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  1. I finally got some time to get this thing started! This car has been stored in a heated garage for the last 13 years that Ive owned it (it always started with half a crank!!), unfortunately as many of you know, it got stolen. And I haven't attempted to start it since. Now, to get it started........After trying to turn the ignition cylinder, I realized the key would not go in all the way, the thieves had damaged the drop pin in the cylinder (steering lock pin). Without taking it all apart and rebuilding the whole cylinder, I decided I have a few spares laying around, and I was just going to slot the key in the front section to allow some room for the drop pin, sure enough it worked like a charm!!! I could finally turn the key! I put a fresh battery in there and gave it a whirl, it cranked like it always had, with that weird but comforting, almost sounds french on its own, starter (anyone that has ever had a Peugeot could hear one cranking from miles away), unfortunately it didn't start, did a little testing and realized there was NO IGNITION! Cleaned off a few of the terminals that looked to be getting a little corrosion on the coil itself, no luck. Didn't really bring any tools with me either other that a 13 mm for the battery and the hold down. A few days went by, I talked to my pops, he says Ignition Control Module, now to find one of these things in the hundreds of peugeot parts that have yet to be organized would be impossible. Luckily a great friend (part of the 505 community) realized that I would need some spares after I got the car back (from the thieves) and offered an turbo wagon a couple of weeks back. I saw the car and said to him and myself, I'd like to bring this wagon back to life (had no motor) and picked up the wagon with the help of a friend with the use of a trailer and drove it 100 km up north to a friends place to be stored for a future project. And guess what!! It had a fairly new red bosch coil and the correct ICM!! Drove up there and took the pieces off last night, got back an hour later to my car, installed the ICM and I could finally hear the N9TEA purr again, what a relief!!! Although I hear some knocking in the bottom end (been like this since I got it 12 years back) it was alive again! And I get to drive it home!! SO overall, the Yellow PUG is alive and wouldn't have been possible without the help of this community!!!! Thanks guys!! now just a little more time to turn this thing into an asphalt grating tool (with the help of your knowledge of course!) Cheers, Riyaz
  2. Looking forward to hearing some feedback on this one!
  3. Ever been to Toronto?! I am hoping to setup a meet in Toronto next year, Ive got a few fellow Peugeot enthusiasts/friends in the region with some neat cars! Lets get together!
  4. love it! Ive got an identical STX 5 speed, with the same amount of paint fading, but with a little more rust! (same blue)
  5. could you reply as to how much you wanted for the car or how much you sold it for?
  6. Not sure how else to put it but the insurance wants to give me next to nothing for my 89', I need information people! From my searches there's hardly any turbo's left at all!!!! I need to show them that it does have value! I am in search for the List of production numbers of these cars, I remember seeing it years ago, cant seem to find it now. Does anyone have Steffen Mollers information? Im hoping I can contact him and see if he has at least a copy or something of that sort that states what he sold is auto for?! Thanks in advance
  7. Oh, the theifs werent smart enough to start it up, they attempted to turn the ignition barrel, but got stuck trying to get past the 'drop pin' if you wanna call it, I havent attempted to get it started as yet, letting insurance give me their thoughts before I get at it, at this point Im just glad its back! Yeah, matching the paint will be tough, but thats the least of my concerns at this point, I just want to drive it!
  8. What thread pitch are you using for the Arp studs?
  9. Hey guys, so insurance has assessed the damage close to 2800$ (cdn), if anyone has access to any numbers, bills of sale/appraisals, or any sort of information that might aid in getting my insurance company not to write it off, it'd be a great help!
  10. We found it!! It was found by a friend of a friend on Facebook!!! Can you believe that? Facebook is a great tool to aid in vehicle recovery, god forbid it happens to anyone else! I had a few friends post a "BOLO" message with a couple of pics of the car and finally yesterday evening someone came forward with an image of the car in a home parking lot. A few items were stolen such as my complete head set, my front grille, they removed the lock out of the trunk, my stereo, they damaged the ignition cylinder, (key wont go in all the way) I am hoping I can notch the key to bypass the little drop lock and get it in to turn the barrel and start it up at the least until I change the cylinder. Other than that they damaged the b-pillar (I believe that's the term, between the the 2 doors) trying to pry open the door to unlock it, which they did successfully, and also stole a few small misc things from the glove box. Thank you all for your help, without these strong automotive communities online, this would never have been this easy!! Now for another full restoration!! The yellow 89 lives on!!!
  11. Thanks you all for the positive remarks, the craiglists/kijiji idea is a good idea and I have been doing so. At this point I think I've done almost anything that would come to mind, the authorities have been informed and I'm just awaiting a response from them. I know I will find the car somehow, someway. But WHEN, is the question, Ive had the car for so long that I could Identify it by the wear marks in the carpets! Ahhhh, feeling hopeless at this point but hey, they say things happen for a reason, just trying to keep my head up and ready to accept whatever outcome is thrown at me. Again I really appreciate your concern, this car was never meant to be sold either Rabin, it was intended to be passed down a couple generations. Anyways, Ill give it a couple of weeks, if not Ill be on the prowl for a 505 turbo, no matter what year, the worst part is that I left the master engine gasket set in the car
  12. youre absolutely right Rabin, Ill suggest that to the officer involved with the case. I was thinking the same, hopefully Ill find it hanging around an old barn out in the boonies in a short while, its more the sentimental value that kills me, you could probably imagine the joy I had with it throughout high school, while doing my aircraft maintenance and lastly the mechanical engineering school, it was the topic of each and every break we had during school hours, and the plan to fix it up all over again has been running through my mind for the longest time
  13. If anyone has any info regarding my car please don't hesitate to call/text me at 647-801-7864
  14. It shouldn't be too difficult to spot, but my Yellow Peugeot has been stolen from its storage location in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. It happened on Wednesday morning according to fellow neighbors in that area, all of which were a great help. The way I look at it, the idiot who took it doesn't have a clue as to what the car even is, honestly how far is this idiot gonna get with a 89 turbo 5 speed? I will post pictures for those of you that haven't seen the vehicle, but at this point the idiot is 2 days ahead of me, for all I know it's in a shipping container on its way to the Caribbean, Please, please, please mention this to everyone and anyone you know in the car industry/shipping industry, anything you can think of!!! Also would like to know if anyone has had one of these appraised?!!? I could use all the help I can get!!! Many of you know this car, and just wanted to remind you that this was my first car, I remember 13 or so years back a few fellas on the forum hated the fact that I had it painted yellow, but hey, it was my first car and fast and furious just came out! My father had these 505 turbos around since I was a toddler and when I saw a 89 with the full body kit, electronic boost control, 5 speed and the torsen diff, I just had to have it!!! This car has more sentimental value than anything, with that said, I would appreciate the insurers to pay me at least enough to be able to buy another, that is if anyone is willing to sell theres, if not I will purchase a turbo no matter what year, and clean it up and enjoy it like I did this one!! Here's a link to the cardomain page I made over 10 years back: http://www.cardomain.com/ride/710642/1989-peugeot-505/
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