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  1. I managed to find the thread: http://www.coupe406.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?t=138907 Sadly most of the pictures are gone.
  2. Really nice. If you are using a ML5C gearbox the 6 speed swap shouldn't be too hard. I remember that a guy did the first 6 speed V6 swap when Peugeot just started using the ML5C on the V6 and the ML6C on the 2.2 petrol engine. It was on a 406 V6 with a ML5T so he ordered the ML5C V6 bellhousing, found a used ML6C, ML6C shifter and made a custom clutch disc.
  3. Today I changed the cracked header tank on my 309. It's the infamous "black square" type that is, as expected, discontinued. The original tank cracked in 2012 after 22 years and 270000 km and I barely found one at the scrap yard. The "new" one was only 2 years younger but managed to hold for 8 years and 215000 km before cracking at the exact same spot. In 2012 not knowing how long this used tank would last I also brought a brand new one from Peugeot and looking at the prices for a NOS or aluminium one today that was indeed a pretty good idea.
  4. This Motronic AFM was also used on some Opel and Alfa, you can also find cheap new ones on AliExpress.
  5. Did you check the fault codes on the ECU ?
  6. To change the rotor you touched the HT leads. Sometimes some of them don't fit very well and can mess with the ECU. It's just a theory but fixing the issue with a new cap then bringing it back with a new rotor seems strange.
  7. It's fixed, it only cost you time and you learned how it works. I think that's the best outcome.
  8. A.O.A. 19°34' avant P.M.H = the inlet valve is opening 19°34' before top dead center R.F.A. 56°24' après P.M.B = the inlet valve is closing 56°24' after bottom dead center A.O.E. 55°10' avant P.M.B = the exhaust valve is opening 55°10' before bottom dead center R.F.E. 12°50' après P.M.H = the exhaust valve is closing 12°50' after top dead center All of this with a theoretical valve clearance of 0.45mm on both sides.
  9. It's probably mostly right but don't follow blindly:
  10. Yes they look better than the others.
  11. So it's a IHI turbo, at the time they made the smallest turbos and also probably the best ones for road cars as even Ferrari used them on the F40.
  12. Remember that you're doing it the wrong way: on the factory the engine is coming from under the body.
  13. The original SIEM are often expensive, if you want to go with aftermarket parts look for Fiat Seicento (600) fog lights.
  14. New radiators for old cars are often poorly made assuming that the car won't last long anyway, even Valeo is doing it. You must get rid of the oil but the rubber gaskets inside may not like heavy duty degreaser.
  15. At this time Peugeot was making it's own struts/shocks so it's usually good stuff.
  16. Nice cars, and you still have a bit of Renault (the gearbox) inside the Esprit.
  17. The R19 is a good 90' car with no real flaw, at the time it was seen as a bit underpowered with a 137hp engine and a pretty good handling but now you won't buy it for its pure performance.
  18. This V6 is a Ford design with very little (if any) technical input from PSA.
  19. It's for the C6 but I can't find any Peugeot counterpart: http://c6-friends.nl/downloads/wphandbookC6_GB.pdf
  20. Before tearing it down you could short-circuit the water feed of the oil cooler and see what happens.
  21. AM6 Aisin made in japan, the mk2 V6 had this gearbox and the others used the 4HP20.
  22. Front and rear indeed, on the 405 it's more of a gimmick but on the 205 they are very much needed and you need to cut the body to fit them.
  23. Mine is from June 1990 and it's not exactly the same:
  24. I would keep it stock, or maybe paint the chrome inserts red. The arch trims are a tribute to the 205 GTI:
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