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  1. The paint is the 205 noir onyx (P3XY), there is little bit of yellow added to the black in the mix.
  2. I might try E85 once I get her running. E85 is quite readily available here in Finland, and it is pretty cheap too. When changing from gasoline to E85 I only need to get rid of the safety foam in the JAZ safety tank, as it is not resistant to E85. And of course I would need new map for the ECU also. Last time I forgot to mention that I bought an Mishimoto Intercooler and 25-row Oilcooler for this thing. Below is also a picture about what the car should look like from the front when it is finished. In March, I was pretty upset to watch those last progress pic
  3. Wow, pretty challenging to get the glow plugs out. I no longer wonder why nobody wants to change them unless in absolute necessary.. The head design reminds a little bit of the ZPJ and the ZPJ4 design with the chain driving the other camshaft, although the chain in ZPJ and ZPJ4 drives harmonic balancer shaft. So if this engine is developed by PSA and Ford, is the DW the last diesel PSA solo developed engine?
  4. Of course I still have them along with the whole car -Wales
  5. I was really hoping that I could find 505 V6 or even 604 v6 that I could have been able to scavenge those parts from this swap back in the day. Anyway I have been wanting to post picture of the engine mountings that were made for this project in 2013 as I truly think they are art of craftmanship. I dont know why I limited them of the exhaust manifold pictures in the first place, perhaps because they almost cost me a kidney back then (No kidding, they were the most expensive items to this project by far): -Wales
  6. Its been almost a year now since the last update.. The project still lives though, but I find it hard to focus to just one project at a time. Last summer went nicely when tuning an stock Yamaha outboard motor with porting and fabricating an exhaust system that utilizes expansion chambers. And ofcourse this wasnt enough I also found a 15' race cat boat that needed some repairs. Anyway, for the 2019 I didn't get much more done than what is already documented here. For the 2020 I will try to make as much as I can, and I also changed my plans for a bit. The plan now is to keep the b
  7. Yes, thanks for clarifying it Rabin. SRDT, are you sure that 535kg is the release load, since half a ton sound a bit high for stock clutch? I know that pull type can handle the torque better but it shouldn't add the release load too much? Oilpan is almost finished: Dont mind the condition of the body too much, since it is going under work after I have finished the oilpan and the engine mounts.. Like I mentioned in the 2018 post the rear of the car has already been trated excluding the differential and the drive shafts: Oh yea, an
  8. I intended to make this summary to conclude all of the future plans also, but they are pretty much open at the moment, so I’ll just add the things I have done so far and the parts I have already acquired. Engine: Head serviced, port imperfections removed, flow benched, otherwise stock Engine head gasket: Elring MLS Engine head bolts: ARP head stud kit Pistons: Forged Wösnerr Low-Compression (8:1) Connecting rods: Forged H-Profile PEC Connecting rod bolts: ARP 2000 Connecting rod bearings: King Racing Main bearings: King std Thrust bearin
  9. I welded the rest of the outside seams and all of the inside seams of the oilpan with a TIG to ensure the sealing. I only welded the outside of the flange with a MIG on the oil pan. Any idea of the stock clutch release load? As for the TTV one they say it is 275 kg for the 50 mm release bearing. -Wales
  10. Those seats are looking really nice! I found it hard to believe that they actually had injection units in the 60's, and the power they made is truly amazing. Really nice project in total, the thousands of little details makes this project truly unique! Keep up the good work! -Wales
  11. Last weekend I fitted the oil filter re-location flange and had a first look at the new clutch release bearing. I need to change the bearing, since the clutch is meant for 50 mm OD bearing and the stock is 45 mm. I tested it with the old one, but it will cause problems since the clutch “nails” are too short for it, i.e. the clutch bearing could get stuck. I also managed to continue the oil sump. It is almost ready, I just need to test fit it to the engine with the dry sump pump to ensure the proper lining of the pump. Then I need to TIG weld the rest of the seams of the
  12. Hi, There are not really issues with the changing engine direction, although the oil pan design is a bit tricky since there is not much room between the engine and the subframe. Also, you can't raise the engine in the engine bay since there is not much room between the engine and the hood either. I used this bracket to align the input shaft to the engine: The input shaft was supported by the crankshaft's bearing and I also lightened the weight of the gearbox with a cargo strap hooked from the engine crane. Then I welded the flange to bellhousing w
  13. January 2019 – April 2019 The TTV Racing clutch disc I have is meant for BMW, and it fits 10-spline 29 mm clutch axle. It was really close to actually fit straight to the BA10 clutch axle, however the spline shape is a bit different. BMW ones are straight, where Peugeot’s are a bit conical. The modification was quite easy with a help from my friend who has a lathe. He grinded the hard metal tool to fit the BMW spline. I just machined the inner diameter little bit bigger, and then we “sliced” about 0.2 mm at the time from the one tooth of the disc, repeating at every tooth as many times t
  14. The color theme of the instumnt panel is by no means decided yet so it would be really neat to use the style and colors from the golden turbo era Oh okay, I thought the gearbox would be the weakest link since the jeep guys seems to dislike it over anything else, but if it was really used on the 505 super production it cant be that bad. I wouldn't want to use the supra powertrain, althought it would be superior, but also lot heavier than the stock one. But I can't reject the supra one totally since if I dont get something lighter to stay in one piece, well then I will just need it or s
  15. I will keep that in mind, thanks! I have been wondering the gearbox and differential upgrades ever since I started this project. I would really like to keep the original type of the drivetrain, which is rigid, light and makes independent rear suspension possible. I guess it is possible to modify some other gearbox and differential to utilize housed propeller shaft. Initially, I was going to use the stock differential with an Quaife LSD, but since I don't have any idea how much torque the stock gearbox and differential could possibly withstand, I think it could be waste of money at this
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