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Saving another 405

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Backyard paint shop, it is starting to look like my place, Savo.
By "405 classic’s" do you mean from a series 2 405's ?

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^^^^not exactly sure what happened here, I couldn’t add any comments...

I usually don’t paint but on this one it’s  acceptable 🙂

Peugeot 405 Classics are reproducing some of the parts, you should check them out. 

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As you would expect I used US body kit to live on this car now, I have it all fitted and now it’s just waiting it’s turn to go to paint shop which won’t be for some time 😞

I also purchased windshield removing tool and windshield bonding glue so I can remove rear windshield out of parts car and replace the non existing one lol

Sometimes next month I’ll search for new front windshield as this is cracked beyond saving. I should also add that I replaced rear bumper, brackets and crash bar as old bumper was cracked from previous kiss in the arse (lucky no body damage) and all of the brackets and bolts were rusted and now replaced as this car lived in Michigan for few years.

One more thing I added to this car is longer front fender and rear fender trims, only very early 89 cars have them ones that were built in early to mid 88 as 89 models. These up front are longer and they go across entire fender as later 89 and up model are using shorter moldings. Rear short moldings were available only on early cars and 89 and did not have them at all. 



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