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  2. Haha fair enough! That thought did cross my mind. Makes sense. I am looking to purchase a 3 volume factory service manual next weekend so that should really get me going. I'm not finding a lot of detailed information online and many of the links for information are dead. Oddly enough, the original owner had rigged a switch to the left of the steering column that turns the fan on, but only on high, regardless of the main speed lever position. I was wrong, it DOES have AC! I am just unfamiliar with the controls. I'm going to look closer for the ports, they were not immediately obvious when I looked yesterday. Once I get that tracked down I can pull a vacuum on it and go from there. Once I actually looked closer at the engine bay the compressor is visible and still connected. PO suggested it just needed to be charged but I thought that maybe they were mistaken. Ah yes that could very well be it and a fairly simple fix. I'll know soon, once I get underneath there.
  3. V6 5sp, those are incredibly rare arent they? Are they running & driving? My first bushings to go out on all of my 505's were the front sway bar bushings - making rattle noises in every corner. Eventually my sway bar came disconnected while driving.
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  5. Do you have any lights with failed / rusty chrome buckets that still have good lenses? I’ve been trying to find replacement lenses for euro lights with broken glass…. Could be interested in other parts from the lights as well if any fall into that category. Rabin
  6. Wow - welcome back again, and what an entrance you made this time! Collection looks great, and the new place looks amazing! Do you have shop space there or were all the cars bought in current condition?
  7. I have a quite large stock of used EU head and tail lights for 505's. I remembered that some US 505 drivers were looking for them but they were hard to find in the USA off course. So if somebody is still searching, I am willing to sell some sets, but they have to be shipped from Holland, Europe.
  8. I took me some years, but I rediscovered the forum. I didn't know that the url has changed. From my side also a lot of changes. I moved to an old farm with plenty of storage room. As a result, my collection did grew a lot: My 505's: 3X V6 automatic, one SW8, one RHD GTI Familiale and one LHD GRI Familiale: My cars from the 04 series: 104 GL6. Multiples times restaured: 4th engine, 3rd interieur etc. About 800.000km now! 204 cabriolet: restaured 504 pickup diesel: heavily used, but not rotten. 604 DTurbo: great original condition, 155.000km Others: 403 Break diesel. 100% original, only 40.000km! 205 Accent 1.1 240.000km My wives cars: 306 Cabriolet automatic 75.000km 205 SW automatic 200.000km
  9. You’ll find a thorough going through of all the grounding tree locations, all grounds, all electrical connectors, and fusing the electric fan circuit will work wonders for the car’s electrical system. Peugeot used unsealed electric plug connections, and exposed grounds which reek havoc with functionality over time. Too bad about the AC, but it might be worthwhile to do a vintage air or similar aftermarket system. The XD2s did have AC so sourcing the AC components to mount the AC compressor should be easy-ish to find. Rabin
  10. My brother is in Charlottesville VA - He’s got a couple 505 V6 5sp cars. I’ve ridden through Asheville years ago, but absolutely stunning country. Totally normal for both to indicate - best response I got was “If you don’t know which way you yourself have signalled you have bigger issues” Rabin
  11. The only thing that is lacking that I thought was there is that there is no AC at all. Totally not a deal-breaker for me but it REALLY would have been nice. Inoperative elements: Speedometer Sunroof Cruise Control Power Steering Windscreen wiper control (works on wash) I noticed that the turn signals stop working after a couple flashes, which I would assume is just an old flasher relay. I haven't tried leaving the hazards on yet to see if that causes them to stop, too. Is it normal for both indicator lights to flash (as if hazards are on) during regular indicator operation? Turn signals are working properly (had a friend following me) but wasn't expecting both to light up on the instrument cluster. There's a little rattle in the front suspension. I fully anticipated the likely event that I would need to replace some suspension bushings as it sat for a very long time. I'll have to get under it and see where it's coming from. Regardless of these minor issues, I am ecstatic over this car and look forward to diving deeper into it!
  12. It was originally from the dealership right here in Asheville, too! I am leaving now to go pick it up. Super excited!!
  13. Cloth interior is a win. For the fuel rail bolts and fuel pressure regulator it is a pain. I tend to get at most of the bolts from the passenger side though. Good luck getting it running.
  14. Man that looks like a score! If the paint damage is limited to clear it might be fairly easy to bring it back while keeping original paint. Looks great in the pics! Rabin
  15. Second go at reviving a neglected gem; another 1987 505 Turbo with auto trans and ABS, largely untouched since 1996 and has 47k miles on it. Paint is very sunburnt, but absolutely no rust as far as I can tell. According to the guy I bought it off of who couldn't get it running, I am the third owner. Apparently the car was bought new by a doctor in Pennsylvania for his son to commute to Princeton for school, then was parked when he finished. According to the window sticker, the car was sold for $24 700 USD back in the day! It was an absolute mission bringing the car home, between my car trailer splitting in half on the freeway with the 505 on it, and the usual incompetence by CBSA at the border, but its home now and I've poked at it just a bit. Plan is largely the same as with the previous revival, fuel pump and filter are first up and should be arriving this week. Looks like the previous owner suspected ignition for the no start because its got new plugs, wires, coil, and ignition control module already. No warning lights or error codes on the dash, but it hasn't actually fired or anything yet so It might not be fully awake to do any proper checks. The abs stuff and auto trans dipstick really make it tough to get in behind the intake manifold to get the fuel rail bolts off, but as I learned last time properly cleaning and flushing the fuel system and especially the injectors is a must. Matt
  16. Thanks for the replies. Spend most time in the Carolinas but am willing to travel. Pic in above post illustrates the issue, as traditional machines don't have a large enough cone adapter. Below link from a sister forum also explains the issue in more context. Balancing bead suggestion is great assuming there are no downsides such as tire wear or noise. Thanks again. https://www.aussiefrogs.com/forum/index.php?threads/wheel-balancing-centreless-rims.118174/page-4
  17. Well this won't help you, but Peter Gallagher at Automotion in North Vancouver can do centreless three stud wheels.
  18. Welcome to the forum! Location is much to vague to be of any use, but you likely need to just call around to the euro places specializing specifically on European cars. The box store shops won’t have the expertise. Also confused that you comment that the hole is too large? I’ve balanced 1 ton truck wheels as balancers have an array of cone sizes - the issue is on the closed center wheels that just have the small square hole. Another option might be to use balancing beads in the tire. There’s also a technique of balancing the tire on a front wheel on the car. Can’t have any brake pad rubbing, and it has to be very easy to spin so that the heaviest part of tire always settles to the bottom. Add weight to the bottom spot until the tire spins to rest in random spots. Farmers sometimes use a horizontal balancer that basically balances the tire on the centerpoint. Add weight to the high points until tire is evenly balanced. Rabin
  19. I'm based in the Southeast and am experiencing challenges finding a tire shop that can balance my 604's center-less steel wheels. These are factory 4-hole rims that have an enlarged center hole that's too large for traditional wheel balancer's conical center tip. Similar in concept to other Pug wheels + Citroens and VW buses. Anyone know of any shops in the region that can handle these or have other balancing options? Thanks.
  20. Online searches aren't bringing up anything realistic. I would think for sure someone has done this before? Nothing drastic, would just like to maybe bring up 15mm or so. Curious what the forums thoughts are on this. Thanks!
  21. The ‘84 will have bronze tint, your ‘87 should have green tint. Moulding should be the same, but the plastic “T” strip holding the rubber moulding will shatter when you remove it. Talk to your windshield guy to see if they can glue in a universal moulding, but it usually means gluing the windshield in a little higher off the flange for the moulding to sit nice. HVAC is vacuum controlled, but you might want to check the o-rings in the hard lines connecting the turbo to intercooler. Speeduino sounds cool - I looked at MS, had a VEMS, and then ended up with an AEM Infinity 508 and an SDS 4F EFI stand-alone just via deals I came across. Just need the time and space to make them happen! Rabin
  22. Ooo yeah nothing beats a clean mechanical injection setup. Also on the standalone ecu front, I ordered a speeduino V3 board a few moths back just to tinker with and see what theyre all about; might work nicely on a N9TE and supports sequential injection and a bunch of other fun stuff. On another front, I did a good full throttle pull yesterday and now it sounds like I have a small boost leak behind the dash somewhere. Nothing major because it still pulls decent and does build boost, but I can definitely feel it and the hissing noise is pretty obvious. Any good spots to check first? I suspect the hvac buttons because they sound pneumatic. Also, my local kenny-u-pull has an '84 505 in stock with a good windshield, which was the main reason I bought the silver car intending the glass to go to the black one, so im going to head there after work a grab some bits.
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  24. Welcome to the forum. Asheville is not too far from me. Happy to see another living 505 in the state.
  25. Oh wow, that is WAY more than I expected or had heard. Unfortunately I think many here were lost to the "cash for clunkers". This is only the second one I have seen in probably 20 years.
  26. Mechanical injection is an incredibly elegant engineering masterpiece imo - For me it’s similar to admiring a really nice analogue time piece. Sure technology does it better, but the appreciation of that mechanical sophistication makes it better somehow!
  27. Back to the future, like the timed port injection of a Kugelfischer engine ;). Unnecessary, but elegant.
  28. Welcome! About 125,000 were exported to the USA, or roughly 10% of all 505 production. About 4,500 were sold in Canada. The sales here were extremely poor due to Chrysler selling them 1983-1987 and the abandonment of the traditional Peugeot dealers by Peugeot Canada around the time of its introduction.....
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