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  1. A repair kit is cheaper than that: https://cis-jetronic.com/index.php?rt=product/manufacturer&manufacturer_id=33
  2. 7/16" isn't the head, it's the tread. On my 309 the heads are neither metric nor the standard imperial size and some are low profile, add thread lock on top of that and you can have lots of fun changing a seat belt.
  3. Brake boosters, brake rotors and clutches diameters are often imperial sizes. You can also find 7/16"-20 (UNF) seat belt bolts for some reason.
  4. 0242.50 for the sensor, the gauges are 6135.75 for Veglia clusters and 6135.78 for Jaeger clusters.
  5. Here: https://www.serie04.com/gb/505-commande-des-vitesses/5853-boule-de-levier.html If you have a friend in argentina he can probably find it for cheaper than that.
  6. So it really isn't the steering column and you will soon find out if it was the pinion. Does it looks like the refurbished pinion had the top seal changed or was it just cleaned and painted black? If in the end it is falty and it's a 10 teeth pinion I might be interested by it even if it's junk.
  7. If it's stock it should be 0 280 160 227, 2.5 bar. Cars before 02/84 had another one but as a spare part you're supposed to order this one plus the corresponding injection ramp.
  8. There is a torsion bar inside the pinion, when locked does it feels springy or solid?
  9. Maybe the guy was afraid to rev it up to 7000 rpm or maybe the car had a problem, like the clutch pedal sensor that can lower the rev limit to 6800 rpm.
  10. Welcome here. The RC is using the closer ratios "T" gearset with a 19x75 final drive and 205/40 ZR17 tyres. The 607 has a better top speed but isn't supposed to have the upper hand under 200 km/h: https://zeperfs.com/en/duel1101-1291.htm The EW10J4S engine was also used on the 307 and Citroën C4 but that's about it. You can find the Peugeot part numbers here: http://catcar.info/peugeot/?lang=en&l=
  11. Welcome here. The 1.6 HDI "DV6" is a PSA-Ford engine but it seems to be (very) loosely based on the PSA TU engine so that some tooling could be reused. I too think the 2.0 HDI has more potential but on the other hand going with the 1.6 HDI means that you can also bolt the 1.6 turbo petrol 150hp EP6DT as they have the same bolt pattern and the engine blocks are generally close. BMW was using a longitudinal mounted EP6 as the N13 engine, I don't know if the bellhousing and engine mounts can be used on a transverse EP6/DV6 but it's worth checking. There is a bellhousing to mat
  12. Champion G61, also used on the Ferrari F40. Often replaced by NGK C8E.
  13. They looks like it but they aren't, the pressure is quite low compared to a diesel injection pump so they are probably more fragile.
  14. That's not a simple question. It's a Continuous Injection System (CIS) so the pressure is what varies with engine load and also on cold start. https://k-jet.biz/tests/ https://www.volvoclub.org.uk/tech/fuel_injection/BoschMechanicalFuelInjection.pdf http://www.type17.ch/downloads/Injection/Bosch - K-Jet - Workshop Manual.pdf
  15. Because it's so hard you can at least dig straight. As long as you don't find any huge rock and no water consider yourself lucky.
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