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  2. A repair kit is cheaper than that: https://cis-jetronic.com/index.php?rt=product/manufacturer&manufacturer_id=33
  3. Finally I have found this issue..... When I take out the 4 fuel injectors, and prime the fuel system 20 times, and then I hit the starter for a long time, there is NO fuel coming out of the injectors... With the 4 injectors out, the car still starts how it normally would, which was kind of funny. So i need a new distributor... those are hundreds of dollars...
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  7. The Jaeger panel for the sports instrument panel - made by Le Club 404 - arrived today and I installed the instruments provisionally at the lunch break. The instruments other than the oil pressure gauge are used and need to be cleaned and tested. I may also look for a better voltmeter and possibly an 8 Gordini tachometer after all, as the Renault 8S tachometer has a different style of chrome trim. Still it's a good start.....
  8. From my experience the head on seat belt bolts is between 16mm and 17mm the threads are almost always 7/16 20 thread, i've installed few thousand of them during my year in van hool buses, even the smallest seat belt for the passenger in a bus used the same bolts with factory loctite apply, a 16mm socket and torqued them to 60 Nm
  9. 7/16" isn't the head, it's the tread. On my 309 the heads are neither metric nor the standard imperial size and some are low profile, add thread lock on top of that and you can have lots of fun changing a seat belt.
  10. Yes I am somewhat famialiar with sand bending, but I have only achieved good quality bends when applying some heat on the tube. But for the rollcage bends, heating is prohibited as stated by the FIA and also by Finnish national motorsport organisation (AKK). I think the main reason for the distortion comes from the reason that the tube doesn't "run" without effort via the opposite tooling, I found 2 little kinks just where these 2 opposite tooling are located. I don't know the real names for these things, but they are not the die with arc, but the opposite. Backside tooling, maybe? I was
  11. Sand bending is old school - it used to be done for hydraulic pipes too... but don't forget to clean them out before use!
  12. The original brake pipe unions had 10 mm heads but imperial UNF threads! The replacements were 3/8" because they were locally sourced (remember I made my own brake lines). 7/16" seat belt bolts, eh? Pretty damned small head
  13. Great progress! Love the seats you bought as well. Have you ever read up on sand bending pipes? I had buddy’s that built cages years ago with a hydraulic bender and they used to pack the tubes with sand and bend them that way to avoid distortion. Getting a good shop to bend them up is definitely the better option of course, but if you run into a situation where you need to do a one off it might come in handy. Are you doing a chromoly cage or ? As an aside - I finally bought my own mig welder myself. Hopefully this summer/fall I can tackle my own rust repairs! Rabin
  14. Thank you, I truly hope that I am able to get the rust repairs done during my winter vacation (January 2021), so that the project phases should become much more interesting. I currently feel that at the moment I am making close to zero progress but there is just so many things yet to figure out and to fix about the car... Anyway I did manage to paint the subframe, trailing arms, suspension components and brake components and install new bushings on the trailing arms: I found certain things to be on sale at black friday, so I bought about 700 m of 0.75-2.5 mm2 cables for the wir
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  16. Thanks for the reply Rabin. I admit, I don’t know much about this particular engine. I was under the impression it had intercooling, plus an oil cooler on the US models. I thought they made significant upgrades beyond the displacement. You’re right, I should have taken a pic. I was in a real rush. I would like to replace my air filter at some point, since it’s warped around the area where if seals, but I don’t necessarily need to go with a different model.
  17. Hello I am lion305 from France. I don't write English... Google translat is my friend I'am 30 year old, I have an Peugeot agency created by my father in the 80'Year. I drive a Peugeot 305 GT since 2009, and 505 since 2010 305 GT 1985 505 V6 170ch automatique 1988 505 Turbo Injection 1985 Recently I have buy the only one Peugeot 505
  18. Great Progress! Finally got the fuel injector cleaned/fixed, and the engine is running on all 4 cylinders now, and pretty smoothly too. Every now n then it has a misfire. I let the car warm up for 30 minutes, and no leaks were spotted. A few problems: Cooling system isnt pressurizing (Due to radiator cap I think), and the small switch next to throttle has a wire ripped off, which Jon says is probably causing the crackling and popping in the exhaust (sounds awesome though in my opinion). Turbo does appear to be working still! Havn't tested alot of the electrics, except headlights which dont
  19. Had to chuckle at the 2 car garage set up. Car looks gorgeous Mike! Rabin
  20. Seat belt bolts are always 7/16"-20 (UNF). Also brake lines are often imperial 1/8, 1/4, 1/2". Also peugeot often uses seals and bearings in imperial sizes.
  21. Brake boosters, brake rotors and clutches diameters are often imperial sizes. You can also find 7/16"-20 (UNF) seat belt bolts for some reason.
  22. Got the SOFICA unit installed with the remote switch wired up nicely. It's worth mentioning that despite being a metric car, the brake pipe unions are 3/8 inch and not 10 mm. A 10 mm wrench will not get them tight enough. Couple of shots from the side, now that the car's off jack stands and on its own wheels again.
  23. Did you happen to take pictures? We didn’t actually get the later intercooled 505 turbo diesels (XD3TE) cars so if it is intercooled it’s aftermarket or it’s a newer euro import. Normally both motors should have the Bosch VE injection pump, but the intercooled motor came with a rotodiesel pump iirc. If it is a euro motor then good Lord it’s a rare bird. Anything you mentioned to take took off could be made to work, but it would depend what the reasoning would be to update it. Newer air filters are hard to come by, and a well maintained oil bath filter is hard to beat. Rabin
  24. I’ve come across one of the rare for US 505’s with the XD3 motor, plus 4 speed auto. It’s in a junkyard a few hours drive from here. Looks like the engine is basically complete, and I didn’t get a chance to look into why the car was scrapped. My questions is, does anyone know if are there any parts worth taking off of the XD3 that would be a possible upgrade for my 83 XD2S? I know that the injection pump, turbo, and intake manifold are different. Would the airbox, or intercooler fit or be worth taking for my car? I have the original oil bath air filter which is a bit warped on my car
  25. The next step was to find rubber mounts for the blower fan motor. The originals were gone and scrap anyway. I thought I'd have to make some but Duncan Auto Parts has a chest of grommets that are surprisingly useful and they had three that fit. The originals were split in half when new and inserted from either side. I decided to see if I could squeeze these new ones through in one piece. Yes is the answer. So I did. I had to make special provision for the wire extenders for the switch because they run near the blower now that they have to exit the housing
  26. There is a 203 in Vancouver owned by a fellow I know. It's not restored and came from the USA originally. Probably the same car you are referring to. On top of that there is one more 203 that is in ICBC's database from BC that may or may not still exist. I have the VINs of both. Another friend in Alberta has bought a Canadian market 203 from 1955, which is presently located in Ontario but soon (post-pandemic) should be in his garage, for a full restoration of this historically important car.
  27. Goce/srdt, thank you both. I will look into both of these solutions soon... On a different note, does anyone have an extra valve cover that they would be willing to sell? I'd like to buy a used one, and then have it stripped and powder coated so that I can swap on and off without being down with the car in the meantime...
  28. Hi there, I am new to this forum. I was told by a USA car seller that he sold a Peugeot 203 to British Columbian buyer few years ago. Has anyone of you spotted this Peugeot 203 by any chance? I posted a Peugeot 203 from the web. Thanks. CK
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