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  1. Good work, hopefully someone makes the most of it!
  2. That's fair. I'm not really sure what the market for restorers is like in USA right now, it's pretty slow in Australia. Although we had a pretty decent number of Peugeots, they've never really been valued like some of the local brands. A couple of turbos would be well received here for parts, but I don't think they'd be worth the freight, and LHD isn't very popular.
  3. I will pay decent money for the boot lid spoiler from the black car you've shown on the rollback. I'm in Australia, but have family in California that it could be sent to, to make things a bit easier.
  4. I'm at the beginning of a similar project. As the 504/505 were designed with I4 and V6 engines, it seems like sticking to that sort of choice makes things easier. I've seen a couple of V8's, which are not much longer than an I4, and an RB26 which is a drift car, so fairly unconcerned by firewall and length issues. https://www.facebook.com/505GTR There's been a couple of SR20's here in Australia too. I'm planning to stay in the family and use a modern Peugeot I4. I know someone who used a Peugeot 2L HDi in his Range Rover, using all the ECU and engine loom from the donor car, while removing the immobiliser by re-flashing it, so that would certainly be possible. One of the big issues is choosing a transmission. Retaining the factory trans and adapting only the bellhousing is probably the easiest way, but transmissions have moved on, much like engines. Unfortunately, the tunnel isn't designed to fit most of the larger autos out there today, and there's also the issue of adapting the torque tube to any choice that's made, or making up front and rear transmission mountings if you want to convert it to a regular tailshaft.
  5. All I’ll say, until I actually get a chance to measure and test fit my intended driveline, is it will still be a Peugeot engine, with a thorough modernisation “restomod”
  6. I bought this a couple of years ago, it's an 1984 Executive which is basically a 2.2L K-jet STi, 3 speed auto with some of the euro turbo style bumpers and velour interior. I've got big plans for it, inspired by Wales' 505 T16 project and a mate locally with a turbo wagon, and another with a twin turbo V6 sedan, but with a few key differences.
  7. Rare in USA, non-existent in Australia and maybe UK? No idea about the rest of Europe, whether it was a cost option on turbo's only?. I'm kicking myself that Peugeot classic had one, but it now appears to be out of stock. Anyway, if one shows up, I'll be interested.
  8. Thanks, I've been lurking for a fair while. I just like the look better than the more common lip spoiler. It actually looks a lot like a 405 Mi16 spoiler, just a bit bigger. I'm not surprised they don't do anything aero wise, realistically that's not a concern in Australia - we basically get shot on the side of the road for going over 130kmh. I've got some family in California, so depending how it works out, it might be easier to get to there than direct to AU.
  9. I'm chasing a rear boot lid spoiler off a 505, in this style which was never sold locally to me. Love to hear from anyone that has one, more or less anywhere in the world would be fine (probably, I'll have to check shipping).
  10. Every time I read through this thread, it inspires me for a similar project. Great work, and keep it coming!
  11. You could buy one and measure it? ? https://www.pieces-de-rechange-classic.com/505/185256-arbre-a-came.html
  12. Does that ignition picture mean you found the keys?
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