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  1. Rob Courter on the facebook group has an oil temp sensor, I think he said was 35$
  2. I know you guys wanted pics of the car on the road, and I'll get some soon (Don't have license, so my dad has to do the driving), but for now....
  3. Brake pedal feels pretty normal compared the families accord, I think its just the rusty rotors, which will wear as we drive it more. Yeah both the power steering and speedo were super wonky, the speedo was stuck at 0 just wiggling insanely fast. Will post pics soon on the FB
  4. FIRST DRIVE IN 15 YEARS! Me and my dad drove blackie around the neighborhood testing stuff out. Brake lights on the back work. Pretty much no lights on the front work... except 1 fog light. Engine ran beautifully, transmission was great. Power steering keep going in and out, mostly in as we got back home. Took like 5 seconds to stop from 15 mph at FULL braking... brake pump is on, hopefully its just the super rusty rotors. On our way home we even spooled the turbo a bit. Sounded c00l. A/C doesnt work Engine didnt overheat either. Finally results from my work woot woot
  5. Oh, I apologize. But yeah thats weird. The missing end should be there at the end of the fuel rail at the back of the engine... looks like you got a huge mess to deal with putting it all together, Good Luck to you Sir!
  6. The plug for injectors come from a connector you showed in the last picture, and run straight from it to the injectors. The wires for injectors should be packed in a bundle of lots of other wires, but it follows the fuel rail, and goes straight to that connector, should be able to just follow the plugs I see on the injectors and find where they go.
  7. Its ready. All 4 fuel injectors Ultrasonic cleaned. New bosch spark plugs New alternator New Oil Filter I was shocked to see how well it runs. Honestly it runs better than the families daily driver (97 honda, but is a beater). However I have 2 concerns: 1. After the engine warms up, and i crack loose the coolant overfill bottle it does Not make a "psst" sound. Though both the lower and upper radiator hoses get very warm, and all 3 fans eventually cut on (freakin dirt dobbers nest went into my mouth) 2. The black sphere next to the brake fluid bottle (i thin
  8. The paint job seems fine mostly. - in my opinion the headlamps being yellow-ish while the lights on the side of the main headlights are crystal clear is what looks the worst. A glass replacement instead of the plastic ones would look real nice. Overall looks nice still! Keep it up
  9. Another working day on blackie! Tested and it shifts into reverse and drive just fine! Only drove a couple feet (currently blocked in by bushes) (automatic car) Tried using the alternator from silver 505 turbo, and still only 12V. Any suggested alternators that last a while? If not im just going to grab one from rock auto. Though it shifts fine, when going from P/N into Reverse of Drive the engine nearly stalls, any ideas? Also going to get some new spark plugs, any suggested ones? And how in the world do you get to the back 2 fuel injectors without taking off the intake
  10. The diff I installed is the same as original - its the 89 Torsen differential from a spare 505 turbo (1989) Thanks for the info on bleeding, Just need the rear passenger side bled.
  11. Another major progress update! Differential is fully torqued down, and I put in 80w90 gl-5 gear oil, if there is something better lemme know! All 4 wheels are swapped out and mixed from the best wheels of all 4 of my 505's, I did not replace the 15 YR old tread yet, but will after I test drive it in a few days (still have 1 more thing to fix) Was not able to accurately able to torque down the wheel spindle nuts to the 205 Ft Lbs the manual wants, I just pulled as hard as I could. Engine continues to run plenty well enough to drive. Issue with brakes: I had to replace an
  12. I think just the front lower 2 speakers are working, and the rear right. Which is plenty for me. I dont know where the amp(s) is/are
  13. Update on radio - I just swapped it with crackies radio, and surprisingly the 30 yr old speakers in blackie still work...... But its like the volume is 1/10.... I have to put it on max volume to even slightly hear it.
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