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505 parts new and used

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I have a bunch of miscellaneous parts for the 505 series new and used. Located in Seattle Wash. Mostly 505 gas turbo but also some from series 1 xn6 sedan. Looking for someone to take the whole lot. There are new and used parts. No reasonable offer refused. Here is the dropbox link to all the parts pictures. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u6xnb0du9n1st08/AAC6ZHcB1MDved_UHHJY0TB5a?dl=0


504 wagon tailight lenses.jpg




fan wire.jpg


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Hi Peat,

Are you willing to break up into packages of sorts?  Id be interest in the new 505 turbo suspension bushings, and any new n9t** parts.

Shipping to Canada is silly $$$ so just the lighter smaller bits as well.



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Hello Peat!


I'm looking for this parts 1986 turbo blue leather interior:

- the two A-post liners blue
- steering wheel center car (with lion emblem) blue
- the four wheels hub-caps
- front map light unit
- the plastic trim around door driver s Handel in blue
-front left tweeter grille
- automatic shifter knob
- working clock

- Rear door/hatch panel un blue (for wagon)

- little plastic cap located on steering column under the light switch in blue
- driver armrest in blue



Thanks a lot

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I’m looking for a driver rear caliper, possibly both rear calipers.  I’m in Rhode Island.  Also a windshield washer motor, and a window switch.

please let me know.  

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