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  1. Thanks Bean, indeed I am very excited and will certainly post progress photos. I know this sounds like a first world problem, and fully acknowledge that it is, however having several cars be scattered about in different garages has been a real pain. This project will truly allow me to tackle and manage so much more without all the annoying logistics…
  2. Boy, things have been quiet around here lately... Not much to report on my end from a Peugeot standpoint, however have a big project coming up in the spring that will indirectly help/benefit it, as well as all of my other cars... Going to do an addition on my garage to turn it from a 3 1/2 car garage into a full 5 car garage. New dimensions will be 55x22, up from 42x22. Here's maybe the best part - I also own the house next door, and will be building an open air breezeway to connect to the next door garage, which will now only be about 3 1/2 feet away. That garage is 26x22, and will hold 2 cars, plus my jet ski. So basically, all 7 of my cars, plus my Sea Doo, will now have storage all under basically one roof. Very exciting...
  3. Happy Thanksgiving gentlemen. Drove my car a little bit since the last post, all is still well, minus the oil gauge discrepancies still (one day...). Also recently took the car to my interior guy, as a seam started to come loose on the driver seat, so he hand stitched it back to near new, can't even tell. Perhaps some photos to follow... Until next time...
  4. Gentlemen, happy halloween (almost)... Drove the car a good 100 miles or so today, didn't skip a beat. Well, except for the welds breaking from the cat to the midpipe, but fortunately I was able to take it to a muffler shop and they welded in a SS sleeve, and was back on my way again... Some pictures of it on the shores of Lake Erie...
  5. I'm not sure it's a bad ground, because this is the only gauge that is behaving this way. Sound logic? I'm really not looking to tear the interior/carpet out to find the problem here, but I suppose if I have to... I'm going to get into this soon again, it is the only "issue" the car has, so for now, I'll take it...
  6. Bean, thanks for the info. I am conversational at best when it comes to electrics, so I'm going to have to get my buddy over to help with some of this. I can at least start checking grounds and see where I end up. To be continued...
  7. So what does this mean then? By that I mean, what is the solution? Or possible solutions? This was done with the engine running by the way.
  8. Including a little video for you guys here. There is no sound to the video for some reason, but watch the surge and return of the oil temp. needle. This is with the windows up, operating the switch under load causes the needle to move, and then when released, move back. Thoughts? IMG_7760.MOV
  9. Ok guys, think I got the coolant temp. / fan situation all sorted. I replaced the fan switch/sensor today, and then topped up the coolant, and fired the car up. I let it idle up to temperature, and started watching carefully from that point. The car got up to right around 210, and then the fans came on and quickly brought the car back down to 190. I watched this cycle occur again before I was satisfied. Going to call this one fixed... Now on to the oil temp. stuff. Going to pull the cluster "soon" and swap the oil temp. gauge with a spare one that I have. Will update once I get to that...
  10. Goce, thank you, this is great information, confirms/corrects a lot of what I was thinking. Once I have the parts, I will get right on installing them and update you guys…
  11. Small update, after speaking to Brian Holm, it seems there are 5 total sensors/switches related to coolant temperature. The 3 clustered near the thermostat / water jacket are the one for the temperature gauge (1 wire), one for the signal to the ECU, and one for the fans (we think). Then there are 2 others, a low coolant warning (suspected to be in the radiator), and an overheat light sensor (not exactly sure where this one is located). I ordered the sensor for the fans, as well as one for the temperature gauge (just to be sure everything is accurate/linked). Once it arrives I'll install and update accordingly.
  12. Also, I'd like to replace all the coolant related sensors, anyone know the part #'s and a good place to purchase from? Also, how many sensors there actually are? 3 or 4? More?
  13. Ok, let me look again on the car and see if I see a plug/sensor on the radiator. Thanks for the info.
  14. Gentlemen, another update... Took the car out for a ride the other day and noticed the cooling fans were taking WAY longer than normal to come on - close to 220, and even then only the low speed function (I think) seemed to come on. No sooner than when the car got that hot, I was merging onto the highway, and it quickly got back down to 175-180, which is pretty normal from what I've seen with this car. The car has 3 coolant temp. sensors that I'm aware of, the 1-pin connector for the gauge, the one nearby/below for the ECU, and one one that goes vertical up into the water jacket, which I think is for the fans? This sound correct? A friend and I did some diagnosing, and after jumping with a paper clip the one that we suspected was for the fans, the cooling fans instantly went on the high mode. Our takeways - not a wiring or relay issue, so that fan sensor most likely needs replacing? Thoughts?
  15. Gentlemen, long time, no updates... Been slammed this summer (which is the usual routine for me), and the Mi16 has regrettably gotten very little attention these past couple months (my work is busiest in the summer), however the gentleman I bought my car from did bring me a spare gauge cluster, once time allows I will pull mine out and see if it is even the same cluster as what I have. I believe there are 2 manufacturers. If they are the same, I'll swap out gauges and see what happens. Not much more I can go on at this point, since the new oil temp. sensor didn't change anything. Will update at that time... Hope you all are doing well.
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