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  1. Hi Thor, You will need to meet @V-M as he should be able to help you out with the really hard to find bits. Will come down to budget and skill levels for putting it together. There is a TON of info on the site and it’s been discussed a in depth, but few have actually built the cars up - I’m still collecting parts for mine! Rabin
  2. Interesting - Lorenzo Cirelli appears to be the photographer, Evan must me the owner? Evan's IG account was private, and neither the Cirelli_foto or the cirelli_auto account had any Peugeot pictures on it yet. Cirelli_auto says they're from San Francisco however. Rabin
  3. The gauge cluster looks fantastic - looks "the business" as they say. Curious - I have no idea what the horns even sound like. Are they small car "European" sounding or are they more like modern cars now? Rabin
  4. Great progress! Love the seats you bought as well. Have you ever read up on sand bending pipes? I had buddy’s that built cages years ago with a hydraulic bender and they used to pack the tubes with sand and bend them that way to avoid distortion. Getting a good shop to bend them up is definitely the better option of course, but if you run into a situation where you need to do a one off it might come in handy. Are you doing a chromoly cage or ? As an aside - I finally bought my own mig welder myself. Hopefully this summer/fall I can tackle my own rust repairs! Rabin
  5. Had to chuckle at the 2 car garage set up. Car looks gorgeous Mike! Rabin
  6. Did you happen to take pictures? We didn’t actually get the later intercooled 505 turbo diesels (XD3TE) cars so if it is intercooled it’s aftermarket or it’s a newer euro import. Normally both motors should have the Bosch VE injection pump, but the intercooled motor came with a rotodiesel pump iirc. If it is a euro motor then good Lord it’s a rare bird. Anything you mentioned to take took off could be made to work, but it would depend what the reasoning would be to update it. Newer air filters are hard to come by, and a well maintained oil bath filter is hard to beat. Rabin
  7. Curious if you could solder a replacement carbon brush to that used up one as a spare? Is the commutator in good shape? Rabin
  8. Funny - In high school I drove from North Battleford Saskatchewan to Pioneer Motors in Edmonton just to go to an actual Peugeot repair shop. When I got my first 86' 505 Turbo in ~1994 the front strut perch rusted out. Called Pioneer and found out there was a 10yr/100K mile extended warranty and Julio sent me 2 new strut housings for free! I still have them - I took the rusted out struts apart and welded the perch back and reassembled. Rabin
  9. I was contacted by a gentleman in Boston looking to find homes for two 1986 505 Wagons. One is a very rare XD3T TD 4sp auto wagon, the other is likely just an XN6 gas wagon: ----------------------------------- I drove the 86 for a while and liked it. I picked it up from a couple in Cambridge. I had Frank Bowman (Peugeot mechanic in New Bedford) check it out and he told me that the oil cooler was leaking bad. He disconnected it said that I could drive it without an oil cooler. I did but thought that the oil ran hot. I don't remember why I stopped driving it. The 4 speed was nice and whe
  10. Hi James, I’ve taken custodianship over the car after much discussion Thomas basically just wanted it to go to a good home. It’s still in the Calgary area in covered winter storage. Rabin
  11. Good to hear Wade! Is this the first time you’ve posted on the forum? Glad to finally have you on here. Keep us posted on the car and the stash. Have any of the other cars been rescued? Rabin
  12. What about wrapping it? You could also see about getting a paint matched in a spray bomb, then do a spray bomb job - Some decent work can be done with the right technique. Plasti-dip wears terribly, but it might look OK for a bit. Rabin
  13. 28.3mm is what I measured. Sorry for the delay - If I don’t respond it’s because I haven’t seen the post! Rabin
  14. Do you still get the flashes? Did you ever check the wiring to the NTC sensor? And have you tested and verified your ground wires? I redid the ground wires, as well as a new NTC sensor as well. The later cars used a pricier NTC sensor that was blue, and it cross referenced to the same one used by Volvo. Rabin
  15. BTW - Your Speedo cable is fraying badly most likely at the transmission which is causing the speedo to bounce. This is a long shot, but try unplugging the sensor on your speedo cable. Or disconnect the speedo cable at the transmission. I wonder if the variable assist is causing the locking somehow? Rabin
  16. I’m curious if the power steering line possibly collapsed inside? Something that would prevent fluid flow - but then again the pump would be screaming if it was blocked. Only thing you can do is to isolate the systems until you narrow it down, but it’s definitely a head scratcher if it works fine with no fluid in the system. Rabin
  17. BTW - Can you provide a link to the video? I’m curious to see it. Reading your post again it can’t be the variable assist system.... Rabn
  18. Is it locking rigidly like a metallic solid lock, or are you losing assist and it’s just very hard? Your car should have variable power assist which varies the assist based on speed, and if your controller acts up then it could be like losing the assist. If that’s the case unplugging the controller should return the assist, it just won’t be variable with speed anymore. Rabin
  19. Plugs would be white if it was running lean, tan is perfect, black is usually rich or burning excessive oil. Plugs can also foul with it running so rich, so new plugs might solve a lot of the running issues. BTW - How’d the injectors finally come out? Rabin
  20. That’s cool Sean! I can’t help at all sadly, but I’m curious why this would come up now and for what audience? It’s very cool - I’m just curious why now. Rabin
  21. Hi Tommy, Welcome to the forum and sorry for the delayed reply! (I didn’t see it till just now!) Coolant level can sometimes be the level sensor in the radiator itself acting up, but hopefully all is good so far. Only other comment I can make is that the t-stat itself is an important part in keeping a steady temp. I upgraded my N9TE to an OEM Nissan thermostat and was amazed at how much more stable it kept temps. Pictures and an update would be great if you find the time! Rabin
  22. Back in olden times ;) - decks like that used the volume and tuner buttons to hold the stereo to the face plate. It looks like the console cover is that plate so you might want to pull the knobs off to see if the nuts on the shaft hold it. I also seem to remember that there’s a nut on the back side that supports the back of the stereo. Might want to see if you can take a peak behind for something like that. Pure guesses as it’s been MANY years since messing with a series 1 dash. Rabin
  23. Is the lock happening in the steering column or is it a mechanical lock in the rack itself? Very disconcerting to say the least, but I’m at a loss as to what it could be. Might be a defective rack? Rabin
  24. New seal as well? And I assume the plastic locking strip shattered? Now that would be nice to find a replacement. I was going to see if I could get my installer to use generic seal to flush mount the glass in. Buddy had it done on his Europa and it turned out nice. Rabin
  25. Sweet! I had no idea that was possible... Pics or it didn’t happen as they say! Rabin
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