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  2. Monday at about 5 PM I put the 400W alternator on. 404 Injection cars, the alternators are buried down low on the exhaust side, so the well used appearance of this one won't be visually jarring when looking at the engine from above... Eventually a more powerful new or rebuilt alternator will be installed in its place, to power the heated seats (which right now are not connected).
  3. I always drill a 4.5mm hole in the thermostat, it allows any air lock to bleed out and doesn't noticeably affect the thermostat operation. I do that on all my cars.
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  6. Today the manifolds and injection stuff was installed, along with the factory cold air intake. Actually this car originally came with a huge oil bath air filter but it used to drip oil all over the engine despite multiple attempts to seal it and so I traded it to a guy in France for this French market one.
  7. Me too, and I have all the manuals as well. But still I think it is impossible to understand where the actual cables go?
  8. This is for the real enthusiasts. I've only seen 2 others like this on the internet. https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Peugeot-Service-Sign/203344792359 Thank you
  9. Ouch, that sucks. I sent 18 Kugelfischer injectors to England for cleaning and testing via Canada Post in late 2019 in two separate shipments, and I was worried because each one sells for $500 if used but within operational spec and $800 if new old stock and OE spec. I got all 18 back and 16 are within spec, 6 of which are NOS so I shudder to think what the cost of replacement would have been. Each shipment was insured for $1000. It would have covered $2000 if all were lost and that would have bought me one set of 4 used ones.
  10. There is something for everyone! From luxury all-weather floor mats, to Control Arms, to Engine Oil. 3D - RockAuto.com now carries 3D Floor and Cargo Area Mats! These mats look and feel better than the commercial, rubber mats from other well-known brands. BSE - RockAuto now has Blue Streak Electronics Modules, Sensors and Throttle Bodies. Through the end of April get a $10 instant manufacturer rebate on new Throttle Bodies! Mobil 1 - Get up to $30 back when you purchase Mobil 1 oil. Suspensia - RockAuto now carries Suspensia steering and suspension parts. From A
  11. Carrier just informed me at they only cover std amount money, not based item value crap! I sent package allready last year November.
  12. Oh man - That’s just terrible! I have a similar experience - I shipped a set of 4 RARE alloy wheels with UPS once, and they lost one of the wheels! I relentlessly hounded them, even found out they had “loss centres” where packages that lost shipping info ended up and would call them weekly requesting the check for it. That’s also when I found out they’ll sell you insurance for anything, but the fine print in the contract basically only covers new items being shipped from business that is selling them new to the customer. Anything used, or even anything new sold privately was e
  13. I did make good package of complete head and sent it to USA... and it seemed lost some where. It did leave Finland but then trail is lost Local sender back payment only covers partially this lost. But problem is at those heads are not available. SHIT... This is last time I'll sent anything valuable by carrier which does not cover full back payment.
  14. We use the wiring diagram found on this page: http://peugeot505.info/index.php?id=downloads_manuals&lang=1
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  16. I'll see what I can di but first the engine has to be started! Next hurdle (I hope a minor one).
  17. Nice job Mike, soon it will purr like a kitten. I can imagine that sound. Looking forward to that as are you I'm sure. Would there be a way to put an audio file in your post or even video with the engine running ?
  18. The engine went in today just after noon, very smoothly. The long part of the grey Peugeot-Fenwick lifting bar was reversed before final installation, because it would have tagged the firewall! Since the last photo, the starter motor and its sheet metal plate and intake support rod and the two other metal plates that seal the bell housing, fuel lift pump and fuel filter assembly plus a few other bits and pieces.
  19. Tonight I made room in the garage by moving the smart out and transferred the engine from the stand to the hoist. The clutch assembly was then added - the closeup photo of the pressure plate shows it before it was tightened and with the centring tool in position. The Peugeot factory hooks work on the KF2 engine with the injection manifold off so I was able to not use chains as I did when removing it with the manifold in position back in December 2016. Monday it goes in the car - that is the plan! Should be quick, but you never know...
  20. Best of luck with the final hurdle! I will celebrate your first road test by going through this entire thread from beginning to end. Truly a labour of love!
  21. The hood has been removed in anticipation of the upcoming engine installation. Ready to go except for me moving the unlicensed smart out of the garage, moving the engine from its stand to the hydraulic crane, mounting the clutch driven disc and pressure plate, then mounting it. I'l have to wait for a day when my eldest daughter is available. Maybe the next couple of days, maybe a bit later. The green tape and padding are some of the precautions I have employed to protect the paint from damage when removing the hood and installing the engine.
  22. Yeah, that will do it, old school torque converter slips a lot. It's been sometime since i've driven one of those, and i hate them. The newer TS80cs in my 607 is completely different, also i've been in diesels last year and a half and the torque is very addictive. Few days ago i got to test drive a 350z it has the same horsepower as my 607 and is much lighter but it feels slower because it has half the torque.
  23. If my experience with the local Peugeot dealer in the late 80’s was anything to go by, they were ridiculously undertrained Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler dealership dudes that had little to no interest in these cars. In my experience that’s usually the response one gets when they have no idea how to fix it and really just want you to concede and accept the flaw. Temp and level should be dead simple to suss out, but I’m likely too OCD to not let that bug me. Rabin
  24. It works exactly the way the old yahoo group list worked for email only. The content that was in the group will get moved here at some point once I figure out how to do it best and have the time. Rabin
  25. OK, so it's not a forum like it is here with multiple categories? And does that have different content then this forum?
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