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  1. On my 309 we removed the passenger drive shaft, lower engine mount, water intake, bypass tube, water tank, a bit of gear linkage and the airbox. And finally after tilting the engine we managed to get the manifold down.
  2. You can remove the bypass tube if needed. Just remember not to overtighten the screws when you put it back, the magnesium valve cover isn't as strong as aluminium ones.
  3. From the top? At least that's how I did it on my 309 but let's say that the stock manifold is a bit more convoluted: If you need to change the gasket look for a metallic one from Payen or Reinz.
  4. If you want to tune the ECU you need to change the EPROM chip inside the case. Stored inside this EPROM there is a bunch of code and data, the ECU will verify that it's not corrupted by using it to calculate a value called the checksum. This value is also stored inside the EPROM so as long as the two are the same it's all good. Now when you tune the ECU you change some values like max RPM, ignition and fuel maps... so the ECU will find a new checksum but more than often the value stored inside the EPROM is still the old one. This ECU will just light the CEL and nothing more so many tuners don't bother finding and correcting the checksum, sometimes aside from a higher redline the red light on the dash is the only thing that proves that the guy did something.
  5. This ECU does not keep error codes if you cut the power. As for the 52 error code it could mean your ECU has a chip.
  6. A temp sensor should be fully sealed so it's probably simply the washer.
  7. Sometimes ABS drive shafts can also be stronger than the regular ones but again that shouldn't be a problem for your car.
  8. Take a look here: Also codes 31/32 aren't major falts (no * on the chart) so no light on for them.
  9. Dou you have the check engine light on? Even if not minor problems don't keep the light on so it's worth checking, and at least you will know what isn't malfunctioning.
  10. No ABS on a Mi16? Well it doesn't really matter as the ABS drive shaft should fit all the same.
  11. It's still better thant the L-Jetronic using ony one channel. Also the spray pattern isn't optimised for two intake valves, the XU9JA 8v engine is using the exact same injectors.
  12. Yes, these engines have mechanical pumps so there is no engine ECU to control boost or even share usefull information with a boost controller. The Fiat one was the first diesel car with a VNT turbo (and before that it was also the first car to have a direct injection diesel engine). A former coworker of mine had been working at PSA prototype department aroud the time the Fiat engine was launched and he said that it caused quite a stir...
  13. Variable geometry can also work without any controller, just some actuator using boost pressure. The Fiat Croma TDid and the Renault espace 2.1 dtv had this kind of setup, too bad that the turbos are on the small side for a XD3T (92/94hp for these smaller engines).
  14. There is no sequential injection on this engine. The ECU has only two pins for four injectors so even if you swap the wrong injectors it can't be that bad. You can also check if the HT leads are properly connected to the distributor cap, I had a problem with that just yesterday and the engine actually managed to ran better with the lead completely disconnected. That beign said my car has no lambda, yours probably doesn't react the same way if they are misfires.
  15. I don't know how it is for the 405 but the 309 has the big blue double switch for the fans on the inlet side of the radiator.
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