Rabin
  9. Does the front have arch trims? On second look they are wider than I first though, and that 205 SRDT is pretty choice looking. Tough call! Rabin
  10. If it were mine: I’d delete the rear arch trim, and paint the belt line mouldings body colour. The black trim ages the car a lot, and I think body colour just fits with the cars look better. If the plan was to change the looks to be more of a restored stock look - I’d still delete the rear arch trim ‘cuz it looks like a Pep boy’s stick on piece, and the front arch doesn’t have anything. Rabin
  11. Cool - Now I know what the 176* tag means on the side of the motor, but I think the 86+ cars here were all X - 7.5:1 Question for you VM - Have you ever seen a way to associated the engine to the VIN? Many other cars will state “numbers matching” - but I don’t think Peugeot had anyway to verify an engine belonged to a VIN. Rabin
  12. I'm not much of a web guy, but I've been able to muddle my way through keeping this site functional - So I sent Miles a message to see if there might be anything I can do to help out. Web support can be stupid costly, and super frustrating if you're not familiar with it. I'm tech savy, work in IT, but it's still such a steep and frustrating learning curve! Rabin
  13. I'd disconnect and connect 12V manually to ensure the solenoid is working - there'll be silence when you do it and much easier to hear and feel. Should be easy to unscrew and check that it's working for sure if there's still doubt. As for the filter with primer pump - if the diaphragm is leaking then that pump won't work, and the injection pump won't get any fuel. My 86' TD 5sp sedan is doing this now, and I have a new filter head to go on without the coolant heater in it which means I need to do some re-routing to clean lines up. Car will never be a cold weather car so I'm just going to delete the heater circuit. I've actually got some great reference material for diesels that JoE has sent me as I'm working on redoing the tech files section on the forum to make them easier to find and download. Will send you some that will likely help you out as well, but having a printed copy is pretty nice too. Rabin
  14. https://www.gullwingmotorcars.com/1967-peugeot-404-cabriolet-c-3991.htm Not a lot if info, just some pics:
  15. As long as they're aware you're open to improvements I'm sure they'll suggest similar unless it's pretty good out of the box. Are they doing the complete rebuild and reassembly as well? Or just machining and you're assembling? Rabin
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