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  1. Agree on bean on that. metric tyres make no sens any more hard to find and no reason to get them. I have also set waiting for recycled pile.
  2. If I remeber correctly 7,2mm original and 8.4mm danielson cam
  3. Original clutch disk is 228mm but fly wheel and plate was 235mm
  4. I dont remember seen any document binding engine block number and car, could be on importers database and factory but not seen in anywhere else. Only engine type. Not even that table info seen. Exact type only on that cylinder block tag depending where car was originally imported.
  5. V-M

    Great job!

    Good to hear for new stuff, we will see what summer will bring and what manage to do. Bit of taste italian here ;) 20190930_171053.mp4
  6. V-M

    Great job!

    As I sayed needed to slow a bit things, but things started to hit me. And it did get even worse (some might think this negative way) I went crazy and bought this from Japan last summer. maserati 3200gt. Will continue with 505 next summer but I need to reduce my 505 parts storage with strong hand But its very good at you decide to keep this up and running. I was allready worried a bit when I did not find site. We are not many in globally having this 505 hobby.
  7. V-M

    Great job!

    Great! Good work! Nice to see site up and working.
  8. hitting heavily due personal reasons. So, I'll sell a parts of rare old and new stock items for 505 (specially for turbo). danielson heads, gasgets etc... Listing is hard currently, but ask and I'll look. V-M 1.st add. Also new original front shock internals and a lot of other parts. Ask and I'll have a look.
  9. Ebay find -> https://www.ebay.com/itm/new-genuine-peugeot-504-505-front-shock-strut-insert-kit-5202-78/142906502940
  10. About n9t (9n2 and other same family) head problem. N.A heads suffered same issue but on n9t it has more heat load on exhaust side. And due N.A design there is narrow edges on exhaust valve seat and water hole, other problem is casting material (aluminum) and air bubbles and residues. This info is coming from welder who has welded over 10000 alu heads for repair. But once its repaired properly it will hold (seen only one n9t head with crack on welded one). Sodium valve was not solving problem thats why it was stop used in n9te (86 ->) models and it was costly valve. I must bit disagree
  11. this is knock module, picture of cleaned one, intel 8085 prosessor on right
  12. Ignition control box which is located next to clove box and under temp control valve. Box looks clean out side but inside can be bit different. Remember to change place for box or at least turn it upside down (there is enough cable) to avoid this.
  13. 0,2 over size is ok, no need to grind if surface is okay (note at also cleaning purpose grind take it close to up limit of tolerance). To be safe surely good to use over size, but if I have same situation I would use that 0,2 size.
  14. In case some one needs special over size bearings I have some sets of 0,1 0,2 0,5 0,75 and 1mm. remeber at if there is one badly worn bearing you dont need to grind all bearings on same over size. Just a possibility to save some engines cause of rarity. V-M Some conrod bearing sets also 0,75 and 1,0mm
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