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  1. Savo, the 607 i just fixed up has enormous breaks, the calipers are 2 piston, i know the disks won't work they are 5 bolt, but the caliper may bolt on 405 knuckle, the bracket bolt spacing looks identical, may be worth looking into, the 607 is an older model now and part prices are lower
  2. I don't see the reason why you've pulled the dash out, the engine has its own separate wiring loom, and can run independent of the chassis, all it needs 2 power wires and couple of grounds, if you are suspecting loose connection check the connectors between the engine and chassis loom located behind the drivers headlight, they are not sealed connectors, and can cause issues on higher mileage or rusty cars, that was one of the changes peugeot made on the series 2 of the 405 the use sealed connectors in the engine bay. As far your wiring looks factory to me, i've often found the boot that goes to the engine bay to be pulled out. Over the years people run all kind of accessories, stereos and that is the only place to gain access, so no big surprise that is pulled out. There are two ground points that are known to rust and course electrical problems on the interior.
  3. Link to andre's 91 with similar problems.
  4. That is why i ask when it acts up, there are two manufactures of ECU temp sensors, bitron and bosch, i've personally never had a bosch fail on me, but the others have, but then i throw a code and is running rich, it stinks of fuel. Mi16 uses 2 wire idle control valve that is external and on top of the intake manifold, the engine will still run even if it is unplugged without load. I'm starting to suspect the ignition ignitor, i've had one partly fail on me as well as andre on his 91.
  5. The Mi16 uses waste spark ignition as many cars of its era, if you are one lead off there is still chance it will run but you will notice it, can you explain the " hesitate/stumble, etc" , when it started, did it do it when it's cold, or starts when it idles down, can you drive it and tell as is it more pronounced at low rpm or higher rpm, have you driven it more than 45 min so the engine can clean off the spark plugs. Those engines are not that problematic, there is something simple that we are missing here.
  6. Joe, sorry to hear that, are your wires right way on the distributor cap, i've come across cap that was marked wrong, Peugeot counts its cylinders from the gearbox towards the timing belt, every other manufacturer that other way around. About getting the codes, only two possibility, wrong wire or you are counting to fast, as memory serves you need to hold the wire connected to ground 30 seconds and it will begin, i've made me a extended cable with alligator clip for ground, paper clip on the connector side and a moment switch on the other side. That way i can seat down in the driver's seat and have good view of the check engine and little engine symbol so i can count the blanks.
  7. The 607 go couple of decals, on the front wings, i'm not a big sticker or decal person, but it was very plain jane. I also glue on this: I ❤️ Peugeot decal on the Little Niva, but i think it has organ rejection because the battery in it failed right when i installed it so had to buy a new battery. Glueing three decals turn out costly, that battery wasn't cheap.
  8. Can you imagine how much driving would some have in africa if he gets hold of this car. Oh yeah they still drive 504 with million km on them there.
  9. Try the insulation tape method, it's worked for years for me, get some better quality vinyl insulation tape, wrap it tight from the cable over the silicone boot 50% overlap all the way down to inside the spark plug hole on the boot. Try a spark plug for fit on the boot if it fits loosely try one more layer of thigh isolation tap if is still loose i've used O rings on the spark plug groves. Do it on all 4 and try it, you also need to try it driving low rpm high load. if it splatters or misfires then you may have a bad spark plug. Try this, it's worked for me always, insulation tape is cheap.
  10. I've had to chase an intermittent poor running on my Mi16x4 couple times almost always ignition related, most often it was the HT leads, they go so deep inside the head that they have a lot of places to arc against, i've had brand new oem HT cables arc on the valve cover, so couple years in, me owning it i started to wrap the HT cable ends that go in the cylinder head with insulation tape on all 4 cylinders i was changing plugs every 2-30 000 km sometimes sooner when driving it hard especially on LPG. Also i've had to change the graphite contact in the middle of the distributor cap they can show symptoms like you are describing. I've helped other mi16 drivers in my city diagnosing the ignition issues by simply driving their car i was at that point that i can disting a arcing HT cable from simply having dirty plugs because it never seen more than 3000 rpm, those peoples reactions are still in my memory when i drove there car to redline thru first three gears hitting the rev limiter on each shift, haha😆
  11. Your front ride height is a bit lower than before, now it matches the euro Mi16, you are a bit high in the rear, so you may want to take the torsion bars one tooth back, the 405's can have the pendulum effect in the rear if they are too high, drive it and tell as your thoughts on the ride dynamics and handling.
  12. Here is manly russian 4 speed, three levers the gear stick is the longest one and the farthest one from the driver and takes the most effort.
  13. I'm in and out of many cars so going from manual to auto is beginning to don't matter that much, i'm not searching for the clutch pedal. Going from a manly russian 4 speed to double clutch with pedals is worlds apart but as far the asian in the 607 is a very good gearbox. The fluid flash did help a lot smoother longer i drive it, it still some time slams only first gear when up to temp. I want to drive it a bit and do one more flash to get more of the old fluid change. Manual mode is surprisingly quickly much quicker than VW's DSG.
  14. The A/C makes all the difference, we do have some nice twisty roads and the electronic suspension sure makes the difference, is not hard ride but body roll is very controlled, also its size there is no chance to get it on 2 wheels. Its a real change when i step form it or from my 605 in my Lada Niva i find my self braking mid corner many times because i'm at the limit of rolling it over but to be fair it's made for completely different purpose and with this combination one for road and other for off road use is much more suited for my purposes.
  15. Last few days i've been doing my research on how the variable stroke aircon compressor works in this car, i did lots of diagnoses on the wiring and finally after all of trouble shooting is started working, must have been a loose connection, you can see the difference 25 outside 4 degrees in the vents i also had time to restore the leather on the drivers seat and apply what i had left on the back seat, the coronavirus is making hard to buy staff. I have couple more issues to work out and i plan to register it, having 3 cars registered this year is going to be a huge financial weight.
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