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  1. Unrelated to the restoration but I got these today. English language 504 C manual (my Dad wanted to buy one when we lived in the Netherlands in 1971 but he was told it would be illegal to import to Canada, which I think was wrong because he was in the armed forces and could have brought a non-conforming car back). French language 404 cabriolet manual, first edition I think. 1963 catalogue of all the various vehicles Peugeot made in that model year.
  2. It was annoying, because at first they sent a set of three main bearing Lead-Indium bearings in 0.3 mm o/s which were OK but wrong.... I still have those too, second faulty set was no charge. But I figured any NOS they had there would be similarly damaged so I just went for some I knew were OK.
  3. The correct set of NOS bearings sent by l'Aventure Peugeot were somewhat damaged (2 of them had bad chattering marks on them from being loose in the package) when they arrived so I bought a set on eBay out of Israel that had good photos of the bearing surface. 0.5 mm oversized.
  4. Wow it looks lavender. Mine will be...black, after the block is hot tanked and thoroughly cleaned.
  5. Victoria company. Yeah I think I'll do assembly myself unless the shop that does the machine work makes me an offer I can't refuse, and cheap. So I'm pretty sure I'll be doing it. Will post ample photos.
  6. Thanks to Bruno Garovo for sending the right set of bearings which arrived today (anyone need a set of Lead-Indium 0.3 mm mains for a very early KF 3 main bearing engine?). I also got back from the powder coater the valve cover, timing cover, sump, coil holder and spare wheel. Photo taken just now in Victoria in the smart hatch, in the light rain.
  7. Well now, that's just not so! Peugeot Canada Ltée/Ltd. existed between 1958 and 1983 or thereabouts. 25 years more or less. Here's a plastic binder as a prop. The disastrous Chrysler Canada distribution deal - which ensured that the 505 tanked in our market (compared to the 504 that outsold it 2:1) only lasted through 1987. Four years. Don't you love zombie threads?
  8. I ordered some 0.5 mm oversized main bearings sent from Peugeot but they sent the wrong ones - three main bearing lead-Indium 404 Injection mains 0.3 mm oversized (visible in the photo). So the correct ones have been sent today, and it seems they don't want the incorrect ones back. Also in the shipment were the things in the photo. New stainless steel instrument panel trim for when I eventually build the Jaeger sports instrument panel, plus a spare oil pressure sending unit. In the bag are some original type small diameter hose clamps for the heater hoses. I also got some English language owners manuals of cars I've had (404C, but with carbureted engine) or wanted (504C). The latest bit (504 C owners manual, La Production Peugeot 1963 and a first edition 404 Cabriolet French language owners manual should be here soon. I will work on extracting the sludge trap plugs from the crankshaft this weekend. Likely have to drill all 4 out. A set of the missing brass banjo fittings for the front drums has been sent by a kind soul in France, a 404 Club member - free! I'll send him something as a thank you.
  9. Good luck! This is bringing back bad memories of my 405 DL. I changed its starter twice. Then the Mercedes that replaced it ate two starters in short order. But since its warranty ended, the past 200,000 km or so, it's been fine.
  10. I had to pay $82 to bail this new old stock camshaft out of the post office: Coated in the usual preservative, looking good.
  11. Still oil-related, this arrived from Sochaux this morning. I have another shipment of stuff arriving probably next week.
  12. Thanks. The slightly worrisome thing is that these things often fail and the 2 year warranty of the one I posted the specs of would go some way to alleviating that. That company also sells the Branson units.
  13. I am considering buying an ultrasonic cleaner to get the grime off all my 404C engine parts and I would appreciate any advice. I have a spec sheet from a Canadian-designed range of these - see attached file - and they seem pretty good although they're not as cheap as some of the ones on eBay etc. The least expensive one is $395 CAD. I'm aiming to use it on rocker arms, pushrods, throttle body, perhaps intake manifold (if I get a deep enough tank!), timing gears, distributor drive shaft, engine bearing caps, connecting rods and more. Any advice would be gratefully received. SS ULTRASONIC - SPECS.pdf
  14. It reminds me of the 1300 cc Renault 8 Gordini - 4200 RPM minimum to be happy (and on the cam).
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