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  1. Searching for drivers side headlight trim for 4 light round car. See picture here. Located in Edmonton, Alberta. Thanks!
  2. From what I can put together, this version of air pump was only used on 1980 and 1981 models in north america? They switched to a different "puslair" system. The pump is belt driven and located beside the alternator and is connected via a number of 1" rubber hoses both supply and delivery as well as several vacuum lines . There are also a couple of control valve looking things, all controlled via the vacuum lines. There is only one vacuum inlet on the weber and about a half a gazillion on the solex which is tired and in need of a rebuild. The Weber sounds much better and seems to be an instant
  3. Hi Everyone, I purchased a 1980 505 GR. XN1 The car is in very good condition overall. The body is nearly perfect with the exception on a sun faded roof and off colour hood. And the best part, it's Brown! It is a very base model with the only option being a working clock in the center console. It also cam with a set of early turbo wheels with decent rubber. The car did run though the slave cylinder needed bleeding so wasn't able to test drive. It ran rough as well due to the gunky old carb and likely the vacuum system. I had a brand new weber sitting on the shelf and decided to give it a
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