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  1. Instead of boiled linseed oil or this red spray I would use Loctite 5923, it's a sticky and ugly thing made out of pine resin or maybe pine tar but it's really good at sealing a leaky head gasket. US equivalent may be Permatex Super “300” Form-A-Gasket or maybe some shellac compound.
  2. First try to check the wiring, sadly I don't have any 405 wiring diagram but looking at the 309 diagram you may have many things that can go wrong between the sensor and the cluster: Anyway removing the cluster doesn't look too hard: http://xrms.free.fr/phpwebgallery/category.php?cat=12&start=0 Sure you need to take the top of the dashboard off but after that you got plenty of space. For having done the exact same fix than this guy on a 309 I can tell you that it's not as fun when you need to put back the cluster.
  3. You can "fix" many engine problems with a rich mixture so maybe after reading the workshop manual they tried this instead of setting the pump.
  4. How long does the oil still inside the drum last?
  5. The wastegate is indeed a problem, I think the only K24/K26 with internal wastegate are for diesel engines. You need to weld a V-Band flange on the brand new housing or on the manifold.
  6. The SEDIS belt was ahead of it's time, and also very hard to find for a long time. "Wet" timing belts are now much more common.
  7. The valve cover is made out of magnesium, not anyone can powdercoat it. You also need to paint or clearcoat the "16V", sanding it won't do as raw magnesium won't stay shiny for long. On top of that the plug cover is made out of plastic so it may be hard to have the same aspect on both parts. Also before doing any work on the valve cover look for stripped treads, you may need some M6 helicoils if lucky and if not a M8 tap.
  8. It's not 75W80 for the gearbox?
  9. Now thant PSA is part of Stellantis the return plan for Peugeot is cancelled, obviously the new group has now more than enough market share in the US. The silver lining is that once the US cars start using the same platforms it would be much easier to relaunch Peugeot. There is still room for one acces premium brand between Fiat and Alfa Romeo, it should be either Peugeot or Opel/Vauxhall.
  10. The block looks great in satin black.
  11. Then it's even worse than France, for us any swap or mod that was done legally in the past is still ok today. The car must respect emissions laws from the time it was made and nothing more.
  12. It seems that your country is starting to look like mine. If you can still get away with some mods or even a swap it's now or never.
  13. If the rods are located by the pistons like in the XU9J4 then you're fine but it's quite uncommon.
  14. A repair kit is cheaper than that: https://cis-jetronic.com/index.php?rt=product/manufacturer&manufacturer_id=33
  15. 7/16" isn't the head, it's the tread. On my 309 the heads are neither metric nor the standard imperial size and some are low profile, add thread lock on top of that and you can have lots of fun changing a seat belt.
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