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One less 505 turbo Danielson head :(

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I did make good package of complete head and sent it to USA... and it seemed lost some where. It did leave Finland but then trail is lost :( Local sender back payment only covers partially this lost. But problem is at those heads are not available. SHIT... This is last time I'll sent anything valuable by carrier which does not cover full back payment.

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Oh man - That’s just terrible!  

I have a similar experience - I shipped a set of 4 RARE alloy wheels with UPS once, and they lost one of the wheels! I relentlessly hounded them, even found out they had “loss centres” where packages that lost shipping info ended up and would call them weekly requesting the check for it.

That’s also when I found out they’ll sell you insurance for anything, but the fine print in the contract basically only covers new items being shipped from business that is selling them new to the customer.  Anything used, or even anything new sold privately was excluded.

Never did find it, and it took over 7 years to find a single matching replacement that someone was willing to sell it to me.

Hopefully it turns up though - I sent headlights to France and the tracking wasn’t updated for weeks, then showed up as returning to sender!  I called Canada Post immediately and asked that it be investigated.  Turns out it had never left customs in Canada - They located the package and were able to send it off and it was received intact, just very late!


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Carrier just informed me at they only cover std amount money, not based item value :( crap! I sent package allready last year November.

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Ouch, that sucks. 

I sent 18 Kugelfischer injectors to England for cleaning and testing via Canada Post in late 2019 in two separate shipments, and I was worried because each one sells for $500 if used but within operational spec and $800 if new old stock and OE spec.

I got all 18 back and 16 are within spec, 6 of which are NOS so I shudder to think what the cost of replacement would have been.  Each shipment was insured for $1000.  It would have covered $2000 if all were lost and that would have bought me one set of 4 used ones.

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