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  1. Me too, and I have all the manuals as well. But still I think it is impossible to understand where the actual cables go?
  2. Thanks. It is 225/50 -16 in the rear and 205/55 -16 in the front. Offset is supposed to be approx 7mm in the front and 10mm at the rear. Wheels measure about 8x16 front and 9x16 rear.
  3. To bad. My car needs further modifications
  4. I´ll answer myself (in case the facts actually are correct and for future reference on this forum). According to this guy http://www.matrasport.dk/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=q6qt13hp42pnih0g01g7oorl30&topic=2750.msg21168#msg21168 then the rocker ratio on the Murena 2,2 (same engine but without turbo) is 1,38. This would make out to be 7,2mm x 1,38 = 9,9936mm lift at the valve. And that makes perfect sense. Is it the same lift on intake and exhaust?
  5. It takes forever, buy slowly I get some progress every day now. Shining of the engine bay will happen after I get it sorted out and running
  6. Hello people of the 505 turbo community! I am rebuilding a 505 turbo that I didn't dismantle myself (check the members project area for more info about the car )and I struggle with finding out where the different single wires are supposed to come and go from. Can anyone help with pictures of the different sensors showing the cable and colours?
  7. Did you make the exhaust manifold yourself? Would you make another one with a t3 flange and send it on the other side of the border?
  8. I dont think you got my question. I know the plug runs to the injectors, but I cant find the other end that belongs to the car/ecu...
  9. Some pictures of putting on some more pieces. But.. with regards of the 3 last pictures. What is that one wire sensor on the water pump? And where are the other end of the plug for my injectors? I have been looking and looking, but can't seem to find it Does it exist som drawings that shows where it should be routed from?
  10. Is this lift at lobe or at valves? What is the ratio of the valve rockers?
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