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  2. Today i spent an entire evening pressure washing the remaining 3 cylinder heads, i also washed 3 of the roker covers. You can see in the pictures it got dark on me during the washing, I spent lot of time with the oven degreaser and a brush scrubbing. No real suprases only the know good turbo head has lots of corrosion from not running coolant.
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  4. Today i got one more cylinder head clean up. I wanted to clean up more but i did not have time. This time around i clean up one of the cleaner ones, this head was clean on the outside but inside i that lots of oil gunk. This is the one without oil seals. Most of the carbon come out of the intake and exhaust ports but there's still some to come out, i'll use a wire brush after the resurfice. This time around i used compressed air and oil to protect the steel valve seats and bolts from rust.
  5. Which engine in the 405 is the waterpump for?
  6. With two full time jobs, i've been very busy but i managed to find time to pressure wash one cylinder head, i somehow picked the dirtiest one. This one is of a 92 XUD9 that come out of a peugeot 309 engine code DJZ. The condition is decent, it has some corrosion in the coolant passages also couple of broken bolts, but the camshaft journals are in good shape and no visible cracks. Cleaning the head with degreaser made a mess of my driveway also i looked like a dalmatian. I'll try to wash more parts at once next time.
  7. The 205 that the engine come out of was 1994, but it was obvious that cylinder head was changed, it was cleaner. Also i've seen 21 date year cast on the head, perhaps someone use the valve train of an older head but that doesn't explain the valve guides. The casting code is same as all the others N/A heads i have P08, the turbo heads are P06 casting. Very strange, perhaps i should measure the cylinders to check if someone has put XUD9 pistons in it.
  8. There was no valve seals on old engines, in France the XUD7T started using them around mid-92 (XUD7T/L) and the older engines with seals are the "clean" ones with EGR and cat. Dual springs means the engine was made before late 1988 (around october for XUD9 and decemeber for XUD7).
  9. Today i took apart all 5 cylinder heads. All parts are organised i had couple of surprises. There is lots of corrosion in two of the heads, one has broken camshaft cap, almost all seem to had some work done on them. Many have evidence of replacement valves and cam caps, this engines when they brake the timing belt from not changing the belt on its intervals they bent valve or two but also brake the camshaft and the camshaft caps. The most surprising was the XUD7 head i took of the french engine it has green dual spring on the valves and there is not valve seals, the valve guide is not even machined to aspect valve seat. In so many XUD engines i've work on i've never seen that, i'm not sure why are there dual valve spring or why it doesn't have valve seals, there is no evidence of it burning oil also.
  10. Hi Bob - Sent you an E-mail, not sure if you got it? Rabin
  11. Valves evolved a few times along the years so it's better not to mix them blindly.
  12. Last few weeks have been very busy for me, the start of a new school year and all but today i found me couple hours to spend in the big garage. With the big table clean, got me few egg cartons and started to lay down the cylinder heads on them. I found 5 heads some of them partly disassemble, the plan is to disassemble them, wash them and test them for cracks if fine continue and refurbish them. First i need to take them apart, they are incredibly dirty, just moving them got me incredibly dirty, and that small of used diesel oil. I usually keep the valve train in order as they come out to use them in the same order but that takes time and i'll try to work on them tomorrow.
  13. Today i had little time to spare so i decided to start on getting things done on those engines. The xud7 cylinder head looked cleaner so i decided to take it apart first. First i took off the cam cover, and first ting i noticed the cam caps are wrong way around, and some one has marked the head like they are installed, the baskets look good but first one i took off i found this, someone did not have thin enough adjustment shims to adjust the valves so he grounded the shim. Seeing that i stopped, i was dealing with a someone else's hack work and that is never fun.
  14. Also I just noticed this, idk if you have found it yet but here is the link. https://facebook.com/groups/peugeotnorthamerica/
  15. Oh, I ended up getting two 505s, they were posted on this site, pug505usa. so, anyone wondering. My search has ended. thx again for all the help and securing two. Due to a lot of personal issues though I’m no longer really doing anything with cars. still, this was a great group and without this group i wouldn’t have at least been able to secure a Peugeot. thx again everyone and good luck to you all In the USA that own any Peugeot. 205 is still my baby but that’s just a dream I’m content and happy with letting die. beautiful car I’ve just accepted I’m never owning one lol and I’m ok with that. so the search has concluded. Sorry i can’t close this post but thanks again for everyone who did reach out and help out!
  16. @Bean They are smooth and 7 1/4 inch wide.
  17. Some time ago i started making this part but every day job and other project pushed it back. Also my drill is very underpowered and overheats easy, so even when i had time it will over head and i'll move to another job. But little by little i drill all the holes and removed the big holes, drill and thread the bolt holes. At the end i use a hammer to smash them out, now i'll find time to take it to my friend's shop and get it machined on a mill. I need to make some more storage space, my XUD storage palce is overloaded.
  18. Wow - 13yrs! They are amazing cars, but wow does time fly… Did you ever do the swap to the xn1 in one of your cars? I thought it was your v6 car, but could be mistaken. Thanks for the update! Rabin
  19. Update: It's about 13 years the 505 V6 Manual after i fixed the severe injection and ignition issues in July 2012. The car is still serving me well and i am still in love with the car. Ikenna.
  20. Hello Rabin. I don't specific daily driver anymore. I use one car from Monday to Saturday and switch to another. Ikenna
  21. @Goce Main reason that is that we have rims that has that bolt pattern. The rims i got my eyes on also has that bolt pattern and 67.1mm CB. Here is the link to the spacers: https://spacer.se/produkt/paket-4st-25mm-4-140-x-4-114-3-67-1/
  22. Why did you get 4x114 wheel adapters, that size is also rare, logicly i would expected 4x100 or 4x108 to keep it in peugeot family, any reason?
  23. I have the following to sell: 505 TD rear muffler assembly NOS aftermarket XD2S head with turbo used 150 K Mi XD3T head with turbo mostly rebuilt XD3T 4 tab head gasket new XD3T cylinder head bolt set new Haynes 505 Diesel shop manual ZF3HP22 505 TD Transmission with torque converter all rebuilt by ZF 405 Real trailing arm bearing rebuild kit both sides 84-85 XD2S Diesel fuel injection pump NOS Bosch rebuild Pre 86 and 86 and up door power mirrors 405 XU9J2 Cylinder head rebuilt first generation 405 exhaust manifold final non cracking version 405 water pumps new aftermarket
  24. Side skirts look similar to the ones they did on the 89+ 505’s we got in North America. Widened wheels look great - hopefully the outer bead seat is still smooth? How wide are they now? Rabin
  25. Have done a bit of body, repaired rust, sanded and filled. The old Mi16 side skirts have been removed, and we are trying some that have been fabricated in sheet steel instead. My father made an jigg to test widen some steel wheels (banding).
  26. I've been asking around for a good machine shop to test couple of cylinder heads for me, but all the advice i got was they all just guess. Two of the fore mechanics who rebuild engines every day said they've had many instances where the shop garantie the head is good they refurbished it install it and creates more pressure than before. They explained that the machine shop never heat up the heads and test them with only a bar or two air pressure because there machines are so worn out they blow out. Also this particular cylinder heads are very difficult to be sure because they need cut out in the pressure plate for the pre chambers. With that in mind i decided to make me a specific plate so i can test them myself. Started with a 20mm plate a bit over sized, which i cut one side to shorten. I marked all the holes i plan to make except for the pre chambers those i'll make on a mill alongside cutting the cylinder bores and facing it on both sides that will take off lots of material and will end up with a thinner plate. I started to drill out the bulk of the bigger holes on my small drill but its overheating constantly. This will take a long time.
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