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  1. Another manual: Manual-Electrical-505-1987.pdf
  2. Includes wiring diagrams and resistance/temperature tables for sensors. Manual-HVAC-505-1986.pdf
  3. Made it with the wife's Nikon: 505_parts_fiche_v1r0.pdf
  4. My ZDJL ('89 505-S) never had anything attached there.
  5. Hi all, is there an upload area here where I could put my 505 parts fiche PDF file?
  6. Yep. Applied the transfer after the second coat of black was just cured, then clear over it. Still looks good at T+4 years.
  7. NOS would be nice! Or good used. Does anyone know, are there any non-Peugeot, mechanically compatible units? /jwc
  8. Apropos of decals and stickers, if anyone out there is thinking of repainting a ZDJL air cleaner box, let me know and I'll see if I can find the leftover dry-transfers I had made to reproduce the text on top when I did mine.
  9. Looks good! And I'm already starting to feel less self-conscious about my normally aspirated 505.
  10. From the album: ZDJL Air Filter Restoration

    Dry transfer applied and clear-coated.
  11. Thanks! And you're right, of course, it doesn't have to be that original. So I ordered some white 1/16" closed-cell foam "skins"; seems about right to me...
  12. Interesting. I'll look for that black stuff when I get into my 89's left rear door. (Nice weather today here in Virginia so I ran all the windows down all the way just to see which ones would go back up!) I have a question: what would you guys use to replace that thin white foam behind the interior panel (My fiche calls it "PANEL, waterproof")? Plain old sheet poly? Or can I get something more like the original? /jwc
  13. How's the windshield wiper motor? I'd like to have one, if for nothing else than to see how feasable it is to rebuild...
  14. 10PARUE

    505 Microfiche Project

    I bought a U.S. 505 Parts Fiche set on French EBay and digitized it with Mrs C.'s Nikon. Now I have the two sheets in the form of a 72MB PDF file on my computer and my iPad.
  15. Today I... took the 505 for Virginia safety inspection. We passed, due to the pre-inspection I did last night of all lights and signals. I hope there aren't any deleterious effects of "DeoxIT" spray--I'm finding it very effective with what have long been troublesome bulbs, sockets and connectors.
  16. 10PARUE

    Hello, all

    Hello Peugeot People, This is a de-lurking post. I've been a member for a year but I've been following the forums more closely recently. (And feeling much less self-concious about having a not-turbo 505 now that I see we've even have a Peugeot bicycle forum here! And BTW, our household's two most recent Peugeots grind salt and pepper respectivly.) My first Pug was a '63 404 handed down to me by my father (I was never old enough to drive his 403). Then a couple of 504's, and the '89 505S I maintain now. Greetings to those of you I saw at the last Carlisle event! Regards, /jwc
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