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  1. Ah ok. Do you know what I unplug to keep it from overboosting? And I know you'v said 2.5 Bar of fuel pressure at idle, but what about under load - should it just increase the pressure as boost goes up?
  2. Turns out the handbrake issue was within the piston itself, and not just the spring. Going to be rebuilding another caliper in the middle of this winter snowstorm. I have also bought a fuel pressure gauge to test on all my cars at some point.
  3. Tonights issue is brakes While driving around testing boost I noticed a strong smell of burned brakes. After feeling which wheel had the most heat eminating from it, I found the spring on the rear caliper that is connected to the handbrake mechanism was very stiff and would not self spring back into normal position. This was an easy fix as I have about a dozen spares.
  4. Oh wow yeah I can jiggle the wheel side to side and vertically too, both ball joints and outer tie rods are wiggly. The wastegate might just need to be adjusted, since It does maintain boost and the cutout switch for boost is unplugged. Just a little high on pressure though.
  5. The steering wheel shakes pretty badly. I had thought the car had a feature where if conditions were right the car would run higher than 12 PSI of boost for a short time. I just want to disable it to get a proper boost reading. I did another boost reading last night and 13 PSI was what I saw it maintaining it at, but I don't know if it was overboosting.
  6. How do I disable overboost?
  7. Welp. While trying to find the cause of the starter issue, it just randomly started working again, which annoys me. I moved the gear shifter from P to 1 multiple times and that just fixed it, so im guessing the car was thinking it was in drive, and did not let me start it. I also took the time to take the gas tank out, to inspect it & the pump. The tank was very clean, and the gas. The pump though did not work.... Until I beat it with the hammer haha. The external fuel pump is still loud while driving, but it is now a consistent sound. Engine misfires less often too now. I also got brave and tried out the heat. It works fine, and no leaks! This makes driving it during these cold times so much better. Onto the next major issue - Steering. Turning the steering wheel even slightly quickly while the car is either sitting still or slowly moving causes the wheel to shutter pretty badly. I do not think the tires or suspension are at fault because if I go into neutral and rev up the engine then the wheel turns fine. This issue starting occurring right after I replaced the busted power steering hose. Seems like to me if the power steering pressure gets high is when it starts shuttering the wheel. No problems when driving at speed. - Could it be shuttering because the hose is not the same length as the old one? - Could it be from mix matching 2 different types of ATF? or just using the wrong type of ATF? - Could it be the pump itself is weak? - Maybe my idle is to low? (no rev counter, I dont know where the rpm sensor is) Any thoughts on this would be helpful. - Jayden M
  8. Just been pleasantly enjoying this car the past few months. A few minor leaks of oil and trans fluid, other than that the car has been doing great. Even the heat works! ...Until this evening When I went to turn the key and all I got was the lights. Did not hear the starter solenoid even. I tried a different battery but that did no good. So I will probably have to see if power is reaching that starter solenoid, and then decide from there what to do next.
  9. Congratulations! Glad to see another turbo driving again. Its amazing how that old gas can clog up fuel system components.
  10. Some Progress made on the car at last. Did a ohms test on the TPS, and something is definitely wrong with it. Will have to adjust or maybe replace on this. This sort of makes since as to when I drive the car with the TPS sensor connector unplugged, the car stumbles in the exact same way that it would with it plugged in - not enough power to rev up, unless in neutral. Oddly the uncatalyzed exhaust smell has gone away which is great.
  11. As Rabin said getting the injectors ultrasonic cleaned would probably help. I'v gone through a similar situation, and i'v seen the engine go from running rough/shaky to smooth just by ultrasonic clean on the injectors. I'd clean the cold start injector if you do clean the other 4 as i'v seen them leak fuel while not powered. That accordion hose to the Turbo cracks very easy, it is very likely to crack just from you taking it off. If the car sat for awhile with gasoline from 2005+, then I would check if the primer pump in the tank works - They commonly fail from sitting and can actually block/restrict fuel flow if they are not working(main fuel pump will probably make weird noises if so). However 1987 may have been the year with no primer pump... cant remember.
  12. Turns Over! Sounds just as before, which is a relief I got most of the electrics back (radio, lights, chime, starter) to work with the key. Odd thing is the windshield wipers wont go off LOL, and the starter engages when key turned to ignition?? After wiring up the O2 and frequency valve(which seems a pain in my opinion), Its just hoses and fuel lines to replace to start it briefly. Maybe it can be saved.
  13. I have disconnected the wiring from ECU's and pulled wiring out, and disconnected all fuses. Plugged the battery up, and it seemed safe, nothing seemed to get hard, or spark. I turned the key to start... nothing at all. I then popped all fuses back in, and tried to start again.... still nothing - Not that I would expect it to with so much wiring disconnected. By chance is there somewhere I can get a service manual for this car ? (peugeot manual not a hanes one) Really would help having wiring diagrams to rewire this car, as I cannot seem to find me a new/used wiring harnes Next up I will try connecting starter straight to battery to see if the starter/engine survived the heat enough to turn over.
  14. Hey Tom, what engine does it have? I need lots of parts for XN6 engine.
  15. Oh Yes, I have that solenoid disconnected
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