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  1. The torsion bar inside the pinion feels springy. so I changed the pump, still occurs. today I took the whole rack off and changed the pinion. Didn’t get a chance to install it back. Should I check anything before I put the rack and pinion back?
  2. Its not in the steering column, ruled that out. I went to a few mechanics, they say that I may have low pressure or the power steering pump is starting to go. I feel like the issue may be a bad pinion. Or just a bad rack itself. I didn’t have any of these issues before changing that rack and pinion. so far I jacked the car up, drained the power steering fluid. With no fluid in the Peugeot, when I turn the tire , I don’t feel like locking. I refilled it, reconnected the high pressure hose. Reconnected the battery, turned the car on and there it is again, feel it in the steering wheel.
  3. Hello, wondering if anyone can help me out i have a 1989 Peugeot STX. Took it to the shop because I had a power steering leak. Found out to be my rack and pinion. I ordered a refurbished rack and it is not installed but now I have more issues. while cruising, my steering wheel locks at certain points when I turn. When I turn the steering wheel at the 2 o’clock or the 11 o’clock position it locks and also when I do a full turn to my left or right it does it again when I jack front end up, the steering wheel moves freely without any issues while the car is o
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