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  2. Today i installed all the pistons, and torqued them to spec. I borrow a piston ring compressor, and installed new piston rings, i did checked and file them to spec also clean the pistons, soaking them in diesel helped i also scraped out the rings grooves i did not take pictures of that because my hands were very oily last thing i installed was the crank pulley.
  3. I've had couple of R19 and megane's over the years, the energy engines are best suited for that chassis, bigger engines especially diesels are too heavy. Last car i had with that F7P engine rod knock on me but that car had close to 200 000 km i'm not sure how is possible to have only 23 000 km on a 25 year old car but good luck finding a good home for it.
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  5. Today i've been struggling all day i could not find a piston ring compressor, most of the hardware stores are closed because of the coronavirus and the tool market is also suspended. I've called couple of friends and stopped by few mechanics, none of them has one that will fit. So for today i only could clean the bores i bend a brash so i can reach the bottom and oil them, then i clean off the oil pump install new gasket, new oil seal and installed it and torqued it in place. Surpassing the old oil seal did not have a spring in the back, it is a different design.
  6. Definitely pull the codes, like Savo said, his instructions and pictures are that same that i found and follow more than a decade ago only thing then that was confusing for me was to identify wich wire on the connector to ground. So i pulled back the rubber grommet on the back of the connector and there are numbers printed on the wires them self i found wire 17, put a paint mark on that side of the connector and have been using it. About the throttle position sensor, the Mi16 doesn't use a standard ohms sensor. It is old school, double switch, it has a micro switch for idle and full throttle switch. i've had the idle switch cause me problems because the throttle cable was too tight and when i close the hood it will be pushed down and keep the switch opened. Its a very loud switch you can hear it in a quiet garage from the drivers seat with the hood opened, simply press the accelerator gently and you can hear the tak. Is you Idle lumpy trying to die or just erratic jumping all over the rav range. I've chased lumpy idle with no codes and was the simplest thing cousin it.
  7. ^^^^ definitely NO check this or do that here! Facts people!!!
  8. As I was saying “green connector “
  9. You can use Bosch scanner for Motronic systems or get flashing code by jumping green connector (if I remember correctly) in engine compartment. To be more precise that fuse box is located right before passenger side strut tower, it’s a black square box. Idle surge can be caused by multiple things, I would strongly suggest reading fault codes then repair faulty item and then proceed to idle surge. Most folks will tell you check this, check that, could be this, could be that...well that is no way to diagnose or repair any vehicles. This type of suggestions usually comes from key board tuners with usual some to none experience.
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  11. Ok, got a ? for you all, as there is one issue that I need some direction with... Since long before I owned the car, it has had a surging idle issue. It usually drops back down to normal if I blip the throttle, but it will again come and go. There is also a check engine light that comes and go, but not necessarily coinciding with the timing of the idle surge... I am not sure how to check codes, but assume it is an OBD1 flash code type system, yes? As far as guesses, I was thinking throttle position or maybe coolant temp. sensor? Thoughts?
  12. Goce, thank you very much, and I agree with your sentiments. In order to have a chance of enjoyable ownership, the car needs a thorough going over to make sure all systems are operating properly before I just hop in and go. With the age and mileage of the car, it is safe to assume this will be a costly and long process, but that's ok, it will be worth it I am sure...
  13. Today i begin assembly on the engine for the 607. Started with cleaning all the paint from the machined surfaces with a razer blade. Then i used some strong solvents to clean the main bearings, caps and the engine block. When i was cleaning i clean out the oil jets main cap bolts all 72 of them. Then i started with the oil jets torquing them i also used some loctite on them. Then i installed the crank bearings, they are made by Ford. Oil them and dropped the crank, i also used a little bit of silicone on the back oil seal cover. Then came time to torque all the bolts, i used couple of torque wrenches and angle gauges. I wasn't too sure about one bolt so i unbolted all of them and re torqued all of them again, by the time i was done my arms are hurting.
  14. Welcome to the forum, i like you approchee to cars first service them then drive them care free. Two of my close friends recently bought imported cars and started driving them right away, with in few days one broke its cam belt and destroyed its engine, the other one destroyed its automatic transmission all of that could been prevented with a service. About driving Mi16, they drive very different than MR2's, the 405 it's a front engine FWD car but if you left off mid corner they can over steer like a RWD car at a decent speed so don't get scared. Also there power band is similar to Lotus engines, they make all the power in the higher end above 4--5000 rpm. One thing you can do now is to install grease fittings in the rear swing arms to grease them up the swing arm bearings before they fail. Its a weak point of any 405 except the 4x4 variants it's a big job when they need to be replaced. If you want to know anything about a 405 just ask there's a lot of knowledge on this forum.
  15. Yea, there were and still are some rough parts of Buffalo, but I love it here. It's a tough town, in more than one way, but it has a lot of charm and some real salt of the earth people... And yes, the jps livery on a Lotus is hard to top...
  16. Buffalo! Funny story - when I was younger and my wife and I took a bus from Toronto to Buffalo NY, then took a city bus from the bus depot to the airport where we were taking a flight to Richmond VA. This was in the 90's and maybe saved us $200, but what we didn't realize or research at all was that we'd be travelling through what appeared to be a pretty rough part of town. Like dudes standing around barrels if fire, in very ghetto neighborhoods. Got a lot of sideways looks with our luggage in tow, but was completely uneventful and has always made a great story thankfully with no bad outcomes from that little miscalculation. The Esprit truly is gorgeous. Gord's was black with gold wheels and pin stripes, and tan leather interior - Would have matched your Mom's Evora nicely. (Gord had a thing for JPS colours for his Lotus cars) Rabin
  17. Rabin, I've yet to realize how good the Mi16's are myself, so far I have a lot more time in working on it than driving it...hopefully that doesn't go on for too much longer... The rear wing on my Esprit (there were many varieties over the years) is one of my personal favorites. It's very exotic, especially for the time, and it does provide the best rearward visibility of any of the Esprits with a wing. If you ever make it to Buffalo, I'll take you for a ride...
  18. I've never driven a Mi-16 as they're exceptionally rare in Western Canada, but I've been told they drive like a bigger 205 GTi... That's incredible to me... They really are special cars. One comment about the Esprit - I know functionally the rear wing might be be the best for visibility or some might not like the esthetics - But I LOVE them. Such pretty cars. Another good friend has a very special Europa with a twin cam 1.6 BDA out of a race car. I'll try to get some pics of it - still not complete, but should be insane. (Yet another car I don't fit, but I'll cram inside for a ride any day of the week!) Rabin
  19. Ok, well that makes 6 people now, ha... I guess I will continue to run with them, they seem fine and while I'd love to get a set of coilovers, I don't need to go that low, just a little lower than stock (the Boge springs are 1 inch lower) will suit me just fine...I think... Rabin, thank you, the Esprit and MR2 are amazing cars, but yes, definitely need to be the right size. As far as V6 MR2's, I've been around a few of them, one of my best friends did a V6 in his several yeas ago, it is pretty awesome... My friend/mechanic helping me with this build got the struts put back together last night. New springs, new strut bearings, new bellows, and OEM shocks. Hoping it is a nice combo...
  20. Agree - Peugeot shocks are amazing and really only fail when they start leaking oil. If they're clean and dry they're very hard to beat for OE comfort and control. The caveat to that would be that the new springs you're fitting aren't a bunch stiffer. If the spring rate is quite a bit higher than stock damping might not be suitable. Peugeot's are known for being softly sprung and stiffly damped though, so they'd have to be very sporty springs (IE Stiff) before the stock dampers didn't keep up. Lovely garage too! A very good friend of mine passed away in 2016 and he had an '89 Esprit the that was VERY tempting, sadly I quickly realized that I simply didn't fit it. Ditto on the beautiful the MR2 - Always loved the second gen turbo cars, but have gone down several MR2 worm holes online looking at the V6 swapped cars. Really like the idea of a 300HP V6 5sp in one, but I've never sat in one let alone driven it. *Almost* jumped on a v6 swapped MR2 that was local and rough, but seller changed his mind. Have you seen the Might Car Mods latest vids - Marty is doing one up. Rabin
  21. At this time Peugeot was making it's own struts/shocks so it's usually good stuff.
  22. Yes, Savo, thanks very much again. I have not even tackled the brakes yet, as the rotors are good all around and the pads are like new. Going to clean them down and then flush/bleed them. I'll make it a point to pick up those pin boots, thank you for that. On a different note, regarding stock OEM struts/shocks. I've now been told by 3 avid Mi16 enthusiasts that they never really need to be replaced??? I've never heard of this in my life, most oem shocks/struts need replacing by the time you're at 100K miles, if not sooner. I'm sitting at 170K, and while the ride is still great, and none of the shocks seem worn/leaky, is it safe to assume this is correct that they last forever?
  23. Yes, I sure do, and despite the internet grumblings out there, it is a fine gearbox so long as it is not man-handled. It also doesn't take kindly to heavy modifications/power increases...
  24. Nice cars, and you still have a bit of Renault (the gearbox) inside the Esprit.
  25. The R19 is a good 90' car with no real flaw, at the time it was seen as a bit underpowered with a 137hp engine and a pretty good handling but now you won't buy it for its pure performance.
  26. Hello Joe and welcome 🙂 As you can see this is great little Peugeot place and most of us here have ton of informations to keep these wonderful cars on the road. You are making great progress on this car and what most of people don’t realize is that little money invested in them is all that’s it’s needed to keep them going. Besides Interior these cars are great and easy to work on, I should add that front caliper slide pin boots (I see white ziptite in your picture) are available on Rockauto and extremely affordable.
  27. I had to repair a few plastic tabs, but no big deal, I used gorilla glue to re-attach, filed down, and then did a glue matrix around the entire area that had been compromised, that way the entire area has new strength. Very annoying and tedious, but well worth it in the long run...
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