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  1. Insurance not available here, max 2kg items are can be insured. So totally sucks. Still waiting some answers from carrier.
  2. Carrier just informed me at they only cover std amount money, not based item value crap! I sent package allready last year November.
  3. I did make good package of complete head and sent it to USA... and it seemed lost some where. It did leave Finland but then trail is lost Local sender back payment only covers partially this lost. But problem is at those heads are not available. SHIT... This is last time I'll sent anything valuable by carrier which does not cover full back payment.
  4. They are same lift. Only difference is that oil channel.
  5. It depends what are your goals with engine and of cause budget. Standard pistons are weak, those can take around 220hp with good knocking control. Standard turbo is max 220hp, peak could be bit more but starts too much heat. Standard head is not first limiting thing, but there is custom head and cams available. But there is long storys here in forums about these things. Just ask and lets see if can help.
  6. Hi, there is some sources in Finland for those. https://peugeotclub.fi/varaosat/ If you need help for queries or else. let me know
  7. Looks very nice work! Precise and quality!
  8. Taking air out can be tricky. Lift car nose and lift expansion tank as high as it comes. Let filling cap open and fill untill level keeps been up. when fan starts run and water level is top on filling cap. Then close filling cap and see at expansion tank is max mark.
  9. Runned under 1000km. 550e Also many other 505 turbo parts available, just ask Welded and all re done. Ready for install, valves, springs, calve slash caps etc
  10. Agree on bean on that. metric tyres make no sens any more hard to find and no reason to get them. I have also set waiting for recycled pile.
  11. If I remeber correctly 7,2mm original and 8.4mm danielson cam
  12. Original clutch disk is 228mm but fly wheel and plate was 235mm
  13. I dont remember seen any document binding engine block number and car, could be on importers database and factory but not seen in anywhere else. Only engine type. Not even that table info seen. Exact type only on that cylinder block tag depending where car was originally imported.
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