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  1. ah ok, so I can leave them out for a few weeks to get this fixed.
  2. All 3 parts cars are 505 Turbo, also what happens after spark plugs are out/engine is exposed for to long?
  3. I'll be honest it was the most depressing thing when the engine wouldn't turn over. Thanks goodness the motor is ok. Will definitely get that oil changed out now that gas is in it, at least I think gas is in the oil stream, because when I pulled off the oil filler cap, it smells strongly of gasoline, as does the dipstick.
  4. Turns out your right, no major damage appears to have been caused!! Turns out it was hydrolocked - I took out the spark plugs, and in Cylinder 4 is gasoline laying on top of the piston. I Hit the starter and gasoline goes flying out... like a lot... a whole lot of gas. Dont think any fuel flew out of the other cyclinders, only cylinder 4. Guessing its those dang injectors haha. Time to get those injectors out of there! woooh, engine not dead! (yet)
  5. I shall check the starter, but after I get as far as I can with the Mi16, the plan is to get my dad outside, and he will help me take apart the engine, i'm not giving up. (Jon wont get rid of Peugeot's... but also wont buy anymore, so I have to fix what I have). At first it started out with me trying to get Jon to work on the car, which was hard to get him even outside.... but now he is getting out there quicker, and doing some of the work. This 505 STI is the only one of the 5 I never rode in .
  6. I now understand completely. To be honest when I heard the clunk, I was just thinking to myself "dang I should of listened to that Mike guy, and hes probably gonna say "told you so"". Haha I had a look in the oil filler hole, and it is so black, and gunky, and slimy, but kind of dry. Was like this before car banged, sooo. *Tears*... Time to do my first engine rebuild. How hard is rebuilding that engine?
  7. The car is dead...... To be more specific here is what happened: I removed a little oil, so it would have the perfect oil level, and after I finished removing a little oil, I decided to start the engine. It started like it has been, until around the 5th try starting. It started, but before dying it made a loud bang. It did not sound like backfire, it was more like a clang, sortof. When hitting the key again the engine wont even turnover, and it makes a similar bang, but not as loud. After waiting a few minutes I hit the key again, and it barely turned over. Battery is fine. Going to try t
  8. Going to get them injectors out today. I have a lot of work ahead of me to get the car in good shape, but just looking at yours keeps me from stopping.
  9. boy oh boy am I jealous of you! Nice work, beautiful car!
  10. on the boroscope I could see a bit of what appeared to be carbon build up on top of the piston, but it wasnt that bad. I could still see a good amount of shiny metal (surprisingly). All around there is extremely small amounts of rust on the car (surprisingly). Each cylinder has sound of compression, each cylinder seems a little different, but not to bad, maybe i'll get lucky with this car.
  11. pump is getting powered once running. new fuel filter just installed smoke smells like combustion (definitely not sweet) Checked plugs a very while ago, will take another look though, maybe replace them. I think my next step is to replace injectors or at least take a look at them. The outside of the injectors are pretty rusty looking. Everytime I come inside from working on the car I smell like engine fumes, family hates it haha.
  12. I was thinking the same thing at first Mike T, but it doesnt appear to be eating coolant or oil, and with the spark plugs out, the sound of each cylinder is the same, so compression seems good.
  13. 505 has fresh fuel no idea about 405, but it should still start with old fuel or at least get close?
  14. So I have some interesting results for the STI, me and my dad we using Carb Cleaner into a vacuum hole last night and We were fairly easily able to keep the engine running until i stopped spraying. Interestingly after the engine got going for a bit, I could stop spraying and if the throttle was held down around 3000rpm, the engine would stay running on its own (clouds of white smoke), if your foot moved a little to low rpm it would kill the engine. After it warms up the car can go a long while on its own. Occassionally you can get the throttle right, and it will last for a few minutes, but at
  15. Anyone know what the fuel pressure should be?
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