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  1. Haven't done much car stuff lately, too much work this time of year... Ultimately though, these cars (all of them) are *pretty much* done. Little odds and ends of course to keep them fresh and updated with fluids/consumables are all that's really going to be needed from here on out. Here's my shortlist for the 3 cars at the moment. 1990 Sportwagon - New VCG, new set of injectors, paint the door handles. 1991 Mi16 - Try and sort the erratic oil temp gauge, have the hood painted (still have the plasti-dip, holding up well). 1992 Mi16 - Adjust/replace/address rear e-brake cables and/or rebuild rear calipers, replace driver front flexible brake hose (already did passenger side), bleed brakes, new set of injectors, maybe sort the leaking exhaust manifold.
  2. I'm not sure about 6 inches, but yes, the exhaust all had to be custom built because the oem was rotted after the cat, and I couldn't find oem exhaust parts anywhere. I'm fine with it...
  3. Cargo carrier test fitting, roof rails will be staying on either way for easier mounting...
  4. Test fitting roof rails and first night drive since re-assembly...
  5. Door cards installed. They did a really nice job blending the paint in the jambs as well. They also re-sprayed the bottom chip guard. Very pleased...
  6. Started cleaning the car both inside and out, to prepare for the reinstallation of the door cards, speakers, trimwork, etc. Coming together nicely so far...
  7. Ok, got the SW back from paint, very pleased with it, they did great work. Going to get everything cleaned up again and then re-assemble this week. After that, pulling the wheels off for a deep clean of them and the wheel wells, and then this one is pretty much done (or as done as any 34 year old car can be...).
  8. Progress at the body shop is well underway, these guys do great work, hard to tell there was ever any rust...
  9. That's pretty much what I did by using the chassis saver on the insides of the doors, and then the rustoleum on top. As far as drilling holes to squirt in oil or something like that, I don't think it will be necessary, given how clean the car is otherwise, not to mention the use it will see going forward.
  10. Applied the chassis saver over the last couple days to all areas needing treated, specifically the bottoms and insides of the drivers side doors and the driver's front door sill area. For whatever reason, there were some areas of bubbled paint, but after scraping/grinding it all away, the metal was still solid (no holes). After applying the chassis saver, I then went another step and sprayed a rustoleum inhibitor over the top. I think this should keep the rust away for the rest of my life at least, given the use these cars all see now (nice weather only, and about 500 miles a year)...
  11. Finished the grinding/scraping/preparations today on the Sportwagon. Next week I will treat the metal with Chassis Saver (similar to por-15), and into the paint shop it goes. This was the day I was least looking forward to, so glad it is over...
  12. Hey guys, been a bit... Re. the red car, got the injectors out and cleaned them, re-installed them, fired right up and nothing leaking now, so that's a good start. Still need to install the new driver's side front brake hose and want to service the rear calipers, but that's for another day... Re. the SW, finally getting ready to have a little paintwork done. Started today by scraping some rusty scale of the bottom of the hatch, as well as the driver's side doors. Fortunately the car is very solid, so this is a very basic cleanup and respray of the damaged areas, unlike the red car which needed some more invasive surgery... Stay tuned...
  13. Hey guys, I was just joking around. Wasn't sure if anyone cared about these old relics anymore, ha... SRDT, thanks for that, I'll look into it and see if I actually need them or if its just a seal...
  14. Boy, I hope someone still reads this forum, it seems pretty dead these days... Got the coolant topped back up finally today, after doing the timing belt and water pump over a month ago. When I had to move the car for the first time in a long time today, I remembered that the car didn't take all the coolant back down when I went to refill after those jobs, so was a good excuse to pick up one of these fill kits today. Took about 15 minutes total, glad I bought the kit after all these years of struggling with just long funnels... In other news, while monitoring the coolant going down, I noticed that one of the injectors started leaking, but I planned to pull them all for ultrasonic cleaning anyways, so more fun to come...
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