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  1. Well, I finally was able to get back to the car in the past few weeks and ran across a couple issues. Being it has set up for some time, I did an oil change to make sure nothing was internally damaged from what I was told it had randomly shut off while going down the road. Checked compression in all cylinders and fouund 280 in all minus #2 which was sitting at 170. I understand it may not be completely accurate since it was a cold check and I had put some oil down the cylinders to make sure I wasn't going to mess up the walls(also I had pulled the glow plugs and ran an inspection camera down to look for obvious damage from up top). All seemed minus that issue and a few weeks later came back since time had ran short, so I started to get it to go with an intermittent starting issue. Replaced the wiring connector for the oil pressure sensor and the starter solenoid, and starting to wonder if my starter is already trying to go out, I can hear it click sometimes when it doesn't start and other times it would turn over with no problem. Now for the last two problems I seem to be having. It tries to start but doesn't seem like its got enough go go juice. Loosened up the connections on top of the injectors as it seems like maybe air in the lines, as I put more fuel in with the gauge reading below zero and when I crack the lines while starting it's shooting up on cylinders 1-3, 4 seems to ooze out with some pressure, unlike the other 3. Now, it seems to be accumulating smoke in the coolant reservoir and I'm starting to get a bad feeling about that. Any suggestions on what needs to be checked next on my next run to the house?
  2. Check these guys out, they’re based out of France I believe and have some fairly obscure parts but not the part number that you listed. https://www.pieces-de-rechange-classic.com/
  3. Senen, where was your shut off valve? I’m looking what I think maybe but I see no wire or existence of one to cause the issue. Just got back to my car and things just aren’t adding up in my head at the moment.
  4. Good evening, A little while back, maybe about 2 years now actually, my "temporary storage" was changed rather quickly for my old pug after a few dire events unfolded, since I was in Korea I couldn't do anything about it myself. So apparently the car died at random going down the road and ended up getting impounded from it not getting picked up after 2 weeks. Now this is going off word, but with it being a diesel and there are very few fuel components that require electricity what could have possibly caused the shut off and no start condition? Just from a little of my research, and knowing of some items located on this car, my first guess would be the fuel shut off solenoid located on the back of the pump. Any takers? I know its a flying blind mindset as Im not at the car and wont be able to till October so Im just looking for ideas as to what could have caused the issue. Besides running out of fuel, which I doubt with where it was stored at but could be. With it sitting where it was the battery "disappeared" as well so more money to dump into it once I get back to it.
  5. I recieved a digital copy from 10PARUE and will send it your way as well. Check your messages it will be in your inbox soon.
  6. whats the distance between the teeth, side to side and cross ways if you can get it? I got the part number you put in but just in case i cant find that, the dimensions should work as well.
  7. I am looking to remove and clean out the injectors on my xd2s here in a few months but want to make sure there are no special gaskets or washers that will be needed . Going by the parts I see a washer and copper gasket, but what is the purpose of this washer? Copper gasket I can attempt to get a machine shop to duplicate some others as well for my TX and oil cooling lines since my pug has always had a bad habit of leaking everywhere and never had the time or resources to fiddle with that aspect. And to caveat off that, where might I find some of these monark nozzles as I have yet to find any complete injectors to replace mine with, I preferred to go that route but no body seems to have any so rebuilding the originals will be the game plan unless someone on here has a connection.
  8. Website is broken for now. You can still contact me for parts by phone or email. Miles Potter Western Hemispheres / Pieces International 150 W Lake Ave Watsonville CA 95076 tel: 831-786-9347 email: [email protected] They are still in business from the looks of it but the website is still down for an unstated reason.
  9. I'm not too sure if its been asked, but a good bit of the fluids my 505 takes can be a little trivial even when reading the owners manual. What type of fluid does the steering, coolant and transmission take thats available in the new world market in the US? And the ymm is a 1983 Pgo 505 w/xd2s in front of a 3hp22.
  10. Has anyone ever done a swap from the 3hp22 to a manual transmission on a 2.3TD? Im looking at either the ba10/5 or the upgraded ax15 from the jeep family. Itll be non-priority swap but just want to see if anyones done and what it would all involve as i just the manual transmissions in general. The extra pedal would be common sense and the slave cyl setup as well just not exactly sure where to look for all the pertinent information
  11. spoke too soon, it went right back down
  12. It just came back up, got bored, checked and it works again. I just hope it doesn't go down when I really need in about a year so I can replace both my struts. Ive been riding on a bad one for a while now then it really started clanking so I figured it'd be a good reason to park it in storage until I can get it fixed.
  13. What’s happened to western hemispheres? I’ve been trying to get onto their website and now it won’t load. Did they bring down the site due to lack of business or something?
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