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  2. I am looking to buy a 1980’s diesel Peugeot sedan in drivable condition if anyone has one they’re thinking of selling? I live in San Diego, CA but willing to travel to see a vehicle and ship back here if it checks out. 604 and 505 models are preferred but open to what’s out there as well!
  3. I saw a listing on FB marketplace for a Mi16 just like yours in Buffalo - are you selling the white mi16 Joe? Surely there is not two Mi16s in the same area.
  4. Name: Peugeot 505 Turbo Category: North America Date Added: 2024-02-13 Submitter: valdeezy   Peugeot 505 Turbo  
  5. Name: Peugeot 505 S Category: North America Date Added: 2024-02-13 Submitter: valdeezy   Peugeot 505 S  
  6. Name: Peugeot 405 Mi-16 Category: North America Date Added: 2024-02-13 Submitter: valdeezy   Peugeot 405 Mi-16  
  7. Name: Peugeot 604 GTD Category: North America Date Added: 2024-02-13 Submitter: valdeezy   Peugeot 604 GTD  
  8. I purchased Jim's Mi16 from the estate auction in November 2022 and it now resides in Brooksville, FL VF3DB1332MS518585 91 MI16
  9. The same kind of vacuum pump on a 205/309 is using 10W40 oil.
  10. Finally got coolant lines, power steering and braking figured out. What kind of lubrication does the vacuum pump take. I was told by previous owner of the engine to fill with atf so I filled it half way but it puked fluid out the front seal when running. Am I filling it wrong or is the front seal on the pump bad? Side questions: Am I doing any damage using a <10 psi pump to feed the engine, will the excess fuel go out the return line? Is there any method you recommend the correctly set the injection pump timing and fast idle cold start adjustments?
  11. I tested in 2 ways. I had a strip of LEDs connected with Alligator clips on the terminals of the pump to see that power was still there when the car cuts out as my multi meter is to slow to react. I also had my multi meter probed onto the pump terminals to read voltage, it was steady at 13.67.
  12. How did you test the power? Did you use the same ground than the pump?
  13. Update time.. Need some input on this guys - I have been all over this car trying to solve this issue... Whenever I give the car any sort of throttle the engine will drop power and usually cut out. I spent a while trying to find a lead why its cutting out and eventually I put a fuel pressure gauge inline and it does go from around 35-40 psi while cruising to somewhere in the low 20s when it cuts out. The fuel pump also has a very pulsated squirting sound and I can feel the fuel output line of the pump vibrate in harmony with the sound of the pump. Whats strange here is if I turn the car off and wait a few minutes and then turn it back on and floor it I seem to have full power... for a few minutes until it slowly starts to develop the low fuel pressure issue again. Also when I first turn the car on the pump does not make weird noises only after driving for a while does it sound weird. Is there something im missing?? Things I have already done: I have changed from the original gravity fed fuel system to use a lifter pump in the spot for the sender unit. I have looked inside the tank and it looked clean but looks can be deceiving and its hard to see everything in there. I have not actually cleaned the tank though. I have replaced all the fuel lines before the external pump. Filter and pump were bought new when I put the engine in a few months back (OEM units) I have tested power to the pump is consistent while driving and that voltage is good. Tried another pump but to no success. On a good note the car is road legal and driving!! I got the busted lug bolt replaced along with swapping the wheel bearing 3 times, but its done now. I also had poor camber alignment causing the front tires to rub against the shock body, but I got that fixed up and is able to drive, except for the stupid fuel issues.
  14. Peugeot’s never had lift pumps, just a primer on the filter head. Definitely want to do a lift pump and a modern filter head on my cars though - Just haven’t figured out what that looks like yet. Rabin
  15. Yeah, usually engines have a lift pump spec pressure to the injection pump to make sure they're getting enough supply. I didn't know if it was something to actively look for on these engines.
  16. Hey guys, I was just joking around. Wasn't sure if anyone cared about these old relics anymore, ha... SRDT, thanks for that, I'll look into it and see if I actually need them or if its just a seal...
  17. I'm still there... Bosch did list 0 280 156 045 injectors as compatible, you can find no less than 6 of them on any Cadillac CTS 3.2l V6.
  18. I read most of your post on the mi16s, I just dont usually have any input being that I dont know much about em. Iv done a crap ton of work on my 505s this winter I just never posted anything because I also didnt think anyone was interested.
  19. I’m reading them! (I wish I knew the secret to attracting people that prefer forums…) I tried a buddy’s vacuum bleeder and I might need to get my own now - super slick and supposed to eliminate the need to burb the cooling system. BTW - My stuff has been dormant so long my wife has asked me to start getting rid of them. So I had to double down and make shit happen instead - I’ve been acquiring more goodies for some thread resurrections this Spring / Summer. I will have to pare down the projects, but think combining rather than just decommissioning.
  20. Boy, I hope someone still reads this forum, it seems pretty dead these days... Got the coolant topped back up finally today, after doing the timing belt and water pump over a month ago. When I had to move the car for the first time in a long time today, I remembered that the car didn't take all the coolant back down when I went to refill after those jobs, so was a good excuse to pick up one of these fill kits today. Took about 15 minutes total, glad I bought the kit after all these years of struggling with just long funnels... In other news, while monitoring the coolant going down, I noticed that one of the injectors started leaking, but I planned to pull them all for ultrasonic cleaning anyways, so more fun to come...
  21. Wow what a beauty! It looks like Delft Blue? Like my departed 1986 505 Turbo SW. G. Steel
  22. I got the passenger front caliper rebuilt yesterday and installed along with the new brake hose, and then bled it all out. So brakes are operational again. Still want to replace the other front hose, and then bleed all the rest, but that will be for another day…
  23. Engine sounded nice - Why did you think it would cause damage? Adapter and flywheel set up looks great - Pressure plate and clutch look massive! Sorry - I may have misunderstood your pump request. Pump timing is adjusted by clocking the injection pump, but never heard of measuring pump pressures on the car. Most diesel heads I know advise timing by ear on older cars, but pump pressures aren’t really a concern unless your injectors aren’t firing properly as they’ve got set pop pressure that has to be hit before opening. Rabin
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