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  1. I found these 4x140 to 5x100 wheel adapters on a site for old Subarus: https://www.sjrlift.com/collections/wheel-options/products/4-x-140-to-5-x-100-wheel-adapter-1-thick-sjr Does anyone know if the 14mm bolts for the adapter would fit our hubs? I guess they finally ran out of old 505 wheels to steal!
  2. I have no affiliation with the seller, but here's a very cheap 405 with a five speed for sale on Craigslist: https://philadelphia.craigslist.org/pts/d/philadelphia-1989-peugeot-405-dl-junk/6966555712.html Here's a screenshot in case the advertisement goes down:
  3. The Carfaxes match up, and I suppose it's not unheard of for a car to sit that long. I'd certainly ask for more photos before proceeding, though.
  4. This message was up when I tried loading the website. Looks like they're just having some I.T. issues, thankfully.
  5. That's surprising, definitely some creative mechanic work. Does the rear end pull to the left or right when you brake?
  6. I've been rebuilding my calipers, and they match the top picture you posted. Here's a better view of the whole assembly, before I replaced everything: I haven't read about any rear brake setups resembling your bottom picture, though. It looks like they use the same kind of brake pad and maybe retaining clip, but the piece they slide on is completely different.
  7. Western Hemispheres has been off and on for me too. When the site has been down before, it typically came back within a few days. Hopefully it's just web hosting issues, I was planning on buying a few pieces for my engine rehabilitation.
  8. Small world! Looking back, I would describe the description in the ad as 'charitable', but it is a project car after all. The maroon V6 I found was at a yard in Maryland ran by the LKQ group. They have five different yards in Maryland, all around Baltimore. All of their inventory is available online, and you can set up alerts for when a certain model arrives. However, all five yards have a high turnover. That V6 was gone the week after I went in November, and I haven't seen another since. Recently, I heard about a place called Leon's Auto Parts about 1.5 hours south of DC. They've ap
  9. Was that your car in the Coastal Range Rally? I saw some pictures online, and I was surprised to see some French representation! Here's the article I saw the pictures in. I wish we had something like that on the east coast, but I don't think we have the sun (or the scenery).
  10. Here's a picture of an ATE caliper: ATEs have the cross-shaped hardware that you can see inside of the caliper above. I can't find any pictures of a Bendix caliper, but I know they have the word 'Bendix' cast into the metal of the caliper itself. My '87 STI has Bendix calipers, but I don't know when the changeover was.
  11. Wow, I'm excited to see more! The best 505 that never was... Did you experience any issues changing the engine from transverse to longitudinal?
  12. The sun is coming out and parts are coming in! I'm waiting on a few more things to arrive, and then I'll be able to start work on the brakes. I'm holding off on finding new rear calipers for now, I want to see if simply adjusting the handbrake fixes the problem first. I was underneath the hood today, and noticed four empty bolt holes on the side of the engine head (pictured). The exhaust manifold is bolted directly below. Does anybody know what, if anything, is supposed to be attached here? Thanks
  13. Today, PSA Group announced that Peugeot will lead their return to the U.S. market. According to a Peugeot spokesperson, “Even though Peugeot left in 1991 ... the awareness of the brand and the opinion of the brand are still strong ... so, we have a strong starting point with which to start the discussion with consumers.” Article here, on Automotive News: https://www.autonews.com/automakers-suppliers/peugeot-brand-will-lead-psas-return-us Another interesting detail from the same spokesperson: “There’s over 1,500 Peugeots still registered and running in the U.S. ... Ironically, the hig
  14. Thanks for the oil tip, that's what I went with and it shifts like a dream now. When I drained the old oil, only about 1/3 of what there should have been came out. Certainly explained the clunky shifting. While I was underneath the car, I noticed several different colors of leaks. Most concerning was the amount of oil that was present. The car wasn't low on oil when I checked the dipstick, but it was concerning nonetheless. Luckily, a friend of mine knew of an old Peugeot dealer mechanic that works at a Volvo/Saab shop near me. I took the car in for an inspection, and to quote the me
  15. While I was replacing the rod yesterday, I noticed some oil residue around the transmission drain plug. I'm concerned about the oil level being low inside the housing, so I'm going to change it out with some new 10w/40. Does anybody know of a drain plug gasket that fits? Autozone says that Needa 653336 would fit, but it just seems like a universal set of gaskets.
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