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  1. They offer this OE Bosch air to water intercooler pump https://www.frozenboost.com/liquid-air-adapter/water-to-air-pump-0392022002-p-1001.html?osCsid=tlge2fucudjhiid1m706m21b37 Apparently it only draws 2-3 Amps, which isn't bad. From what I've read they usually just run continuously when the engine is on (simplest way for me would be to wire it into the shutoff solenoid circuit, but I maybe could wire in a tach relay and use the tachometer output on the xd3t ve pump to turn it only only when engine is spinning?). I suppose setting up a thermostat would also be an option too, but if it only dr
  2. Well currently, the frozen boost site has a discount on a kit that would include the intercooler, pump and heat exchanger - all for only $280! https://www.frozenboost.com/liquid-air-intercooler/water-to-air-intercooler-p-1034.html You're not wrong about the KISS principle tho...
  3. OK! After some more measuring I think I found the solution that FrozenBoost would formally approve of: I can mount the heat exchanger they offer specifically for the water to air intercooler that is a 30-row, 10x13x2 radiator right in front of the radiator on the drivers side. If I remove the old 12" A/C fan and replace it with a 10", that would give me plenty of room. Then its just a matter of shoe-horning the intercooler in anywhere, which I have plenty of space to make that happen and routing the intake hoses. I think we've got a winner.
  4. Update on my scheming: https://www.frozenboost.com/air_water-ic/small-liquid_air-intercooler-p-210.html I found this water to air intercooler. It's 11x9x3.5" in size, which is quite compact - I bet I could squeeze that in if I take out the air filter!. It says it's rated up to 450 CFM / 350 HP. I ran the XD3T stats thru a CFM calculator that gave me about 420 CFM max for the 2498 cc with a volumetric efficiency of 2.0. Another rule of thumb is to multiply the HP by 2.5. If I do that I get 375 CFM. So it looks like this intercooler would be big enough for the XD3T with 15 psi of boost
  5. Wow. Well if you do go back I'd definitely compensate you for those intercooler parts!! You mentioned we've talked on fb, DM me there (I don't know your name so I'm not sure which person you are)
  6. Hey SouvenirCup... you found an XD3TE in the US?? those are incredibly rare. Did you get the intercooler parts off of it??
  7. Thank you! I'll keep that in mind. I know the N9T** 505s had a special grill and the 505 hood is a obviously gonna be a bit different, so there's a few unknowns there, but the top mount intercooler would be a nice "true to Peugeot" way to go. Where are you located? I'm in Portland, OR.
  8. Hey Joe, if you could share that compiled translated XD3T manual I'd much appreciate!! Wade
  9. Also, I found this quick guide to VE pump tuning. I'm not sure how far you can take an XD3T VE pump boost-wise before needed a different spring, anyone know? https://www.tstproducts.com/vepumpadjustment.aspx
  10. Yeah that's a good idea. If I get rid of that big foam cylinder air filter that will buy me some real estate. Still going to be tight as hell in there tho! I'm hesitant to do any major surgery on the 604 too as I'd like to keep the body as original as possible.. Do you have an idea of how you'd duct in the cold air? Another idea I had yesterday was setting up a air to water intercooler. If the sizing works out, it would allow me to run water lines in a similar fashion as the oil cooler lines. Then I could mount a heat exchanger on the other side of the body below the radiator, right nex
  11. Yeah my biggest challenge is going to be getting the intercooler AND the AC equipment stuffed into the engine bay. Exploring my options and taking measurements now.
  12. All great things to know! Once I get my hands on the engine I'll be able to check things out better in person. Figure I'd port out the intake and exhaust ports a little bit too while I am at it. Where can I find this Wagon Build thread?
  13. Hi All, I have an opportunity to get a low miles (45k) XD3T engine that is sitting on ice an hour away from me. I'm planning to drop it in my 1982 Peugeot 604 BA10/5. Before I do that, I've been exploring some tuning that I could possibly do. Here's kind of my general plan: 1. Get an Exhaust gas Temp sensor and Boost Gauge 2. Find an XD2 (non turbo) Intake Manifold 3. Cut and weld shut the Exhaust Gas Recirculator valve opening on the exhaust manifold 4. Add a intercooler and route it from the turbo to the XD2 intake (better clearances than XD2S which has like 2 inches of roo
  14. UPDATE: The 82 604 turbo diesel is up and running now! Had a lot of stuff to sort thru after it sat for 2 or 3 years outside. Rebuilt brake booster, all brake components, new blower motor, rebuilt vacuum pump, power steering hose, all electronics cleaned and tested, a couple vacuum servos replaced. About 2 gallons of white lithium grease and contact cleaner got the door mechanisms and electrical all working Injectors leak a bit but the car doesn't smoke at all and runs very well, the torque really churns thru that 3000 lb frame. Still working on getting the vacuum controls for the front
  15. UPDATE: We got the car back to my place last week. Big thank you to Rick Patston for helping me out with his trailer. We got the 2 XD2S engines, the 604 and as many parts as we could grab. I like the old school glass bowl filter, so I installed it. Mysteriously the car started up immediately with NO fuel filter. I quickly put one in and primed the system. Diesel looks remarkable for sitting for a few years. Added some diesel purge and tank cleaner nonetheless. It took me hours just to get all the doors unfrozen. Tragically they were all locked when parked, so if the lock lever wasn't operable
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