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  1. Yes, it actually was! And he let me to test drive his really nice 504TI with Kugelfischer after he tested the Turbo.
  2. I visited him today. He said it was different part numbers, but pretty much impossible to see without actually putting them on the car. I have two other arms for it, and at least one of them is supposed to be from turbo.
  3. Hopefully it is just a matter of old oil/dirt on the studs that tricked me when adjusting the valves. Regarding the rear arms, I bought the car of its original owner, and he was working at the "parts warehouse" for the official Peugeot reseller in Norway, and he said the arms was different.
  4. Finally the car is ready for inspection/registration! Still missing the rear lower part of the bumper and the boot spoiler as they are with the painter. But I have a couple of questions for the technical gurus. NR1: what could be the reason why I seem to need to adjust the valves several times with the engine just running for 10-15 minutes after it reached operating temperature? The clearance was for some reason growing at s very fast rate. But hopefully now after the 3rd time it will stay more quiet. NR2: It seems like I have a non turbo suspension arm at my right rear. So I have more negative camber at left than right. I have a couple of extra arms, but is there a way to identify the differences between the arms, without actually putting them on the car and measure the camber after the job is done? Here is a short video of the car as it stands now.
  5. Luckily the pistons was just out of position still! I put them back to the vertical position, and now everything is fine. Thanks
  6. They work perfect under normal braking yes. I don't know if they have been forced back, as I bought the car this way. But maybe?
  7. Hello guys. I´m trying to get my 505 turbo back on the road, but I cant seem to work out how to activate the handbrake. The cables and the levers on the calipers move, but It wont hold the disc. It doesnt even seem like it tries. Even if I use a set of large pliers directly on the lever attached to the calipers, it seems pretty much impossible to get the calipers to clamp the discs. What could I be missing?
  8. Hello. My car is soon back on the road. But before that, my MOT-guy told me I need to change the bushes for the front sway bar. But I can't seem to find them anywhere!!?? Part number looks to be 5094.26 and the diameter of the sway bar is approximately 27mm. Can anyone help?
  9. My idea was something like that yes. I wonder if it is possible to get hold of a old manifold no one is using?
  10. K24/k26 flanged housings are relatively easy to get. Also for my GTX2860R turbo. https://www.atpturbo.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=tp&Product_Code=ATP-HSG-109&Category_Code=GTHGT28 But I would need some sort of solution for a external wastegate as well. So it is not cheap, but definitely possible to use the original 505 manifold.
  11. Thanks! Then the bolts is actually exactly the same as the old Borg Warner/KKK. And that means a Borg Warner exhaust housing would bolt right on. Except from the opening itself since it is a bit bigger. But I would guess that should be possible to port out. I think this is quite interesting information.
  12. But what size is it? Earlier it was mentioned that it could be the same as the old KKK/borg warner turboes K24 and K26 size. http://www.eldiplo.org/extensionl/index.php?keyword=KKK-TDO4-K24-K26-Turbo-Inlet-Flange-Inlet-486257
  13. I wonder about the bolt pattern itself. The mm size of it so I can compare to T25 or K24/k26 if it might be similar. If the pattern itself is the same. Then I could just buy a KKK or T25 housing for my gtx2860R turbo and grind the opening to match the 505 manifold, as long as the bolt pattern already are the same.
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