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  1. And it arrived.....and the cap fits the reservoir perfectly.
  2. Master is out, was OK other than some minor surface corrosion on the area of the second seal in its resting place. So I doubt that was the issue. Will reassemble soon with my rebuild kit. I've ordered a pressure bleeder which should arrive soon, and with that blowing through the reservoir cap it should get all the air out. If not, well.....there should be a massive leak somewhere. While waiting, yesterday I had a request from a 404 Injection owner in Tanzania who I know remotely thanks to the Internet to buy three Kugelfischer injectors. Since I have 14 spares, I will sell him three. They're used and tested - good pressure setting, good spray and insignificant dripping, so I offered them at 200 Euros each. New old stock injectors are worth 450 Euros - I have 6 of those, 4 of which will be on the car once it's done. I'll be keeping at least 6 in reserve for this car. I got lucky some years ago when I traded my scrapped 405's stainless steel cat-back exhaust and some other 405 parts plus paid $100 to Robert Bruce in Winnipeg for the 6 NOS injectors! That was a long time ago - 2009 - and I didn't actually know if they were any good until they were tested after I got them.
  3. Man that is some nasty rust! Are a lot of them around you that bad? I remember in 2004, being in Québec City and seeing a red MI16 with MASSIVE portions of both rocker panels missing. That was the only time until now that I have seen a 405 rusted that badly. Seen below: I recall being on a Peugeot factory tour at Sochaux just as the the 405 was about to be introduced. The tour guide said that the 505 and the "model that will soon be introduced" have/will have significant panels made of galvanised sheet steel, but that was highlighting a new problem: the only places where there is not a sacrificial anode is at the spot welds. Which is of course at key stress points, where you don't want corrosion at all. They were working on weldable primers that would seal the spot welds at the time. None of those coatings last for long anyways. Good luck with the rebuild.
  4. Top tip: Put some thick 3M Stoneguard on the fog lights. Also, the housings seem to be made out of bubble gum (I know they're LDPE) - mine were shredded when I scrapped the car, due to small micro hits by gravel. I sold them despite that after I scrapped the car. The optical units with their Stoneguard were perfect, like new.
  5. Most of these classics are going to a single new owner in California. The red 204C is going to a new owner in Chicago.
  6. The auctions ended today and the results were a bit above actual market value in most cases. A couple of the cars were very rough indeed, notably the 403 Cabriolet and 404 Cabriolet. A mint 403 Cabriolet would be worth nearly $100K USD but this one was probably worth 25K and that's roughly what it sold for. Similarly, the 404 Cabriolet Injection would be worth close to $70,000 USD if mint but it sold for less than the 404 Coupé Injection, which was in better condition. I took screenshots of the closing bids of the older classics plus the 406C:
  7. Engine bay - terrible photo
  8. Sounds good. No A/C! Going for max speed, eh? A guy I know in the Interior of BC put Premier PRV 3.0L in a stock looking 504 sedan. They're even lighter than the 505!
  9. If I could keep it, it is likely the one I would order.
  10. Well....technically it'll be mine for 24 days: I've just paid a Montreal company to reserve one of these for the continental leg of our 6 week European trip, starting October 15th. The contract signed today describes a tax-free price of 38,200 EUR so it's probably a reasonably equipped one. 180 HP 1.6 turbo with hybrid assist. Official fuel consumption is a ridiculous 1 L/100 km but we will average 5.x I expect, because the open road is not the hybrid's natural terrain. The top end is reported to be 225 km/h, which I plan to verify in Germany. Likely a soft speed limiter. Arriving from London on the Eurostar, we will pick up in Paris, head north to some battlefields, then into Lorraine and Alsace, then Munich. During that part of the trip we'll be 4 up with luggage. At that point our youngest daughter and her new husband will split form us and head to Paris and then Iceland. My wife and I will drive to the bottom of Spain via Switzerland and the Rhône valley. From Spain, a couple of days sans voiture in Morocco and then to the Algarve, back up to northern Spain, Bordeaux and to visit a friend near Chartres. This car should be delivered with about 10 km on it and when it'd returned I expect more than 8000 to be showing. I'll write up a detailed review here if anyone's interested. Or maybe if not, too. We've done this with Peugeot in 1995 (405 Style Diesel Wagon), 2014 (RCZ), 2019 (208 GT Line). And then 6 other times with various Renaults. A fabulous way to visit Europe, zero deductible insurance; the usual rental car return problems are not a thing (for example, it's no problem to have a curbed wheel or parking lot ding) and you literally own the car during the term.
  11. I got the bleed done, no leaks at the new unions (under low pressure, see below), and a bubble-free bleed.... that's the good news. The bad news is there is no pedal pressure, so the NOS master cylinder must be shot. That'll come out next weekend.
  12. I saw a 504 Dangel and a separate chassis on display in 1980 at the Salon d'Auto in Paris. Impressive car.
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