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  1. Found this Youtube clip that was uploaded 2017-11-06. To bad there is no subtitles.
  2. Thanks for the reply SRDT and Bean Forgot to mention that I have also purchase and WBO2 sensor (Innovate INN-3796). The right way is to go with an stand alone ECU to get full control, but since we are slowly professing with this build,maybe it will be in the next iteration of this build. But have reading about stand alone ECU system, try to learn more about them and what they can do. Found an Swedish company that makes three different ECU, have looked at there entry level ECU called MaxxECU street.
  3. Couple of month ago I purchased a turbo, the turbo is an Garrett GT2860RS. Also order all the necessary gaskets and an V-band adapter for the exhaust housing. The down-pipe will be 3'' but we must redo the rest of the exhaust system, an lower car with a full 3'' exhaust system is not practical. What do you guys use for boost controllers? I have been looking at an electronic boost controller, the GFB 3004. It seams to have good feature like over-boost warning/cut (since we are bypassing the 505 own over-boost protection).
  4. We are still working on the cars but very slowly. This summer we got side tracked with project car 3, fixed the drivetrain and mounted it. And we got yet another Peugeot 505 for free. It's an old turbo diesel, we needed some spare parts for the project car 3 and most of my vacation was to disassemble the car to save what could be saved. My father have finished the interior of project car 3, only modification we have done there is other seats from an Ford. Have also updated the gallery with more pictures and updated dead links in this thread.
  5. Peugeot 505 Turbo (1987)
  6. A friend of my was to a car show in Paris named Mondial de l'Automobile. He took pictures of a Peugeot 505 STI police car:
  7. Hi, Dropping in and writes some line to show that the project cars is not dead, we still working with them Have done some minor work on Project car 3 this summer. Cleaned the gear box, rear diff and removed rust from the drive shaft and painted them. Also removed rust under the car where the trunk is and also painted it. http://www.505turbo.com/forum/index.php?/gallery/image/436-rear-diff/ http://www.505turbo.com/forum/index.php?/gallery/image/435-gearbox/ http://www.505turbo.com/forum/index.php?/gallery/image/438-rear-diff/ http://www.505turbo.com/forum/index.php?/gallery/image/439-rear-diff/ http://www.505turbo.com/forum/index.php?/gallery/image/437-img-0803/ Regarding project car 1, the plans remains that we gona buy a new turbo and rebuild the exhaust system. Only new thing for this car is that we bought braided break lines for the front breaks.
  8. Hi, To show some kind of activity I have uploaded some build pictures. The pictures can be found here: Project 1 Project 2 Project 3
  9. d00zer

    New experience

    Since I have moved to Stockholm I haven't access to working with my project cars, but I have meet some new friends that invited me to work with them and there racing cars. First car that I have been working with is a Volvo S60, this car compete in a racing event named Mellan Svenskan Långlopps Serie (msls homepage). MSLS is a endurance race and each race is 8 hours long, there are 6 classes and the Volvo S60 is in class 6 (= turbo charged engines). The car have a T5 engine, turbo charged 5 cylinder. It's also equipped with Nira i3 engine mangement system, Öhlins coilovers and Brembo calipers/discs. Engine is around 300Hp (estimated). The 2 latest race have been going great, compare to last season. The engine had some overheating issues and it resuled in cracked cylinder heads. But a new thermostat (opens at 65 degrees celcius) and running the radiator fan at all time solved the issue. The second car that I have been working with is a Mazda 323, this is also a endurance race but for 24 hours. The rules is simple, the car must not cost more than $680 and after 24 hours the car is scrapped. It's two races per year, in March and October. The race is called Skrotbilsrejset ( = scrap car race). Here is the car that we raced with during the race in March 2012: The car interior is stripped, racing seats and racing harness is installed. We also installed a catch tank for the fuel, when running low on fuel it sucks air in the corners. We can't modify with to expensive parts, cause we only got 1 hour to take out the parts after the race finnish. In March we had some issues during the 24 hour race. One snapped suspension strut, battery charing during the night and a blown end muffler. 1 hour left during the race this . The radiator cracks and start to leaking and ends up with a blown cylinder head and we coulden't finnish the race, 1 hour left on a 24 hour race!
  10. Hi, Long time since a update, but the project is not dead! During the easter I wen't home to my parents and did some work with our project cars. I did a proper cleaning of the interior on project car 1 and check if any rust have appear during the winter storage. It have manage the winter very well, but a warm storage should be a advantage. During the winter we have started the car periodically and had it running warm. My father had started with the project 3 car, it's a ton of rust repair (sandblasting and welding). The plan is to keep it stock but some exterior and interior modifications. The first exterior modification is side skirts, the side skirts have been made by a metal shop, we had them fabricated for some time ago and during the easter we mounted one on the project car. Two fresh photos of the project car 1
  11. The parts gonna be better than new Keep up the good work!
  12. Found some footage on the Citroen BX 4TC: Video #2 Video #3 N9TE sounds good
  13. d00zer

    505 geekness

    While organizing my stuff due I'm moving. I found a puzzle that I did in wood shop class, when I was in elementary school. The assignment was to get a picture from home and make a puzzle out of it with the band saw. So my Peugeot 505 geekness started early ;-)
  14. @andrethx: Thanks! No car in Stockholm, it's better to commute with the subway and bus. Haven't so much experiences to drive and own a car in Stockholm, it's hard to tell. I have one memory when me and my dad toke a trip to Stockholm with the Peugeot 505, this was when we used one of the project cars as daily driver car. At Stockholm we got into a traffic queue, that we didn't know that the magnetic mechanics for the cooling fan didn't work properly and it was a hot day. When standing in the queue we saw the coolant temperature rise so we had to pull over the side and do a quick fix Later my dad added a button, by pressing the button we can now run the fan at any time. @norcal505: Tack! How long time did you live in Sweden, Västerås?
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