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  1. Nice nice nice nice That's one awesome car you're ending up with there.
  2. Let me know if you need any help. I know enough to be dangerous, but wife is pretty good with this.
  3. Hi all, I'm putting my door back together. Dynamat Extreme. Nice stuff, but boy, if I ever have to go back in there, it's gonna be tough. I don't think you're going to be re-using it. Anyway, I was having an intermittent problem which turned out to be a dry-solder joint. Soldered those back and it looks like I'm good to go. However, I lost one of the little 5mm x 1.4mm little copper connectors that look like a dog bone. If you have a complete unit, I'd like to buy it. If you just have a roached one, I'll buy that too. Plus, I have one for a series I car if someone
  4. It is a brand new timing belt. $12 should do it. Paying people? I've been using Venmo (A PayPal company) https://venmo.com/ People use it to cover split lunch bills, send someone $5, etc. PM me your address and I'll send back my email. Good luck, I sure miss my Mi16. Awesome cars!!
  5. Hi all, I'm working my way through my doors on my 87 505 turbo and I got a rude awakening. I thought these were interchangeable front-to-back. I knew they would be different left-to-right, but the front ones on Series II cars are 15mm longer than the rear ones. (!!!) I need both front anthracite (dark gray) ones. Preferably with all 5 tabs intact. Name your price! Speaking of such... Has anybody though what it would take to mould plastic parts? Thanks!
  6. Don't worry, I don't have any terminal disease. I just want to get some parts on cars that need them as I have a very slim chance of using this. (Seeing I sold my 405 a few years ago) 13 lbs shipped. USPS. Prefer Venmo. Thanks,
  7. I have a NIB Beck Arnley timing belt part #: 026-0290 Just cover shipping. USPS. Small packet. Prefer Venmo
  8. I just put what I think are the last set of N9Tx vented rotors on my car. I bought them directly from Peugeot about 10 years ago after begging them for them. The rest were probably scrapped. I would rather buy parts from JC Whitney or K-Mart rather than RA. If you buy something where they screwed up. They'll tell you it has a value and you should eBay it to get your money back. I ordered a head gasket set and was sent a head gasket set for a FIAT. They would do nothing for me. You can add parts to your cart and click buy and you might get something that's correct. But, underst
  9. Why do this? Vinyl wrapped some of the chrome pieces in matt-black Avery. Previous owner did a black-out with paint. This looks a bit better and is non-destructive. I also wrapped and installed new taillights (wrapped the chrome). Actually, the "chrome over plastic" is a manufacturing process called vacuum metalization. The capitalization costs are huge (large vacuum machine costs > $500K, etc) so getting plastic pieces 'rechromed' as it were, is almost impossible.
  10. There are three clips on the back on the trim piece (pictures 2 & 3). There is a small ramp on which those clips grab the mounting rail. Arrows in this picture. Carefully (with a pick or something) pry it away from the rail. No need to force anything. It'll come easily.
  11. No affiliation. I'd buy it just for the interior and engine. It could be restored. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1988-Peugeot-505-Turbo-S/283530642324?hash=item4203be4394:g:2oYAAOSw4lldFgUY&vxp=mtr
  12. I need to safely remove and replace this piece. I don't know how to do this. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks,
  13. N9TE

    Parts Resource

    I wrote to them and they said the shipping costs are largely subsidized. I'll be ordering a few things for sure.
  14. N9TE

    Parts Resource

    I put a windshield in my basket and it only quoted me $55 shipping to Seattle.... I'm thinking that's not going to happen. Victor, have you purchased anything from them before? Thanks. They have some cool parts there!
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