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  1. I have recently changed oil & filter. I am feeling like it is piston rings that are not sealing. I have not taken it past 3K rpm - am to scared lol
  2. So right now my biggest issue is actually compression... When I go to start the car after its properly cooled down, there is like a 33% chance that at least 1 cylinder will not have compression. Usually it starts out where all 4 cylinders are without compression, and 2 or 3 cylinders will start compressing as the engine spins over, however usually there is a stubborn cylinder that wont compress. So typically i'd just wait until the next day to mess with this car, hoping they magically start compressing again, and sometimes I get lucky the next day with all four compressing. Any idea what in the world could be causing this?
  3. Sadly the spare car I was going to pull from has busted power steering hoses as well. Unable to find a new hose, hopefully I can get a local speciality shop to rebuild it. Now another terrible problem.... the water pump is leaking coolant :(. Will be getting it rebuilt too. Car seems pretty reliable so far (joking)
  4. Weirdly our 88 turbo does not have a intank pump but this car does. I think they brought it back after 88 for some reason. Also I found the cause of the power steering leak: Just a crack in hose. Seems easy to replace. I'll just use whities hose.
  5. At last the work has paid off. The car is now registered and insured! Drove it today on the open roads. Constantly teasing my friend with turbo noises. This might be 30 years older than his car, but this sure is faster. Did have a few issues though. The power steering leak is pretty bad - it had squirted fluid over everything near the pump. Other than that it was mostly fine. Some concerns my dad had was there was a ton of noise. Sounds like its the brake rotors still, and I did just now put new Mintex pads on it, so hopefully that will go away. Also I do not think the intank pump is working, and I have noticed that with just a external pump, when the fuel gets low the pump will 'pulse' out pressured blasts of fuel instead of constantly, which would explain the problems I was having at higher boost/rpm
  6. Ok weird. By pouring in a little oil into the cylinders, and spinning over the engine a ton, I was able to get the engine running just like it was this morning. Now for a little tweaking. It runs mostly fine, but it has a bit of trouble idling (shaky engine,inconsistent RPM(sometimes the rpm goes up to 1500-1600 out of nowhere), but does not seem to misfire completely though as I hear consistent puffs out the exhaust(not all puffs sound the same though)). Sometimes this car will die on first start-up, and will take a 2nd try to get it running. Cooling system seems fine, and it seems to idle when its warm at 1000 RPM which seems high. I may have connected the injector electrical connectors to the wrong injectors (stupid me), but have no real way to tell. What is the firing order of the engine/is there a way to know which connector goes for which injector? By switching any of the connectors around to different injectors it does not make the engine run any visually or audio-ably better. Its mostly the middle 2 injectors that I may have hooked up incorrectly. - Thanks, Jayden.
  7. wtf? I ran this car this morning and it ran fine, 8 hours later I go to run it again, and its turning over 5 times faster, and I can hear NO cylinders are compressing??
  8. After replacing the fuel pump, and injectors the engine is running! Runs alright, a little misfire every now and then, but not to bad. Got to bleed the cooling, as I flushed out all the old. What is normal to see for this cars warmed up operating temperature?
  9. Lol. The car was just super low on gas, its fine now, after filling up. Haha that's funny. Need to fix the fuel gauge
  10. Sway bar bushings are in, and it rolls so much less. New issue now though: Whenever the RPMs and Boost builds up the engine just cuts out, and I hear a clank noise. I think i have the overboost connectors unplugged.
  11. Belt tensioned, everything put back together. Engine doesnt start. I took fuel line off the rail, and nothing comes out. Guess what... from sitting for 6+ months while I sorted a new timing belt, the fuel pump has died again! Lol oh well.
  12. Drove the car for well over an hour last night, and had a great time since I got to learn manual driving. The smoke has pretty much gone away. You can see a little smoke if you floor it, otherwise nah. The suspension is pretty comfy though Lots of things that need attention: Tires are flat spotted (shaky ride), Brakes are weak (rusted rotors, and pedal goes flat to floor its so light), Engine runs rough but not to bad, Coolant temp gauge reads high (right on the 2nd line) though it may be broken gauge. Even in its poor state this car gets up and goes much quicker than the Turbo. 2 peugeots driven, 1 more to go
  13. After months the timing belt is on!!!! Now is the problem of tensioning, I have no idea really how tight it should be, and Its been 1/2 a year since the old belt was on, so I cant remember how it should feel. I took a small risk to get the belt on - I used a wrench to turn the camshafts to give me more slack on the belt in certain places. Only turned the cams a few degrees, so hopefully no damage was caused.
  14. Blackie had a problem compressing at first most likely due to the rings not sealing, took a while before it started compressing properly, but this STi has ran alot I would think it'd be cleaned off by now (assuming its rust)
  15. I wonder why the voltage regulator does not work lol What an odd treatment
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