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  1. here are some pictures. both need TLC. only asking what I have into them. In Ohio.
  2. No time or money to continue. Also out of patience. 1000 takes both. [email protected] is contact for more info. Can also send pics if wanted.
  3. I don't think we are cry babies here in the U.S. We just like our comfort in uncomfortable temps.
  4. There does not seem to have that valve to check the fuel pressure. So will do it the other way. It did not seem to want to fire with the eather. But could get it to fire and run for about 3 seconds. Then it died like it was a lack of fuel, that is why I am chasing the fuel route. Just to let you know my train of thought. Thanks for all the suggestions Bean, going to work them all methodically one at a time.
  5. A friend of mine has a fuel pressure test tool. Told me what to look for to hook the pressure gauge to. It does not seem to be equipped with this. That said, where the heck do you hook the pressure gauge to test. Thinking a "for sale" sign would look really good onthis car. JK. Man what an episode this is. Will be able to tell my grandchildren about the "great peugeot 405 build " and how it ruined my sanity.
  6. Not sure what a noid light forthe injector is but that is a test I would like to do.
  7. It seems to be getting spark. My theory is that the fuel line between the fuel tank and the fuel pump got kinked and is surpressing fuel supply. The fuel pump , if it was replaced, is not secure in its mount. I was able to twist is around when changing the filter. Not sure why it would not try to start with starting fluid. Going to check it out now.
  8. Took fuel lne off at pressure regulator to make sure fuel is going to rail had son try to start fuel came out of regulator, thought fuel line were crossed. Switched and tried again, nothing. Switch back now with accelerator to floor it runs for a little then stalls. I am thinking fuel pump opinions?
  9. I drove the car into the garage. Had it running a number of times (that is how I found the fuel leaks) then it now will not run. Will do as suggested and will give updates. Thanks. This is the 405
  10. In your best opinion, what is the best way to check for spark. I have never had to do this before and I want to make sure to do it the best way possible.
  11. Was checking out the car. Puffof starter fluid and nothing. Butwhen i pull out a plug, there is fuel on the plug. Found this wire coming off the coil plug and itis not connected. Looked around to see where it goes. Should this be grounded some way?
  12. Banging my head against the wall. Cant seem to get the car started. Fuel lines replaced. New sparkplugs and wires. Won't start but it seems to want to. At a loss. Any thoughts. It has a UX9 engine with the Bosch L3.1 jetronic multi point injection system. SRDT, hope you are safe and everyone you know is safe over there in France. Lots of prayers to all.
  13. Wife is bringing home new pressure regulator all of the symptoms point to that so yeah Savo thatwas our conclution thanks for the info
  14. Thanks for the answer. That makes sense. Going to work on it again tomorrow.
  15. Ok trying to figure out the running ruff problem. Discovered a fuel line leak just after external fuel pump. Disconnected fuel pump, started car to depressurize fuel lines. Car keeps running when I know it shouldn't. Can anyone explain to me why, logic is not dictating why this is happening.
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