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  1. Name: Peugeot 505 Turbo Category: North America Date Added: 2016-06-17 Submitter: tommy kinder Peugeot 505 Turbo
  2. Name: Peugeot 505 STX Category: North America Date Added: 2020-01-09 Submitter: tommy kinder Peugeot 505 STX
  3. Hello.  I understand you may have a few parts.... lol.  I am about 2 hours away. 3 if I drive the 504.  Looking for a power steering set up.  Not sure if the 505 mixes well. Any help would be awesome. 

    1. tommy kinder

      tommy kinder

      i have a parts 505 that has its complete steering setup


  4. It's funny that you mention that because I have been also trying to get a hold of the owner to pick it up myself but no answer yet
  5. I have most of those small parts can you get me a detailed list ?
  6. the most current info i have is in that video i haven't seen that car sense i put it in storage in jan if i had room at my house i whould have kept tinkering with it to see how far i could get with it
  7. taking offers on my 87 STX v6 5 speed running when parked in jan of this year located in Sacramento clean ca title and on non operation with the dmv needs starter relay wired in difficult to get to starts sometimes because of it blue on blue leather air and sunroof do not work i started conversion to 134A but have a leak somewhere also needs rear diff mounts dont have many pictures need to get out to storage and get updated pictures i need this car sold i have a 89 v6 now and i dont need 2 i do have a you tube walk around before it went into storage Walk around of my Peugeot v6 STX email me @ [email protected] or pm on site for more info or my cell number my name is thomas
  8. i havent even started the hunt for another set of glass headlamps for the white 89 im sure it will be a battle
  9. yes Andre that is the correct car i also sold my 84 turbo diesel the Winchester grey one i already changed it on the Google doc registry
  10. ahh thanks Joe people are going to think im honest now lol jkjk i cant wait to see the car come together ill have to see if i can change the owner to you in the vehicle registry and allow you to make changes to it from now on same thing with the Google doc registry that will have to be changed as well ill have to keep up on this thread often
  11. picked up a 89 505 v6 automatic for 800 bucks with a straight body a trashed interior and some subpar wiring issues and the restore starts now it faces alot of the same issues as my 89 turbo worn steering components no A/C etc but atleast the paint is nice i have already pulled the interior and started to work
  12. not much new to report on my car other than the fact that I have yet to repair its previous issues and now it's starting to develop more it's troublesome when you use it as a daily driver things start to fail quite often now I have no AC due to a failed compressor pump plus I'm having some sort of an engine cut out failure I'll be driving on the highway and lose power and cut from 4 cylinder is down to 3 down to two then lose all my power whatsoever my detonation light will stay on solid than my power comes back on when detionion light goes back off plus when hot when I start up I get a detonation light that stays on anytime my foot is on the gas pedal and then goes off and starts to blink when my foot is off the gas pedal and I continue to lose power I'm not even sure what's up with that right now but it's becoming impossible to drive with it now
  13. some progress made today old interior pulled out and inspecting the wiring issues
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