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  2. You can perform a leak down test or just add compressed air to the cylinders one by one when they are at tdc and you can hear where the air is coming out, intake, exhaust or oil cap.
  3. Daily driver, restoration candidate. After many enjoyable years of ownership the time has come to part with my 505 TD wagon. Runs great although my driving has been limited I have put about 12,000 miles on it in about 12 years. I had the injector pump resealed a few years ago because it was leaking. No problems since I am looking to get $2000.00 for the car. It has about 175,000 miles on it. Drivers rear quarter shows some rust but that is about it. The body overall is in good shape but the paint has failed. In addition I have an 86 505 gas wagon that can go with it. The gas wagon ran fine but has been sitting for about 15 years. I am in Boston. Email [email protected] if interested.
  4. Each gauge is basically in their own circuit, so while they may share a ground, they might not so I wouldn’t dismiss it being a ground issue especially in a Peugeot! Definitely check voltage changes when you do it however. Rabin
  5. I'm not sure it's a bad ground, because this is the only gauge that is behaving this way. Sound logic? I'm really not looking to tear the interior/carpet out to find the problem here, but I suppose if I have to... I'm going to get into this soon again, it is the only "issue" the car has, so for now, I'll take it...
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  7. I have recently changed oil & filter. I am feeling like it is piston rings that are not sealing. I have not taken it past 3K rpm - am to scared lol
  8. Did you change the oil and filter? I've had valves sticking on peugeot TU engines, you can hear a miss at idle but it clears up in higher rpm. That usaly happens on engines that have been seeting for years. change the oil and run the engine for prolonged periods the oil need to worm up and pump up the hydraulic lifters, it will get worse before it gets better, but eventually with longer runnings and drives when the engine is under load it will clear up.
  9. I Can't see the video, not sure if it has been removed, but this sounds familiar, i've had a bad ground under the carpet at the driver's feet that moved my gauges with the side indicators, the bolt head rusted from water, clean the terminal, changed the bolt and it fixed my problem, you should test for both power and ground drop at the gauge.
  10. So right now my biggest issue is actually compression... When I go to start the car after its properly cooled down, there is like a 33% chance that at least 1 cylinder will not have compression. Usually it starts out where all 4 cylinders are without compression, and 2 or 3 cylinders will start compressing as the engine spins over, however usually there is a stubborn cylinder that wont compress. So typically i'd just wait until the next day to mess with this car, hoping they magically start compressing again, and sometimes I get lucky the next day with all four compressing. Any idea what in the world could be causing this?
  11. Check these guys out, they’re based out of France I believe and have some fairly obscure parts but not the part number that you listed. https://www.pieces-de-rechange-classic.com/
  12. No ABS on a Mi16? Well it doesn't really matter as the ABS drive shaft should fit all the same.
  13. Bean, thanks for the info. I am conversational at best when it comes to electrics, so I'm going to have to get my buddy over to help with some of this. I can at least start checking grounds and see where I end up. To be continued...
  14. Hello, all! Bought my dream car this past weekend: a 1989 405 Mi16. It's better than I even imagined it would be. I knew going into it, it needed a new front axle. And indeed, the left front axle needs to be replaced. No ABS. Would be so grateful for any leads on where to get one. Can likely do the replacement myself. But open to any ideas. I'm in Denver, by the way!
  15. Hello! I can scarcely believe it, but I've bought my dream car: a 1989 405 Mi16. It's in wonderful condition. Truly, it's been pretty well-cared for these last 32 years. Only 101,000 miles and volumes upon volumes of maintenance records. I sold my beloved 1979 Alfa Romeo Alfetta Sport Sedan in order to buy this car, and I'm utterly in love with it. I live in Denver. I'm very excited to connect with other owners. One thing I know this car needs much sooner than later is a new left front axle. Non-ABS. Would love to know if anyone has any leads on one. But first...PICS!
  16. Wow - it’s quiet. Do a voltage meter just to see if the voltage is dropping. Does it do similar when you turn your lights on? (Or any other high load?) Only other thing would be ground circuits. Making sure the grounds are all clean and in good shape helps all sorts of issues. Rabin
  17. So what does this mean then? By that I mean, what is the solution? Or possible solutions? This was done with the engine running by the way.
  18. I bet your battery voltage is dropping under load, which causes the voltage across the resistance of the sensor to change… Put a voltmeter on it and I bet it does a similar blip. Sound works for me btw. With engine running I’d wager it doesn’t move or move as much. Rabin
  19. Senen, where was your shut off valve? I’m looking what I think maybe but I see no wire or existence of one to cause the issue. Just got back to my car and things just aren’t adding up in my head at the moment.
  20. Including a little video for you guys here. There is no sound to the video for some reason, but watch the surge and return of the oil temp. needle. This is with the windows up, operating the switch under load causes the needle to move, and then when released, move back. Thoughts? IMG_7760.MOV
  21. Ok guys, think I got the coolant temp. / fan situation all sorted. I replaced the fan switch/sensor today, and then topped up the coolant, and fired the car up. I let it idle up to temperature, and started watching carefully from that point. The car got up to right around 210, and then the fans came on and quickly brought the car back down to 190. I watched this cycle occur again before I was satisfied. Going to call this one fixed... Now on to the oil temp. stuff. Going to pull the cluster "soon" and swap the oil temp. gauge with a spare one that I have. Will update once I get to that...
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  23. Parts manufacturers fiercely compete for the limited shelf space. Sometimes a part manufacturer will even agree to buy up all a chain store's existing inventory if the chain store agrees to switch to the part manufacturer's brand. The part manufacturer then is in the awkward position of owning a bunch of their competitors' parts. Many of those parts end up being "Wholesaler Closeout" parts at RockAuto.com. RockAuto customers benefit by getting access to name-brand Wholesaler Closeout parts for a fraction of the original price. To see a full list of all the Wholesaler Closeout parts available for your vehicle(s) that can probably all ship in the same box, click the RSS icon after selecting your vehicle’s engine size in the RockAuto.com catalog, and then click on the HTML icon next to "Love a Bargain?" As with all Wholesaler Closeouts, quantities are limited, so act fast!
  24. It's still better thant the L-Jetronic using ony one channel. Also the spray pattern isn't optimised for two intake valves, the XU9JA 8v engine is using the exact same injectors.
  25. Ah man, even the MI16 has the cheap two channel injector circuits? It thought that was an XU9J2 issue only. "storing" the charge next to a closed intake valve sounds a tad hokey to me.
  26. Just make sure you measure piston protrusion as it was common practice to install the 3 notch gaskets by lazy mechanics who didn’t want to bother with measuring, or who would only stock the 3 notch. Just reiterating these warnings as they were drilled home for years on the Peugeot-L e-mail list. @wadehilts 22 ARP head studs would also be $$$$! I got some for when I do my N9TE but there only 10 - albeit 10x M12 which are pretty crazy strong. (Same size used in the Cummins and Ford diesel truck engines!) I think gaskets were the weak point on these, so a fresh gasket and clean mating surfaces should be fine for the power increases being sought. Rabin
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