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  1. The long block builder recommended break in oil for 20 minutes (that's what I put in today), stop engine + drain, change filter. Then 10 W 30 SF old school hot rod oil for 1000 miles de rodage or so and then onto Motul or something like that.
  2. 2 speed wiper motor installed - which does not leave a lot of room for draining new oil into the oil filler tube, hence the giraffe-style funnel. Another advantage is the screen in the oil filler tube on the engine is not overwhelmed by the rate of drainage from the funnel so it's a "fill and forget" situation. The accelerator cable on the fuel injected 404 has a brutally difficult-to-access fixing bolt. Nothing that about an hour of pain would not rectify, mind you.
  3. Today after work I got the last bits of the braking system installed. The Hydrovac booster is NOS but not rebuilt after being in the car with brake fluid for some time so it may not work properly. To be verified when the engine is started and I can do a test drive. I have a Le Club 404 contact in the USA with a newly (2 years ago) rebuilt Hydrovac and so if it is duff, he would do a standard exchange. The remaining tasks are to put all the fluids in (after the lower radiator hose and 75 degree thermostat arrive from Germany.....), verifying valve clearances (the long block builder did it b
  4. With a few spare minutes left in a busy day I installed the radiator and connect the thermo-switch for the fan....and of course, installed the engine fan too.
  5. I'll probably lay some of my aircraft anti-corrosion fluid (forgot the name) on them. Did that to the intake manifold.
  6. Today I had some time to test clean the spare set of injector lines with Muriatic Acid to see if it's get more residue out. Boy did it ever! So I pumped about 100 mL of Muriatic Acid through each line of the pipes that had been on the engine with a large syringe, pulsing it back and forth. After the acid flush, they were purged with water, then acid flushed again, and again, until the solution coming out was not orange (rust) anymore. The water purges were at high pressure and that dislodged more particulates and fuel sludge which you can see in the green tray. Following th
  7. This weekend all I did on the car was install the exhaust pipe. With a lift it's a short job but on the ground in a 1.5 car garage it's not. I had to lift the rear up enough to maneuver the rear section so I could actually mate it to the centre section. The clamps on the cylindrical resonator are NOS Peugeot 404 parts that were plated in cadmium in Victoria, as is the rear one on the hanger, but the u-bolt on that hanger is not the original type although it looks the same from below. Good enough! Some fine-tuning may be needed to avoid any noise during normal driving but for now it's good
  8. The new master cylinder is installed along with the glass fluid reservoir I found yesterday. The brake line that takes fluid from the Hydrovac booster to the wheels is now connected to its hose (the new one I got last week) and it's bolted to the firewall.
  9. I commissioned Douglas Peterson-Hui - of The Architects Garage - in Vancouver to make this digital image of my 404C in front of the old Pininfarina factory in Torino. Not too expensive at all. I
  10. I was thinking of muriatic acid too...dribbled carefully through. Will consider that.
  11. I have an excellent high quality brake flaring tool with multiple fittings, but these are not flares - they are large blobs of copper attached to the steel lines. I will see about more thorough cleanout and if that's not possible, look to have something made up.
  12. One of the hoses I hadn't managed to get a good replacement for up to today has finally been found - at Serie04. This is the one that connects the Hydrovac (brake booster) slave cylinder to the brake piping. An exact match, Made in France.
  13. One more little detail - you may recall that I had 8 injector lines replated in copper and that they required manual pigging out due to old fuel and rust (!) inside from either long term storage (for the old spare set) or disuse and Ethanol-containing fuel (the original set from the car). Before tentatively mounting the ones on the engine that you see in the photo two posts back, I sprayed WD40 and MolySlip Combat through them again and a few more bits of particulate came out. Flushed them again but I am not confident that there is not still some in there, and the last thing I'd want t
  14. Monday at about 5 PM I put the 400W alternator on. 404 Injection cars, the alternators are buried down low on the exhaust side, so the well used appearance of this one won't be visually jarring when looking at the engine from above... Eventually a more powerful new or rebuilt alternator will be installed in its place, to power the heated seats (which right now are not connected).
  15. Today the manifolds and injection stuff was installed, along with the factory cold air intake. Actually this car originally came with a huge oil bath air filter but it used to drip oil all over the engine despite multiple attempts to seal it and so I traded it to a guy in France for this French market one.
  16. Ouch, that sucks. I sent 18 Kugelfischer injectors to England for cleaning and testing via Canada Post in late 2019 in two separate shipments, and I was worried because each one sells for $500 if used but within operational spec and $800 if new old stock and OE spec. I got all 18 back and 16 are within spec, 6 of which are NOS so I shudder to think what the cost of replacement would have been. Each shipment was insured for $1000. It would have covered $2000 if all were lost and that would have bought me one set of 4 used ones.
  17. I'll see what I can di but first the engine has to be started! Next hurdle (I hope a minor one).
  18. The engine went in today just after noon, very smoothly. The long part of the grey Peugeot-Fenwick lifting bar was reversed before final installation, because it would have tagged the firewall! Since the last photo, the starter motor and its sheet metal plate and intake support rod and the two other metal plates that seal the bell housing, fuel lift pump and fuel filter assembly plus a few other bits and pieces.
  19. Tonight I made room in the garage by moving the smart out and transferred the engine from the stand to the hoist. The clutch assembly was then added - the closeup photo of the pressure plate shows it before it was tightened and with the centring tool in position. The Peugeot factory hooks work on the KF2 engine with the injection manifold off so I was able to not use chains as I did when removing it with the manifold in position back in December 2016. Monday it goes in the car - that is the plan! Should be quick, but you never know...
  20. The hood has been removed in anticipation of the upcoming engine installation. Ready to go except for me moving the unlicensed smart out of the garage, moving the engine from its stand to the hydraulic crane, mounting the clutch driven disc and pressure plate, then mounting it. I'l have to wait for a day when my eldest daughter is available. Maybe the next couple of days, maybe a bit later. The green tape and padding are some of the precautions I have employed to protect the paint from damage when removing the hood and installing the engine.
  21. When my 405 was nearly new it gave wonky oil level readings (I'm talking about 30,000 km under warranty) and I was told at the dealer that the sensors/gauges were crappy and not accurate at all. As the car aged it got worse but it's not worth wasting any further thought about it IMO.
  22. Those oil level gauges were next to useless when the car was nearly new so I'd simply ignore it and enjoy the temp. gauge.
  23. In between a major bathroom renovation and other home plumbing tasks, I managed to install the new distributor (M50 curve, KF2 spec of course), plug wires, water pump and its famous 1280.01 unadjustable Ventiflex belt.
  24. There may be an oil/coolant intercooler on the MI16 (like there is on my smart cdi which also oil sprays the piston undersides) and if so, check that it's in good order.
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