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  1. I don't think it's done any major damage, there is not chance to snap a conrod on starter motor even if the engine run at idle, i'm suspecting a starter motor that stuck out. Or something had fallen in the clutch if its a manual or some of the front drive had sized, i've seen a frozen water pump block the engine solid. Try removing the drive belts and spinning the engine out of gear by hand. With the spark plugs out incase its hydrolocked.
  2. I haven't been working on the Niva for more then a week now. We finished with digging the pit we have not hit not a single stone, but we hit clay and had to finish digging it by hand. The Cat mini digger had countless breakdowns but it finish the job. Then i made a steel surround for the pit, it will be supported with concrete under the surround to be as strong as possible. I'm installing sump with pump for liquids and extraction fan inside it.
  3. Don't use WD40 in the cylinders, it kills the spark plugs, i've also had bad experience using 2 stroke mix gasoline when starting engines that have been sitting, it kills the spark plugs. I always change the oil after the first initial start up, is best to get the gunk and old dirty oil out.
  4. My Experience is water in the fuel system, i don't know if you have run it enough to get out all the old fuel in the fuel filter, distributor and lines. You can try running some fuel system cleaner in the fuel tank and try to run it through, that is the worst way to go about it but i've had luck with it. Make sure it has oil and coolant and run it longer to see if it clears out. If all else fails there's always the italian tune up ( rev it to redline few times)
  5. How old is the gas in the gas tank. Sounds like old gas perhaps fuel problem. Try draining the old gasoline and put some new gasoline. Did you do the same on the 405?
  6. Small update, i'm putting the diesel swap on hold because i'm racing the winter in building an inspection pit. I've had too many close calls of vehicles falling down. This is the perfect weather to do it but i need to get on it and finish it quickly. I hope you like seeing this type of construction. It will be concrete and steel. Every part till now had fight me in this project, digging is taking forever because of the hard ground, and the mini digger is breaking down constantly.
  7. I've started and run cars that have been sitting for 10 years without any difficulty, i've had couple with rusty cylinder bores, it's noticeable i do an oil change after i get them fired up and you can see the rust in the oil. But i don't think Jayden will have that issue because he doesn't have any open ports, all the air going in the engine must pass thru a paper air filter. I've only found rust in engines with open carburetors. Also the Mi16 have oil squirters which shoot oil on the back of the piston and it drips down the cylinder walls and keeps them covered with oil.
  8. If you are buying , you can buy starting fluid, its more of a gas, my thinking is to get the engine firing, that will start to circle the injectors, and will push thru the old fuel and should keep running on its own. May need to do it couple of times, spray a little start to use a bit of throttle till i keeps running, in my experience engines that sit for years loose compression, the piston rings stick in the pistons on diesels i use ATF on petrol engines i spray some easily flammable liquid that makes quick movments and gets them going.
  9. Do you have any brake cleaner handy or a propane torch, remove the intake rubber boot and spray some in the throttle body, then try to start it, another thing to check is the spark plugs, they maybe gunked up.
  10. I've been working hard on the little niva last few days, i'm trying to get the more difficult things done so i can focus on the fun stuff. I needed to measure and decade in which position i'll install the engine, peugeot originally set the engine at 30 degrees, but there oil pan is at 20 degrees, i have a spare oil pump which i also measured and got 18 degrees, then i remembered that they installed those engines on 15 degrees on smaller, so the angle of the oil pan is a compromas. That said i set my engine at 25 degrees, this way i'll have some more room at the back for a turbocharger. After g
  11. Pull a spark plug or insert a spark plug in a HT lead, and rest it against a valve cover bolt to ground it, crank it and look does it have spark, also look at the check engine light on the dash is it lighting up dose it flash, also check the ecu box, under hood upper right corner i've had it fill up with water and my mi16 did not start.
  12. Yeah that's good old K-Jetronic, on those i would trace the fuel line that is coming from the fuel pump, and test pressure where it enters. looks very easy to take off the intake hose, only one hose clamp and you have access to the throttle body. Check first if it will run on brake cleaner, then we will troubleshoot further.
  13. If memory serves right it has normal bosch style fuel injectors and fuel rail, here is a picture , you can see it they are green. https://www.canam-peugeot.com/forum/index.php?/gallery/image/340-peugeot505turbo6/
  14. Brass T piece, and a pressure gauge, couple pieces of hose, couple of clamps, remove the hose of the fuel rail, T in a pressure gauge, activate the pump and check the pressure.
  15. Spray brake clean in the throttle body, see if it will keep running, then check fuel pressure, check injector pulse if all are good then there is nothing else just the injectors.
  16. I teach: Math, physics, informatics in 4 elementary schools in two languages. Yeah kids love me and hate me when i give them a lot of homework, haha.
  17. Haha, tell about it, i got to teach those classes, and the students have 101 excuses what they'll be doing instead of learning online.
  18. Jay, check the wires on the external fuel pump, i've seen dealership replace a fuel pump and the car won't start, after 3 weeks of diagnosis turn out the tech who replace the pump install the wires backwards, - to the positive and + to the negative, the fuel pump buzzes but doesn't pump any fuel, it's always the simple staff that gets you. I usually spray brake cleaner into throttle body, A buddy of my recently got R32 with RB26 half cut, he tried to get it going with no luck i went over spray some carb cleaner, it fired up took the fuel injectors off and they wore gunked up beyond recognition
  19. Well here gasoline is 6$ in the summer comes up to 8$ a gallon, monthly income is probably 10-20% from the US income, so gasoline is stolen often, more in the olden days but it happens till today. Pouring liquid gasoline in the intake is not advised, any back fire it will blow the intake. Starting fluid or propane is more safe because its vapor, in the pass i've stuck everything from camping stove, to map gas torch in intakes, but quickest i've found is to have two people one inside the car cranking and applying throttle and small amounts of brake clean, if the engine runs more time then witho
  20. Have you tried spraying fuel or propane in the intake, to see are you losing spark or fuel, i've had something similar happened, someone had stolen my gasoline and fill the tank with water, how the car run i don't know but it will start up for few seconds and die, i sprayed some brake cleaner in the intake and seen i can keep the engine running, that got me checking the fuel pump that was an intake pump, when i took the assembly out, it was clear to me what happened, the fuel / water line was very visible.
  21. Yesterday after work i stop by the steel place and bought me a piece of plate steel to make the diff mounts from. I also stop by a parts store and bought me an engine mount for a yugo new, and is also made in yugoslavia. This got me motivated to get things done, first part to come off was the passenger side suspension, i had to remove the spring to get the axle out, it will be a struggle to get them back in again. With the axle on a bench i removed the factory diff mount and oil seal plate. Then i did it all over again on the drivers side.
  22. I remember as a child, renault 4 has no stamp vin numbers, people would tack off the vin plate that is hold on with 4 metal tabs and transfer it to a good shell and have a good car again haha.
  23. Peugeot, do do a good job when balancing, my experience is 90's XU and TU engines, that said i've done a rebuild on the side of the highway in montenegro on a XU5j2c on a 405, lower radiator hose popped off, engine overheated but the gauge never moved because there was no water to transfer the heat to the sensor, piston ring binded up and lost all compression it wouldn't even start. Push it to the back of a gas station, removed the head, drop the oil pan removed the pistons and cylinder liners, hich hiked to the nearest town bought piston rings some silicone, head gasket. Replaced the rings, m
  24. Joe, are you getting the front wings wings also painted or blended in, i've had many good and bad paint shops try to paint just one panel and it always shows, when they are preparing is not that much more work, just to sand them and blend the paint in the wings. I'll attach pictures from this winter when i had the front end resprayed on my 605, you can see how we bended in the fresh paint to the old in the wing and there is no separation even in the 25 year old paint.
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