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  1. Hello, Yes, the Z8 607 V6 is worth a manual gearbox. Finding a used ZF 4HP20 in good working condition is not very easy over here. They import used automatic gearboxes from Europe to Nigerian used parts markets, but sometimes it takes about 2 or 3 swap to get a good working one. And sometimes, it's a question of time before the good working 4HP20 gearbox packs up. However, I have come across few (very few) 4HP20 users that their gearbox haven't given them problems. Though, it may be easier for you to find one over there, but I wouldn't bother, if I were the one interested in buying the car. I prefer the ES9J4S V6 engine on Manual transmission than the 4HP20 auto. Converting it to manual means you will have 3 Manual gearbox model options to swap in: - Option 1: ML5T (5-speed Manual gearbox with reverse gear behind gear 5). - Option 2: ML5C (5-speed Manual gearbox with reverse gear on gear 1, the exact one in 2nd picture on the advert). - Option 3: ML6C (6-speed Manual gearbox with reverse gear on gear 1, just like ML5C). I used the 2nd option (ML5C) on my Z9 V6 since I couldn't find the ML6C (6-speed). But I think you can easily find the 6-speed in your country, since we import used Peugeot vehicles from Europe. The V6 6-speed manual gearbox is available in 407 V6 coupé Manual. You probably will get it from scrapyard in your country. I am still searching for one. I would recommend you use option 2 even if you can't find the ML6C, because ML5C & ML6C both use same gearbox components like the gear lever assembly/shifter, gear cables, engine and gearbox mounts, etc. So if you eventually find ML6C in future, you just swap the gearbox without changing any other part. But if you use the ML5T (option 1), you will have to replace some other manual parts of you decide to swap in the 6-speed manual in future, for some parts won't match, like the gear lever assembly, gear cables, etc. If I were you, I would buy the advertised 607 V6 and swap in Manual gearbox, if I physical inspect and confirmed that every other part of the car or systems are in good conditions or at least I can afford to fix them and still have enough to do the conversion. Do you easily have access to parts needed to do the conversion to manual? The Z8 (607 produced from 1999 - 2003) have some sold with manual gearbox from new. So their parts can be used on this one advertised for the conversion project. Manual 607 petrol V6 is more fun to drive than the automatic. Ikenna351, Lion King - Monk.
  2. I forgot to mention. The V6 front control arms and anti-roll bar comes with an annoyance. Their bushings are no longer easily available, even here in Nigeria. One of my V6 anti-roll bar bushings failed fee years ago and I couldn't find a replacement. I ended up buying the 4 cylinder one and cut it to fit in on the V6, which took some time. Now the 2nd one has failed. What we do here is to find any bushing that can fit in, even from different model of Peugeot or brand. Sometimes, we use locally made one from tyres to replace them, which surprisingly last longer than normal new ones in the market (though feels harsh on bumps). However, the suspension bushings & stabilizer links for the 4-cylinder 505s are very much available in Nigeria. Though fake or low quality products, but at least, you have something to put there to put there pending when they fail again. They are cheap anyway. Likewise, V6 brake discs (ABS model) are no longer available (will be surprise to hear one could find one). Luckily, I bought 2 used ones in good conditions few years. I only mounted one and kept the other as spare. Next time, I will simply put non ABS discs, if they will match the calipers and hubs. The 4-cylinder brake discs (non ABS) are easily available, including their calipers. So, it may make sense to use the 4-cylinder radiator sitting, suspension control arms, front brake components and shock absorbers, as long as they work perfectly with the V6 engine beam/crossmember (unless they really can't fit in well with the V6 crossmember). But if the V6 suspension components are available to you for the project, you can swap them in and then deal with the bushing issues gradually when they fail (maybe they are available over there or you put in one from another model that can work). Ikenna351, Lion King - Monk.
  3. Rabin & TimV has already explained a lot concerning converting Inline-4 505 to V6 (ZN3J). But just to add a little. The front engine crossmember of V6 505 is different from other 505s. So, it has to be replaced with the V6 one to work, unless you wouldn't mind to do some constructions to make it work. But from what I know, if you intend to use V6 front suspension control arms, you will have to replace the radiator mount/sitting, shock absorbers, and probably the brake caliper, discs, etc. In fact, you will likely end up replacing every mechanical components in front end with V6 which will cost you more, unless you have a donor V6 car to pull those parts from. If you don't want to touch those parts, then you are only likely to replace the engine crossmember. The V6 front anti-roll bar is thicker, including the front control arms. Probably, it helps with the road handling. I also know the V6 front brake calipers are different, especially the ABS ones. It really depends on how much you are willing to spend or how V6 you want the 505 to be (full V6 mechanicals or just the engine, gearbox, torque tube and propeller shaft). Ikenna351, Lion King - Monk.
  4. Hello Mike, 404 are still running on Nigerian roads, so I believe the parts are still available (I haven't asked recently). However, most of the 404 here have been converted to 1.8 cylinder heads (carburettor). I am not sure how easy to find one with 1.6L. Also, I don't think fuel injected 404 ever existed in Nigeria, let alone finding the injected engine parts here. About 99.9% 404, 504 & 505 currently in Nigeria is are all carburettor engines. The 404 models on Nigerian roads are mostly Saloon, SW & pickup. Never seen the other models here. Though, The parts are not actually cheap to us here, but are cheaper to Americans and other western countries because of the USD - naira equivalent. For example, $1 USD is about N400 currently. Ikenna351, Lion King - Monk.
  5. Also want to point out that it's commendable that you were positive during the lockdown when majority of humans in the world were negative at the time you carried out and completed your project. You spent the lockdown doing something positive that is now benefiting you, while majority were busy focusing on nothing, fearful and complaining all through because of the lockdown, rather than using the free time to engage in things they love, like what you did on your 607. It's really very inspiring. Thank you Goce. Ikenna351, Lion King - Monk.
  6. Hmm! Your torque is interesting. Yours has more power than mine. Mine is 290 Nm for petrol v6. Yes, 607 is a very quiet car, no matter the speed. You barely hear wind noise. Ikenna351, Lion king - Monk.
  7. That's good. I have read and heard many testimonies or positive reviews on Peugeot Diesel engines. But we don't use diesel Peugeots in Nigeria and I have zero knowledge on their systems, most especially the HDi etc. I enjoyed my 605 when I had him. I had to sell because the body and interior were in bad shapes before I bought the car (abused badly by previous users in Nigeria). So after I used the car for awhile, I lost interest in the car. I told myself that I may buy another if I see a clean one, especially with ZPJ4 Engine. But I am focused on my 505 project for now. Ikenna351, Lion King - Monk.
  8. *COST OF THE PROJECT* : So, like I pointed Out earlier, started gathering parts needed for the conversion in January 2019 and concluded the conversion on 30/05/2020. Cost of some of the parts purchased are as follows: 1. ML5C Manual Gearbox:. $130 USD. 2. ES V6 Flywheel: $13 USD. 3. Manual pedal assembly (brake & clutch):. $57. 4. New OEM Clutch Master Cylinder:. $26 USD. 5. New OEM Clutch Slave Cylinder:. $31 USD. 6. New OEM Clutch Kit (Pressure plate, Friction plate & release bearing):. $117 USD, Etc. The project cost me Total of $950 USD to conclude. Unfortunately, out of the $950, about $211 was scammed out of me by some of my fellow Nigerians while sourcing for some of the parts from Nigerian part sellers that are not my trusted contacts. It was a huge loss, but I didn't let it discourage me and I kept on till I completed the project successfully. Yes, I met a lot challenges in the project and in the process acquired a lot of technical knowledge on Peugeot systems in relation to conversions. The Z9 V6 has similar mechanical and electrical systems with D2 V6 (407 V6). Meaning D2 V6 Saloon won't be a problem for me anymore or anyone in interested doing identical or similar conversion. Hope that helps anyone interested in Converting Z9 V6 or D2 V6 to Manual. Ikenna351, Lion King - Monk.
  9. Thanks so much. Will check it out. Ikenna351, Lion King - Monk.
  10. Yes, mine is 2007 production. Also, mine has the electric rear window curtain/sunblind and Motorised trunk (electric closing trunk). Unfortunately, the Motorised trunk failed (the plastic gears in it cracked due to poor handling by someone). I have been searching for a good used one, but yet to find. My former 605 V6 had ZPJ Engine. Is yours ZPJ, ZPJ4 or inline-4? Ikenna351, Lion King - Monk.
  11. Just to clarify. You meant the used ML6C gearbox the guy used for the 6speed V6 Conversion the 2.2i ML6C, apart from the ML5C bellhousing? The custom clutch will be a challenge for me, I think. I can easily source for used V6 ML5C bellhousing and 2.2i ML6C complete gearbox. 407 V6 Coupé have a 6-speed manual Gearbox (ML6C). Hopefully I will get one. Ikenna351, Lion King - Monk.
  12. Yes, you are right. That's why I opted for the V6 ML5C gearbox and it's accessories which is not as common and easily available like the ML5T in Nigeria. So that whenever I get the V6 ML6C, the gearbox swap will be easy and cheaper, without replacing any other parts other than the gearbox. Ikenna351, Lion King - Monk.
  13. I will make out time to post some pictures taken during the conversion. And possibly the cost of parts used in the project.Ikenna351, Lion King - Monk
  14. *ABOUT THE SUCCESSFUL CONVERSION PROJECT OF MY PEUGEOT 607 V6 PHASE II (Z9) FROM AM6 AUTOMATIC TO MANUAL TRANSMISSION.* The project of the new born maniac started on 08/01/2019 and ended on 30/05/2020 (17 months). A tough excited project, considering every part of the vehicle system was designed to work with just Automatic transmission (AM6). It appeared no one else has done this Conversion before I did (since I couldn't find any online yet). There could be though, for I really want to hear from those that have done it too and their experiences. I originally set out to convert with 6-speed Manual gearbox, but decided to go for 5-speed Manual, since my excitement couldn't keep me waiting for 6-speed Manual box that was taking too long to locate. However, I needed to do the conversion to work with both 5-speed & 6-speed Stick-shift, Incase the 6-speed turns up in future. For that, I had to study or researched on parts for such conversion to be a reality. To successfully do the conversion to turn out the way I want, my findings led to parts from about 3 different Peugeot models. A tough challenge and exciting one too. Almost everyone I told about the project said the project will destroy the car, except one or two men that were excited when when I told him about the project, in our usual private chats/discussions, that reside outside Nigeria. I never listened or gave a rip about public opinion anyway. If I wanted something that has nothing to do with anyone else, it's done. It's a question of when, as long as the financial and physical strengths are there. 30/05/2020 was the day I cranked the engine and it roared into life with the Stick-shift box for the first time. The drive that followed after was unforgettable. The car now move like a different car: less weight, quicker, less fuel consumption and most importantly, *PREDICTABLE* , just like my other Stick-shift V6 lions. Words cannot describe the fun part of the drive. I get to now play with the pedals, while I watch the 3.0i ES9A 290 Nm torque surge the car forward like a maniac he has become. Thanks to the brand new Valeo clutch kit and Total Manual Transmission Fluid Gear 8 75w-80. Even with the complex electrical system of the car, wired to work only with Automatic Gearbox, I did the Electrical part of the conversion so well that the car now work as if it originally had manual transmission from new. No warning sign on the instrument panel. The ABS, ESP, Variable steering, variable suspension, engine cooling fan, instrument panel, Multifunction display, etc, everything works the same way before the conversion took place the previous week (yet to make out time to reconnect the parking Aid though). I now have a perfect Z9 V6, exactly how I wanted it from the beginning. The AM6 6-speed Automatic Gearbox was still running like new at 77,000 km mileage before I removed it, but wasn't part of my dream Z9 V6. As new and good as the AM6 gearbox is, it's not for Lion King - Monk. It denied me self Expression Behind the Wheel I couldn't ignore or live with. What about the original intention of 6-speed Stick-shift box? Few days of driving the lion with the 5-speed Stick-shift has been so exciting that I no longer care if I see or don't see the 6-speed box. But I am still looking out for one. I can't wait to conclude other projects on my other lions as well. So many good things in this physical life for men to choose and enjoy. I mean, if you find life so boring or uninteresting, get rid of your car and get a fun one, for you can only find yourself in that frequency/condition when you surround yourself with boring things. Or at least, do something about it. Just yesterday, I took the new maniac for another drive, applied some skills on the pedals and gear lever and found myself screaming *YEEHAW!* I drove back home and closed the celebration with a bottle of 1759. I mean, I beat my chest, pointed to the car and said *I DID THAT!* (boastfully). One of the best part of masculinity which I am proud of. Ikenna351, Lion King - Monk.
  15. Also want to point out that I have owned Peugeot 605 V6 as well (ZPJ Engine) which inspired me to get the 607 V6 phase II. The 605 never really let me down for once in all my trips with the lion in Nigeria, except few wearable parts that broke, like when clutch cable broke and I still drove him to my destination clutchless, and when one of the front brake flexible hose blocked on a journey and I blocked that caliper and continued on the journey with only 3 wheels brake working. The 605 & 607 are both great cars. Enjoy Ikenna351, Lion King - Monk.
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