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  1. Selling my friend's Peugeot collection for his widow. 2 diesel cars, 604 with engine installed (was running when it was parked in the shop a couple of years ago...), and a 505 with the engine removed. Includes (2) diesel engines in the shop (minus the stands), many, many extra parts and a good selection of manuals. Asking $2700.00 for the whole collection. I am no Peugeot expert by any means, so please peruse the photos I have included and feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to provide reasonable answers. I'm really hoping this collection can go to someone who will apprec
  2. Hi guys. Been reading the posts, some quite interesting info on the 505. I'm from Argentina, recently blew the head gasket on my Peugeot 505 station wagon. Had the head removed, sent in for reconditioning, bought the new gasket , seals water pump etc. Now the mech tells me that the sleeves on the block are also damaged. Looks like we're going to have to do up the whole engine. Thing is that the cost is at least 2 thirds the value of the vehicle. Or at least that's what I can presently sell it for. (Interestingly, second hand cars are dirt cheap in Argentina presently for anyone coming in from
  3. Hi, everyone. My name is Vash. Nice to meet you. I wanted to tell you a very crazy idea that I have, only idea because I have been presented with various opportunities and I wanted to discuss them with you. The other day, I had the crazy urge of buying a 505 without a engine (there’s a lot where I live) and installing a 1.6hdi. I do want to know that you think, and if it’s even possible. I have a list of pros and cons if you want me to explain them too. But I'd be interested to know what you think of the idea. Thank you so much!
  4. Hi Everyone > Lifelong Citroën fanatic, recently started getting into Peugeots. After resurrecting a 1975 604 last summer and letting it go on eBay in November, I went looking for my next project. Somehow I've ended up with two: a 1983 505 XN6 bucket of worms, and a 1986 505 Turbo with an unknown list of needs that would hopefully make a presentable driver. Considering it only cost me $400 and had a good set of tires, I figured I could at least break even just selling the wheels and tires to a vintage Subaru fan and scrapping the rest. Trouble is, the interior and body are really clean, an
  5. Hello everyone! I am interested in learning more about 505's as I don't know that much about them. I'm sort of looking for a project car and my uncle has a 505 turbo (86 I think) that has been sitting in a half enclosed shed for at least 20 years. I understand that when the car was parked it ran and drove, and I don't know what caused it to be abandoned. He has been talking about getting rid of it, and I am thinking about the possibility of trying to get it going again and saving it from an unknown fate. My first question is what resources should I call upon if I were to try to get it on the r
  6. Hello everyone, Okay, so the thing is, in short form, I have installed a ZPJ V6 engine from 605 to 505 gti. And as I really dont know how common this particular engine swap is worldwide, and because I think many of you would like to see my version of it, I registered to this forum. The car had 2.0l ZEJ-engine as I got it. But lets begin with the project itself. So two years ago I bought a really nice looking 505 GTI from "not so convincing" owner. So the car was leaking gasoline and didnt start even after half minutes of start grinding, the electricity was done bad REALLY BAD, test drive was t
  7. I have a bunch of miscellaneous parts for the 505 series new and used. Located in Seattle Wash. Mostly 505 gas turbo but also some from series 1 xn6 sedan. Looking for someone to take the whole lot. There are new and used parts. No reasonable offer refused. Here is the dropbox link to all the parts pictures. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u6xnb0du9n1st08/AAC6ZHcB1MDved_UHHJY0TB5a?dl=0
  8. So I broke my fuel level sender cleaning the rust out of my gas tank in my 85 505 wagon (XN6), and while hunting for a replacement I found this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/200mm-Boat-Fuel-Sending-Unit-Car-Truck-Water-Level-Gauge-Sensor-240-33ohms-IP67/382502418876?fits=Model%3A505%7CMake%3APeugeot&epid=15020832874&hash=item590eebb9bc:g:ngQAAOSwFrtbMd13 It looks like a good fit but I think the resistance is wrong. What's left of my sender measures around 500 ohms. Does anybody have the resistance spec for the fuel level sender on these? Or recommend where to get an OE replacemen
  9. Hi, I am Ivan from Croatia. Here is my 1981 505 STI that I almost all restored. It was bought i Croatia (ex Yugoslavia) in 1981, driven by a Peugeot dealer director. I have it since 2017. Here are some pictures, when I bought it:
  10. Hey all. I've uploaded a whole host of misc parts that I have for sale. I tried to do it in a manner that shows the part number and the condition of the part if possible. I realize that there are no prices up (yet) but you can always make me an offer, the worst I can do is come back with a counter offer. I will have a parts list and some prices up at some point in the future - soon hopefully. check them out: https://picasaweb.google.com/116400569354424146538/PuegeotParts cheers Tony
  11. Edit: THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SHIPPED AND IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. ------------- I have a brand-new, in the original Peugeot parts bag, ignition switch and door keylock set for a 505.. Includes two keys, the later 1986+ style that have the square rubber heads with the logo on them. Long, long, ago, in a galaxy far, far away... I had 4 different 505s over about 7 years, and somehow this ignition set got stuck in a drawer and never used before I got rid of the last car. I'm too sentimental to throw away a perfectly good part kit that somebody could probably make use o
  12. Last weekend, we picked up a 1983 505 (XN6, manual) in Austin, Texas that had been off the road for about two-and-a-half years. When we got it it wasn't clear if it was going to be a pile of parts or a project. After spending a few days getting it running again, its status is officially 'project' I'm starting this thread in part to seek advice with issues that the car has, but also to keep track of the state that it's in and how it progresses over time. So, with that said, here's where things stand at present: The car: 1983 505, XN6, manual. Odometer says 155,400 miles but t
  13. I'm looking for a 505/604 diesel coolant expansion tank and you find cheap ones in Argentina, the thing is that just by looking at the plastic you can tell that it's not as good as OEM. So the question is are they worth buying and installing or do you have to change them after one year or two? And now for those interested it's story time, I want one to see if it can be made to fit on a 309 GTI16. On this car Peugeot used the exact same part except that they moved the nipple under the tank away from the exhaust manifold. GTI16: OEM 505 made in Argentina:
  14. Looking for an European headlight for a peugeot 505, passenger side. Please call me at 562 356-7776 . Thanks ask for ruben
  15. Looking for an European headlight for a peugeot 505, passenger side. Please call me at 562 356-7776 . Thanks ask for ruben
  16. I bought a '87 505 STI 2.8L V6 Zn3j with ba10/5 transmission earlier this year and have been slowly cleaning it up. The next items to be changed out are the oil pan gasket and the spark plugs. I have done these on other cars and feel comfortable changing them. However, I'd like to know if there are any "special" steps that are required for these two processes with this engine? Also, what are the torque specifications for the oil pan bolts and the spark plugs? I checked the 505 and Zn3j manuals and have not been able to find this info. If you can help I'd really appreciate it.
  17. car starts at 1100 rpms when cold, runs smooth but after around 5 minutes the idle goes down to 950 and the vibration starts. I open the idle screw one third of a turn and the vibration stops. At around 8 minutes when the engine warms up the vibration returns so then I close the idle screw almost a one third of a turn from the end and the vibration stops but when I reb the engine it smokes a little because it needs more air, so if I open the idle screw and reb the engine the smoke goes away but about 2 minutes later the vibration returns. Any suggestions are welcome, Thanks
  18. I have inherited a 1983 Silver Edition 505s Turbo Diesel with 83,000 actual miles - one owner. The paint is rough and the body is straight. The turbo blew in 1997 and the car has been in a barn for 18 years. Incredibly the tires were up and it rolled onto the trailer just fine. I want to know if I should scrap the car or attempt to rebuild. I do not know where to start. It would need some major work on the turbo and paint. Otherwise it appears sound. What value, if any, does the car have as is? I have a clear title to the car and it is located in Paducah, Kentucky.
  19. I am selling my 1989 505 Turbo 5-speed sedan. It has just under 112,000 miles on the odometer, with about 500 miles traveled after the speedo cable broke. I have received a couple of offers over the past few months, but I don't fancy myself an exotic car dealer, so I am planning to list it on Bring a Trailer at no reserve. I could easily have flipped it with no effort at all, but instead I decided to give it some of the attention it deserves. This was a one-owner car until January. The original owner passed away in 2013, and it sat in a garage for a couple of years. Judging by the crack-f
  20. [CAR IS IN AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND] Price NegotiablePeugeot 505 GTI 1989Finished in light metallic blue with deep blue interior5 Speed MANUAL.2.2 Fuel injection model66000 miles currently. SMR Alloys.Currently legal on NZ roads.Try find a Peugeot 505 GTI in this good condition anywhere!These cars are solid and you can see why they are used extensively in parts of Africa because of their durability. The body panels are built more like a Mercedes of that period.The car has adjustable front seats, with lots of legroom both front and back.Electric windows all round, electric sunroof and electri
  21. Looking to buy an operational sedan. I live in California and Nevada but am willing to visit most anywhere to check out a car. Preferably diesel/manual transmission and interior in pretty good condition. Even if the car does not fall between 79-86 or is not diesel/manual I may still be interested. Please contact at 702-427-2393 or [email protected]
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