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  1. Rod bolts are changed, and I installed the two original door seals. The doors sit better now when closed but still are a bit too "tight" against the seal, so the issue is the thickness of the interior door panels I made, so I'll redo them as a mini-project once the car's on the road.
  2. I ordered this a couple of weeks ago - Hall-effect points replacement for the Ducellier M50.
  3. It's been a while since this thread was updated. Best to check the online Register page from time to time with the "country" filter engaged (except for France, there are >1700 404Cs there) to see where we're at. https://recensement.leclub404.com/browse.php?country=CANADA But I can say the total of 404C cars found to date is 2480, or 14.4% of total production. I expect the total still surviving is over 3000. Time will tell!
  4. Engine is in bits again and at some point I will take it into a machine shop with instructions to clean up the mess the other shop made, even if it means taking the journals down to 0.5 mm from 0.3.
  5. Fabulous, I like these a lot. The ultimate 505 in my view (though with 5 speed would be even more desirable!)
  6. That's the plan. I've found a good candidate shop already. The entire reassembly operation will be done here at home. When I've rebuilt a 404 engine in the past, the open conrod bolts have been wrapped in tape to prevent just the sort of journal damage you see in the photo...
  7. I finally got around to whipping the first piston out to do a conrod bolt swap and when I took it apart, the new bearing was scored and after having a close look at the big end journal, the culprit was a significant gouge on the freshly reground crank. Good grief! So the work was suspended (though I did change that rod's bolts) and the crank has to come out for at least a machine shop polish or maybe a regrind to 0.5 mm. I'm glad I decided to take it apart because a gouge like this would probably lead to a rod knock after a while. I once had a Renault 12 with a knock (car cost $50) and when we changed the rod bearings, the big end of the knocking cylinder had been punched when the car was new at the factory. I think I'll look for another place to do this second regrind....ugh
  8. Motronic does the 52 code just for fun - I had a ton of them when I was driving my 405 DL years ago. Like every day in winter.....and the car ran fine most of the time.
  9. I like the idea of doing such a trip in that car, though if you have a breakdown that will be it: no parts, no service. The vehicles I most often see here from Europe are camper vans, like Peugeot Boxer, Fiat Ducato....both of those have some parts available at Chrysler dealers because the Ram Promaster van is the same and for some time it was offered with a diesel as well as the 280 HP V-6. Other times I see Unimogs with Unicat expedition bodies, MAN, DAF trucks etc and those too would have no local service or repair options. Because it costs a lot to ship a car now (more since Covid hit), a one way trip could make sense and then just abandon the car at a scrapyard? The hassle of selling it with such high km (my Mercedes has 320K km and original clutch and no oil usage, but its market value is ZERO!) would not be worth the effort. Maybe Hugh Logie in Alberta, who has two 406 Coupés, could be interested, but my guess is it would not be worth much more than $1000, even to him.
  10. You would have to pay import duty when it arrives in Canada if you intend to leave it here. If you import it as a tourist (intended for re-export) then sell, you would be in legal trouble. You should have a valuation of the car from Europe to show to Canada customs for import duties, otherwise they may choose to charge you as though the car is worth $30,000! The 406C is a nice car but there is very little interest in such cars here, and even where there may be interest, the money offered would likely be lower than what you'd get in Austria.
  11. Engine's out again, to replace the rod bolts and put the replaned head on again in comfort on the engine stand. That's my son in the photos wearing the Peugeot overalls.
  12. The other one is now done, as of yesterday.... Next task: remove engine block.
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