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  1. Maybe it's not the ECU but the loom, it's easy to find what's wrong when a wire is just cut but bad grounds, corroded wires, damaged connectors or dry solder joints that's another story. If you test for continuity you find it's all good but as soon as you try it the thing is dead for a few hours then back to "normal" on the continuity test. It can also work like a charm half the time and not at all the other half.
  2. To cut the shell you can use a hacksaw or angle grinder if there is more than one layer of metal, for big length with just one layer it's faster to do it with a big hammer and this:
  3. You don't need central locking if it's pointless to lock the car: as usual the locks for the quarter windows on the front doors are missing so you can just open them and grab the door handle inside. As for power steering try the electric ones on the steering column from a Corsa or a Clio, you could even add a Steering Quickener.
  4. It's just a Fiat 124 sedan gearbox after all, Lada had no choice but to use what they already had. I have read that Lada gearbox bearings don't last that long but will make a lot of noise before total failure so you're less likely to have a bearing suddenly self destruct and damage the rest of the gearbox. The way I see it if you're using the low gears and the center diff lock to slowly get out of a tight spot it's okay but if you tow so much that you need the low gears then you can't really complain about the gearbox. On a modern car torque would be limited by the ECU so that you don't overdo it but there is no such thing on the Niva... which is good when you need to pull a ZX from time to time. My grandpa didn't complain when the gearbox started whining on his Niva, he knew very well that towing too much for too long on a steep gravel road was the reason for this.
  5. The Niva can tow too much for its own good, if you do that for too long you will need to open the gearbox.
  6. Nice find! It's amazing how much you can tow with a Niva in low gear.
  7. The XUD9SD with low pressure turbo and no interooler are labelled DHV/DHW but Peugeot used weaker parts inside like N/A rods and crank. There is no such problem with the XUD7T(E) (A8A/A8B), intercooler or not it's the same bare engine. As for the oil pump the XUD9TE is using a special one but on a N/A XUD you can copy the XUD7TE setup with a 1.1 mm spacer under the pump, a 52 links chain and a 26 teeth sprocket on the crank.
  8. The XUD9TE is indeed special but not unique, it's mostly a XUD7TE with a 83mm bore. The oval intake ports started with the XUD7TE and became standard with the XUD9A so you can blot most manifolds (but not the one from your XUD9Y). The last XUD9TE had problems with weak rods and shattered prechambers so before buying you better check if it's a D8A (good) or a DHY/DHX (not as much). You can also look for the XUD7T(E), they don't have these problems and the strong parts and oil jets are already there. And if you find a Rover 218/418 SL turbo maybe you can have one for cheap, it's hard to tell it's a XUD with the "TURBO INTERCOOLED" plastic thing on top.
  9. It's a XUD9Y DJZ with EGR, 65hp like your other XUD9. The alternator with vacuum pump is a good find.
  10. The Niva will be even more sluggish with this engine, that's why the diesel version didn't sell that well: at the time it was better and probably even cheaper to convert the stock engine to liquefied petroleum gas.
  11. Rust as usual. I remember going to the scrapyard to find a 5 speed Niva gearbox crossmember and the one they handed me was still bolted to small chunks of rusted shell. Speaking of 5 speed with a diesel engine you need longer ratios.
  12. The Niva 1600 has 78hp, that's exactly the power output of the XUD7T used on the 205 and 309 diesel turbo. Safe for the Lucas pump and (lack of) intercooler it's the same engine than the 90hp XUD7TE from the 405. There is also a XUD9SD 75 hp turbo diesel on the 406 and Xantia but I didn't check if the internals are the same than the XUD9TE. This engine was also transversely mounted on the Suzuki Vitara.
  13. The oil pickup is also special:
  14. Here, but don't trust blindly: http://www.espace-murena.com/documentations.html
  15. I managed to find the thread: http://www.coupe406.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?t=138907 Sadly most of the pictures are gone.
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