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  1. Joe, how hard is it for you to pull the throttle body, if i remember right it was hold on with 4 6mm hex head screws, one throttle cable and two small coolant hoses. I'm asking because i had idling issues when i first bought my car, used a full can of throttle body cleaner when was mounted on the engine no change. Then i removed it and clean it in my sink, there are couple of small passages near the butterfly that wore entirely covered with carbon and i could not get to when mounted, i used oven cleaner to dissolve all the carbon, when i mounted it, it was like new and never had idling issues, do make it clear my car never idle like a sewing machine, it always had lumpy idle but never dies, and as you load the engine with clutch, the ecu will increase the idle to allow you to set off without throttle input on level ground.
  2. Thank you ikenna, i still drive my 605 and enjoy trouble free motoring with it, the 605 is more comfortable on bumpy roads, i also don't worry as much about hitting the big putholes with the 15" rims on the 605. I'm running 18" on the 607 and they transmit every small imperfection. When i first went to look at my 607 in the advert it said manuel gearbox, but as i discovered letter peugeot never installed a manual gearbox behind this engine. Something about the 440 Nm of torque pulling against the 2 tone vehicle with a manuel will have to make everything much much stronger. I've fix the brake pedal switch that got rid of the ABS and Esp errors, in fact i only have one code on the dash for the auto adjusting headlights but i haven't had the opportunity to put the car on a lift or on a inspection pit to check it. I don't know how much you drive weekly, on what kind of roads, but for what i'm using my cars they are perfect, wouldn't change them at all. From looking your car is a 2007 or 2008, different taillight and wheels, do you have the electric closing trunk and the electric window curtains?
  3. Yeah, those ECU are very primitive, don't forget they have been developed early 80's, i remember seeing a dyno testing on the mi16 engine in 1982. All Mi16 run bad till they made their own ignition and fuel maps, they need to reach operating temperature and idle then they make adjustments. I have an Air/fuel gauge in my mi16x4 and they run very lean, idle low run like crap if you reset the ecu for long time, drive them they adjust and work fine, as you drive it more and more you'll figure it out. On the highway at consistent speed you can feel the engine surges, and i can see with my A/F gauge the ecu is taking out fuel to make it more economical, also if you take it on a spirited mountain road and drive it hard, take every gear up to red line, next day it feels much faster. Joe, i don't know what roads you have available, my advice is find a fast mountain road and drive it, at the top stop leave it idling then drive it harder, you'll feel the difference.
  4. I'm a bit behind with my updates, i've been driving the 607 almost daily, i've driven the first 500 km. So i decided to do a oil change, to get the impurities out. 7 liters of 5w30, new oil filter about an hour of labor and it was done. Other things worth mentioning, the fuel consumption improved now i'm at 10/100km diesel. The ride is much more sporty then my old 605 the electric dumpers eliminate the body roll and the engine is suprasing also, unlike many turbocharged engines that don't make much power at the top of the rev range, this engine pulls harder and harder up to 4500rpm.
  5. I've fixed my dipstick on couple of peugeots, but i've started to make them from bronze, i'm pretty sure they will outlast the vehicle, i'll post a picture letter. Joe, those battery terminals look very bad, i'll changed them, they can be causing your problem, those look like the cheapest china clamp style terminals you can buy at the parts store. I've upgraded the engine to chassis and chassis to battery ground cables on all my cars, after 20 years factory cables corrode.
  6. I don't think is possible for the oil to get in the combustion chamber of the oil is overfilled, i've overfilled my engines often. Also don't forget Mi16 engines have oil jets behind the pistons, the pistons are sprayed with oil all the time.
  7. I'm asking because i'm suspecting over fueling, by your description you have too much fuel, ether sticking injector, or worn out AFM. The AFM, can't be easily checked, they are sealed unit, with a screw for small adjustment on the air/ fuel mixture. Only real way i know is to change it with a good used one or new one, search it by the bosch part number, the same part is used in many vehicles and there is NOS parts for as little as 20$. But i'll definitely do something about the fuel injectors. This is one instance where i've had almost no issues, because my car has two separate fuel systems, i've been running LPG on that car for long time.
  8. it's been awhile since i've daily driven mi16, but as i remember, the ecu is making correction to the fuel map only when idling, and sometimes turns on the check engine, and stores code No: 31 if i remember right. But you seem to be on the right track, keep driving it, use good fuel. One question, are you getting krakel, backfires on deceleration from high RPM.?
  9. Most common problem with old engines is leaking oil valve seals, once the engine cools down the oil in the head leaks down the intake and exhaust valves and gets sucked and combasted on startup, that fails the spark plug, driving it the plugs get real hot and burn it off.
  10. Where i leave we have lots of bosch knock off, and they don't work at all, i've had so many new out of the box injectors stuck open or not flow that had me chasing my tail, with getting the injectors flow tested you know that they are working correctly.
  11. Sounds more like oil on spark plugs or dirty injectors, getting the fuel injectors ultrasonic clean is simple enough, the Mi 16 engine has the most accessible fuel injectors ever, 3x 10mm bolts and they come out. Try that first, Savo, has some experience and few contacts of places that do ultrasonic cleaning and flow testing on petrol injectors.
  12. Did you get code 11 and code 12, one was for starting to read the codes, other is for ending the reading process. Also you may need to clear the codes from the ecu, by keeping the wire grounded for 30 seconds.
  13. MR2, your car must have been sitting for a long time, they like to be driven, did you get it up to redline, and what are you thoughts of how short the gearing is. From your last post i'm thinking you may had a stuck oil scraper oil rings on cylinder 2 and 3. 20 miles = 32 km is what usually takes to get the engine and box up to temp, also as you mention injector cleaner needs time to work and on hot parts it is more effective. The TPS on the Mi16 it can't have dead spots, is not a real TPS, it is double switch, idle and full throttle. Welcome back Andre, You’ve been missed.
  14. Thank you guys, i've been driving it few days now, and i can tell the steering wheel is not returning on center as is should, the old tires have excessive wear on the inside, so i took it to get the front end aligned. It was tow out, it got aligned and now the steering wheel is returning as it should, fuel consumption is 10-12L/100km by the board computer.
  15. Today was the day, to get this vehicle inspected, insured and road legal, the first picture may look familiar but in a different vehicle, i first went with my 605 to get insurance and to make sure the inspection station is open, then i took the 607 there, it passed no problem, the guys there commented that i've bought a really good car, not a spec of rust no oil leaks real clean underneath, only if they know what i had to do for it not to have oil leaks, registration and insurance is exactly double then on my 605 and a bit more than double than for the little niva.
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