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  1. Yeah I will be running the car reasonably hard on highway drives, like at 120 km/h up the 8% gradients on the Coquihalla at high sustained RPM.
  2. Likely no ceramic coating. I'll think about it though. Setting ring gap is standard for speed shops and shops that work on sports car engines. Engines worked very hard will need a slightly larger ring gap.
  3. Renault cold chiselled the VIN into the shell under/beside the right front seat on all models. Every Peugeot since WWII has had a cold chiselled number too. So any car without one has been stolen or messed with very illegally. I can tell you from first hand experience that maybe 1 in 25 404C models in France has been renumbered illegally, some very crudely and others a bit better. It is dead easy for anyone to spot because there are other numbers that become incoherent after renumbering. The thieves are not a sophisticated lot.
  4. I dropped these bits and a little more off at Anderson's Precision Engines on Monday. Also, they will set the ring gaps for quick street use (not racing!) and I may also get them to build up at least the bottom end. Sent them the workshop manuals in PDF. They also have the cast iron exhaust manifold and will rectify the plane where it contacts the head and fine tune the stainless steel header pipe which is pretty good but requires a small adjustment to one of the three bolt holes.
  5. British Columbia, all the 405s that were ever here. I could add colours soon, when I get an update: DL: 502323 is scrapped; 503480, 503516, 503627, 504008, 504480, 504683, 506465, 517315, 517623, 518308, and 518461 are written off. S: 501159, 503318, 504430, 505026, 517318, 517328 and 518193 are written off. MI16: 505378, 517379, 518085, 518247 and 518251 are written off. 517972 is an excellent one in Kelowna.
  6. Italian import? Looks a bit crusty.
  7. To be safe stuff some oily rags in the holes to keep dirt and insects out.
  8. Friday I arranged with Hagerty for the insurance to be reset to a higher agreed value of $80K CAD - I sent them these two photos to give them an idea that it's nearly together. This weekend is a long one for me with Monday off so we will head to Saanichton to bring some more bits to the engine shop: pressure plate, woodruff keys and timing gear (pulley is still in the plating shop) and flywheel bolts. The 4 new old stock intake valves are on their way from Dean Hunter in England but won't be here by Monday so I'll have to run them down later. If the pulley's not plated by Monday noo
  9. Hmmm sounds done like dinner. This is why I am recommending a teardown for any engine that's been left a while. You'd be surprised how not being used trashes them.
  10. White smoke, that's usually the flag of surrender (of the head gasket). Happened to my 366K km 405 after it had been parked for a couple of years and we scrapped it right after.
  11. If the car was sitting outside for 16 years the bores may be rusted (what did you see on the boroscope?), rings stuck, oil sludge buildup, just a big honking mess. Unless measures were taken when the car was parked to set the engine up for storage, it's not likely to be reliable even if you get it running. A full teardown would be preferable. Assess everything and replace what's broken or worn out.
  12. I'm trying to remove the Ford Fiesta from my signature (we gave that car to our son about 18 months ago) but after editing it to remove it, the edit won't take due to "too many lines" in signature! Really? 4 is OK but 3 is too many?
  13. Nice project. Now I don't know the XN6 at all but on the KF2 injection engine, those rubber connectors between the intake manifold and intake plenum get swollen if fuel gets in there. How it gets in there is via the cold start electro-solenoid (injector) on the end of the plenum leaking fuel.
  14. Now you fail the contrôle technique without it.
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