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  1. Thanks for the reply Rabin. I admit, I don’t know much about this particular engine. I was under the impression it had intercooling, plus an oil cooler on the US models. I thought they made significant upgrades beyond the displacement. You’re right, I should have taken a pic. I was in a real rush. I would like to replace my air filter at some point, since it’s warped around the area where if seals, but I don’t necessarily need to go with a different model.
  2. I’ve come across one of the rare for US 505’s with the XD3 motor, plus 4 speed auto. It’s in a junkyard a few hours drive from here. Looks like the engine is basically complete, and I didn’t get a chance to look into why the car was scrapped. My questions is, does anyone know if are there any parts worth taking off of the XD3 that would be a possible upgrade for my 83 XD2S? I know that the injection pump, turbo, and intake manifold are different. Would the airbox, or intercooler fit or be worth taking for my car? I have the original oil bath air filter which is a bit warped on my car
  3. Paint it flat black! Just kidding. I’m still following this thread, you’re doing great work! A local auto paint place ought to be able to match your white or look up the original code. If you’re artistically inclined playing around tinting some Rustoleum might work.
  4. Given your stable of options, how do you like driving the 405? I guess it’s not really directly comparable to the other choices, as it’s a very different kind of car, just curious.
  5. Quite a garage you’ve got there. I haven’t seen to many 405’s in white, it’s a nice look. Good job going thru and thoroughly fixing everything.
  6. Beautiful! I also own a PX10, a later model that I’m restoring. Sadly, someone chose to powder coat the frame, applied more modern 80s decals. The chrome was removed when it was powder coated. They did return the wine cork to the fork crown though... It always inspires me when I see nice original examples to persevere with the resto.
  7. Great job. I’ve always like that era of Peugeot’s design. That engine looks pretty daunting!
  8. I agree, I didn't love the early dash at first, but its really grown on me. People seemed genuinely shocked that I wanted to try to resurrect this old French car. It seems the owner planned on scrapping it as it wasn't getting much interest. Going over my plan to try to get the engine started, I'm debating whether or not I should remove the tank and drain it, or simply fill it with fresh diesel and treatment, and change the filter afterwards. The fuel gauge shows its close to reserve. Speaking of the filter, I'm wondering if the filter on this car was changed, or was ever original on
  9. The door tumbler indeed did not suffice to fit the ignition. I figured I needed door keys anyway so I would try that before removing the whole steering column, which is what I ended up doing. The TRX tires still hold air pretty well which is impressive, although they are cracking in places. You're correct, its an XD2s, although automatic, sadly. The 5-speed TD I looked at over the summer was in worse shape and I wasn't able to do a deal with them. If I continue to love this car and fix all of its issues I will at least dream about converting it.
  10. Indeed the engine did not want to turn over by hand, so I removed the glow plugs and squirted Mystery Oil into the cylinders. I allowed that to soak for about a week. The engine has a full supply of oil, and there's nothing unusual to see there, no chunks of anything or signs of coolant mixing with oil. Hooking a jumper battery up to the car, almost everything inside works! The sunroof motor turns and there is no movement, so I'm assuming it has the usual problems. The power windows work very weakly. After the week of soaking, the car now turns over with the starter freely. My next plan will b
  11. I've just picked up an 83 505 TD, auto. I had been looking for a diesel for some time, and had only managed to find one non-running 5-speed car in reasonable distance. Maybe if I love this car, I'll try to convert it to manual. This car was cheap, basically scrap price, and based on the low miles and condition, I decided to take a chance on it. We had to go a considerable distance to pick it up, however. The car was missing its keys and had locked steering. 4 friendly helpers got in onto a trailer, which was tricky, as well as unloading. The car has only about 80k miles on it, was ha
  12. Nice work! I'm following this thread with some interest as I'm in a very similar boat, just having acquired a non runner TD as well.
  13. I’m just curious, how difficult would it be to swap a manual transmission into an auto on the 505? Probably 9/10 cars that I find for sale have the 3 speed auto. I’ve spoken to at least one mechanic who described the swap in less than polite words that I won’t repeat on here. Apart from locating all of the parts, could the job be done without pulling the engine? Are all of the factory mounting points there so nothing has to be fabricated? I’ve seen pictures of the same type transmission get replaced in situ with the car on a lift.
  14. I’ve really enjoyed reading your stories, keeping this one on the road. Keeping my eyes open for the same car TD 5 speed, so these kinds of threads are going to be very helpful for information.
  15. Wow, you do have a knack for finding Peugeot’s! I haven’t seen one on the side of the road in a long time. That grey one looks like it’s (maybe) salvageable. Northern Virginia? I’ve been to Leon’s once a while ago, although I don’t remember seeing many French Cars there. Definitely not a place for the faint of heart, I wouldn’t choose a warm season visit if I could help it. Too many bugs or other creatures lurking.
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