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  2. That’s not a stock filter head - but looks decent! I’d personally just drain the tank and refill with fresh. I’ve found drawing fuel through the system via the return line primes everything nicely before firing it. I’d also recommend testing the glow plugs and ensuring the glow plug relay is working - Looks like it’s still there which is nice. Rabin
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  4. I agree, I didn't love the early dash at first, but its really grown on me. People seemed genuinely shocked that I wanted to try to resurrect this old French car. It seems the owner planned on scrapping it as it wasn't getting much interest. Going over my plan to try to get the engine started, I'm debating whether or not I should remove the tank and drain it, or simply fill it with fresh diesel and treatment, and change the filter afterwards. The fuel gauge shows its close to reserve. Speaking of the filter, I'm wondering if the filter on this car was changed, or was ever original on the 505? The large spin on WIX filter is nice and cheap. I don't seem to see the obvious knob or plunger to prime the pump. I guess I just remove the top bolt and pour in diesel? Once I can get some proper manuals for this car I can tackle some other jobs more confidently.
  5. This last weekend I finally end up painting rocker panels and it took lot longer then I was expecting. If you guise remember US cars have rocker panels coated in black under coating and when Euro skirts are mounted most of top black coating is visible and it just doesn’t look good in my opinion. I end up leaving other half portion of coating on rocker panel as this coating is thick and it’s great protection and way better then paint. I should also add that I drilled holes for Euro skirt mounting clips and welded those little holes that were holding US body kit, nice and flat now.
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  7. Wiper switch connected and dash pad mounted, along with A-Pillar trim that can't be seen in the photo. Also, upper heater hose mounted, Peugeot NOS.
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  9. I’d read the first version of your post thinking it was a 5sp. The early series 1 505’s with the simple dash and the slim door mounted mirrors are very cool. Good to hear keys are sorted already, and it definitely sounds promising to get it running. My first job as a mechanic I’d commented on an old diesel tractor in a field being too far gone to fix up. My boss laughed and said we could get it running in 30m with fresh diesel, can of ether, and a fresh battery - He was right! Engine looks very complete, so hopefully once you get it sorted she fires right up. 80K miles is very low for these, so it’s still a baby! Rabin
  10. The door tumbler indeed did not suffice to fit the ignition. I figured I needed door keys anyway so I would try that before removing the whole steering column, which is what I ended up doing. The TRX tires still hold air pretty well which is impressive, although they are cracking in places. You're correct, its an XD2s, although automatic, sadly. The 5-speed TD I looked at over the summer was in worse shape and I wasn't able to do a deal with them. If I continue to love this car and fix all of its issues I will at least dream about converting it.
  11. Indeed the engine did not want to turn over by hand, so I removed the glow plugs and squirted Mystery Oil into the cylinders. I allowed that to soak for about a week. The engine has a full supply of oil, and there's nothing unusual to see there, no chunks of anything or signs of coolant mixing with oil. Hooking a jumper battery up to the car, almost everything inside works! The sunroof motor turns and there is no movement, so I'm assuming it has the usual problems. The power windows work very weakly. After the week of soaking, the car now turns over with the starter freely. My next plan will be to try to run this thing.
  12. A good locksmith should be able to make a key for it if you can take the lock into them. Not sure if the door tumbler would suffice for making a key that would work in ignition however. Metric rims are tough - I ended up just recycling mine. I actually tried to see if they could be machined down to 15”, or welded into 16” barrels - but neither we’re feasible. Finding a 5sp was a great move, and I’m guessing this is an XD2s car? Rabin
  13. I've just picked up an 83 505 TD, auto. I had been looking for a diesel for some time, and had only managed to find one non-running 5-speed car in reasonable distance. Maybe if I love this car, I'll try to convert it to manual. This car was cheap, basically scrap price, and based on the low miles and condition, I decided to take a chance on it. We had to go a considerable distance to pick it up, however. The car was missing its keys and had locked steering. 4 friendly helpers got in onto a trailer, which was tricky, as well as unloading. The car has only about 80k miles on it, was handed down to a family member after having sat in a barn since the late 90's. Not much else was known about it, other than the engine was possibly seized, and the turbo may have blown... On the positive side, the interior isn't in bad shape. The paint isn't great, and other than a couple dents the car is about as rust free as any I've looked at. My first task was getting a set of keys for the car. Someone had already taken the cover off of the steering column and has messed around inside for unknown reasons. The ignition lock was scratched and bent up, looking like someone was trying to remove it. I took out a door lock cylinder, as well as the whole steering column, to a nearby locksmith. It was impressive to watch someone with the traditional skills to hand file a key impression. I know have a full set of working keys. As you can see for the pic, there are a lot of loose wires, and the large white cable containing multiple wires appears to have been cut. I really need to get my hands on a wiring diagram, to start sorting out these issues.
  14. This is looking good Mike. Nice job ! No bugs on your teeth and no sun in your eyes. Just a rear view mirror so you know who's behind and the engine to keep them there.
  15. Front part of the headliner trim was installed this afternoon, as were the wipers. Wipers took 30 seconds; headliner and sunvisors took a couple of hours to get right.
  16. I recieved a digital copy from 10PARUE and will send it your way as well. Check your messages it will be in your inbox soon.
  17. It's for the C6 but I can't find any Peugeot counterpart: http://c6-friends.nl/downloads/wphandbookC6_GB.pdf
  18. Last few days i've been taking apart the 607, very dirty and hard work, there is absolutely no space. One other thing i've also been doing is washing the cooling system parts it looks like this car that had this problem for a long time, on all the hoses, housings there is a 3mm this layer of oil sludge, there is a lot of it i've been soaking the parts in oven degreaser and washing them with very hot water but i'm having trouble getting all the sludge out, even after 5 washings there is still coming out, on some parts i can get a brush in them and they clean up well but staff like EGR coolers valves i can't access them. Has anyone had to do this any tips how clean the engine block and rest of the system, outside of the car. Any advice is appreciated. Also if anyone has access to any service diagrams or repair manuals for the 607 or the 2,7 hdi i will appreciate if you share them.
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  20. I’ve got a cool lever pump on my 86 505 5sp sedan Filter head that I’d love to fix as it worked slick when I bought the car - but now it’s leaking so I’ve got the same no start issue. I do have a push button filter head that I’ll install in the meantime as I’d really like to fix it enough to daily it although it kinda looks like ass... :) Rabin
  21. Awesome, good luck with it! Next I'm going to follow some advice from Brian Holm and try to rebuild the diaphragm on my filter housing. Will post back on the results.
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  23. whats the distance between the teeth, side to side and cross ways if you can get it? I got the part number you put in but just in case i cant find that, the dimensions should work as well.
  24. If only that was the only leak 🙂
  25. Ebay UK or 405 MI16 Face book group will have what you need.
  26. New 404 KF2 head bolts (NOS) and seat spacers. The seat spacers were lost in the seventies when the second owner had the front seats reupholstered. Need 16 and I have 21 to use. My wife's seat may be a bit higher than mine if I add an extra 4.
  27. Let the adventure begin, I started to disassemble the engine, the cooling system, i could see some glue was used on the thermostat housing when i first went to look at it but had no idea anyone could be so stupid to do this. To glue a rubber hose inside the thermostat housing blocking the passages for the heads. I also found that the V of the engine is full of oil leaking from the oil filter or oil cooler. After seeing this mess i decided i'll take out the radiator to clean it. But to remove the radiator i have to remove the front bumper not a simple job, but an hour later it was out along with a lot of other components, this process took me almost an entire day and when i come to removing the back hoses i come to a conclusion that i'll need to remove the entire engine, there simply is not enough space to do the work in the engine bay.
  28. I agree, except that I haven't been able to find another factory '89 seat belt to install into my wagon. A few years ago, when I had three 405s, my two Mi16s had 89 belts and my "poor ol'" wagon was, and still is, stuck with automatics. Maybe I just haven't been looking hard enough. Or, it might be that I have too many non-vehicular projects going. fs Keep on with your 405s; lookin' good.
  29. Hello, I used factory 89 US 405 seat belt, so far I did this to three of my 405’s. I’m not sure what lubricant needs to be used on auto seat belts, as soon as I acquire one of these cars I immediately swap auto seat belts to normal seat belts.
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