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  1. Peugeot is a large car manufacturer, that said they use platforms, which means all the mounting points, holes are the same. I've done couple of manuel swaps, and in my mind are worth doing, if you find a really good car, but you need a donor vehicle with the same engine on many of them engine ECU (computer) is different and can hold the RPM's off throttle. Removing the engine makes the job easier, if you have a two post lift is much easier and you don't need to touch the engine, but at this age is recommended to clean it reseal it change the consumptive parts so you can enjoy it next 10-15 years without fear of a dryroten radiator hose letting go or having stains on your driveway from oil leaks.
  2. As i said on FB, congratulation i really like to see proper euro style looking Mi16 in the US. Years ago on vacation in greece an american who owned an 405 thought my Mi16x4 had a body kit and truly did not believe they come stok like that in europe. I hope you get them installed quickly, painted and showcase the 405 Mi16 as it truly should look. As for the chin spoiler, test fit the bumper first, it comes much closer to the radiator support the regular bumpers come. You may be able to install spacers and just bolt it on the rad support. The tow hook goes thru those holes at the bottom and hangs under the bumper.
  3. Yeah, Old OEM parts on cooling and braking systems are no good, i've recently found out that even never used parts in OE packaging go bad over time, staff like brake cylinders, boosters, pumps dry rot easily when not used everyday. Working on the Little Niva has been a joy in that aspect, because is still being made, and russia is not too far away i can buy parts couple weeks old and they fit and work way better and every single thing is available. Keep the updates coming i love seeing the beautiful work you are doing.
  4. That is not a lot of hard brake lines. Always use box line wrench on the brass fittings and get them as tight as you can, they need to seal, i can't count how many times i've had to fix brakes that someone else has changed lines and ether used wrong fittings or hasn't tighten the lines hard enough. Always use two wrenches when tighten lines so you won't bend the brackets. Otherwise you are doing a great job, do you have a timeline in main to get the braking system finished.
  5. I had no idea Thema's had a PRV engine, that may explain why SOME OF THEM HAVE 3-400 000 Km on them.
  6. Oh, i know what you want to make Hugh, you want that F1 engine. A stock peugeot ZPJ is very rev happy and smooth engine, and it has 93mm bore and 55mm stroke. About the time i was working on my Mi16x2 conversion, a very good friend that drives trucks had to transport a Alfa 155 full race car from greece to germany, we had to change trucks because the previous company has wrecked the trailer on a low bridge, so i got called and we fired it up let it idle for 10 min with the new owner's permission, that day i first time used an air shifter and that thing revved to 10 000 rpm maybe higher the engine looks very similar to ZPJ with that wide oil pan and 6 open throttle bodys, i drove it about 50 meters just to change thralers, but it was an eye opening experience, i'm sure it run on some race gas because made all of as cry. That thing revs up like nothing other and sounded incredible.
  7. Hugh, i know what it means to seat in a car that you've customised especially with the commands, but newer cars, like the Xo6 peugeots have real problems with this, on most of them immobiliser code is in the instrument panel, also all the other systems like airbags, AC, body control module interact with the instrument panel so unplug it or changing it will disable the car or cause so many error codes that half your staff won't work.
  8. i've had troubles once with pressure building in the return line, and found the cooler was clogged and line was kinked, then few weeks later i found that wire mesh filter in the power steering reservoir was also clogged, so check them.
  9. I've had them both in my hands but never thought to grab a tape measure and find out, the 406 ones are almost identical to a 405, the aluminium ones from a 407 are incredibly light 1/3 of the weight the holes are in the same place but i haven't measured them, i'm sure there are other members here that have access to diagrams that can confirm this.
  10. Bulky dashboard, have you taken a tape measure to it to see if you can fit one from a 405 or from a 406 ?
  11. Hugh, your mods on paper sound great, but in reality is a lot of work, some time expensive some time just takes a lot of time to get it right, for weight reduction i'll suggest look into switching front subframe and control arms from a 407 they weigh almost nothing, don't remove insolation and make it a ratling box on wheels.
  12. Germans do appreciate good things and take good care of them the trick is to buy it from a german, I know twin otters are not for long flights but you need to find yourself a line to flight more towards central europe, cars that can be find on dealer lots is 5x cheaper and in better condition.
  13. I understand you now, keep your eye on this site in germany they have solid cars and often ship them especially dealerships but most of the SV24 have been scraped or parted out, i still see them come and go, they do sell alot cheaper than the ES9 cars.
  14. This is certainly a mistake, but you need something like this: https://suchen.mobile.de/fahrzeuge/details.html?id=284847445&damageUnrepaired=NO_DAMAGE_UNREPAIRED&isSearchRequest=true&makeModelVariant1.makeId=19300&makeModelVariant1.modelId=21&pageNumber=1&scopeId=C&sfmr=false&searchId=789be8c2-01be-6b7d-3ac4-d2ed4acdf0e2
  15. No want you want and need is a 605 series 2 1995 -1999 closer to the end of the production better with ES9 3.0 that is a 60 degree v6 like in the 406 they are rare but worth it, the suspension make is exceptional to drive. On the other hand on my car the electric suspension failed about a year ago and now i'm on conventional shock absorbers, still drives better than most of modern cars, on the roads i'm traveling normal car like a vw passat or chevy cruze falls apart in 4-5 years the 605 is on its 23 year and 6 years in my hands still solid as a rock, jumping speed bumps, knee deep potholes often overloaded it does not care, probably most solid car peugeot made. Forget about the SV24 everyone has engine trouble, the 60 degree ES9 is a more reliable engine and less weight.
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