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  1. They looks like it but they aren't, the pressure is quite low compared to a diesel injection pump so they are probably more fragile.
  2. That's not a simple question. It's a Continuous Injection System (CIS) so the pressure is what varies with engine load and also on cold start. https://k-jet.biz/tests/ https://www.volvoclub.org.uk/tech/fuel_injection/BoschMechanicalFuelInjection.pdf http://www.type17.ch/downloads/Injection/Bosch - K-Jet - Workshop Manual.pdf
  3. Because it's so hard you can at least dig straight. As long as you don't find any huge rock and no water consider yourself lucky.
  4. It's a K-Jetronic with lambda. https://cis-jetronic.com/index.php?rt=product/category&path=65_66
  5. Whith this white paint it's not as difficult: no metal flakes, no clear coat and most importantly there is not much color to loose even after years of direct sunlight. You mostly have to choose the right shade and polish the car so that the shine is the same all around. I have seen blue-grey cars with allmost no blue left, it's simply grey until you open the door and see how it was when new. A partial respray on those must be quite the challenge.
  6. Not anymore but yes for a time you failed the inspection if the car had no VIN stamped, stamping one yoursef is obviously illegal but it was the only workaround. That was dumb but they "fixed" their mistake in an even dumber way ; they should have exempted the cars manufactured before 1981 right? Instead they exempted cars older than 30 years... so each year there is a new batch of cars that, for no good reason, can pass the inspection with no VIN stamped.
  7. Until 1981 having a VIN stamped wasn't strictly mandatory in France but Peugeot should have been doing it on the 504.
  8. They are probably overly balanced and matched because of poor accuracy in manufacturing at the time.
  9. In France if you want leather care products for cheap you can check the horse riding gear at a sporting goods retailer. It may not be the cheaper in your contry but in France it is often the case.
  10. How do you say (electrical) ground in French? Masse. I don't know if they did it in 81 but later M, P, H and C were used to help locate connectors and components on the car : Moteur = Engine compartment Planche de bord = Dashboard Habitacle = Passenger compartment Coffre = Trunk On my 309 P532 is the switch for the rear window defogger and C945 is the rear heating element.
  11. The Mi16x4 has the same rear Torsen than a 505 plus a central viscous coupling unit, it should spin all 4 tires or none of them. If you want a winter 405 in the US find another US model and put a Quaife or Val-Racing LSD on it.
  12. TRX tires are just too expensive and you can find 15" rims with the exact same design... Maybe, if there is enough material, they could be machined to bolt a BBS outher lips and convert them to 16" but other than that I can't see any reason to use them on a 505 or 604.
  13. If it's racing pedigrée you want there is even more: the 206 WRC won the WRC championship in 2000, 2001 and 2002. There was quite a bit of freedom to choose the base engine from the rallye car, enough in fact to ditch the 2.0 EW10J4 from the road car and use the XU9J4 instead. The Lotus engine won in 81 and the Toyota engine in 93,94 and 99.
  14. It's true that at the time it wasn't your average engine: Two oil sprays for each piston, full floating piston pins, (forged) rods located by the pistons, 8 counterweight crank, harmonic damper pulley, waffle pattern cylinder liners, extra ribbed (aluminum) block, bottom end strenghtening plate, magnesium valve cover on top of a 16v head inspired by the 205 Turbo 16 evo. Even today not all of this is common practice.
  15. Same here, my daily driver is a 309 turbo diesel from 1990 and it can only be insured for a bit much than the bare minimum. My 309 GTI16 from 1991 is insured as a classic car but I can't use it to go to work and I also need to have a "normal" car insured wich in my case is 1 year older!
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