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  1. I end up picking it up on Tuesday and on Wednesday I installed rear bumper, I’m satisfied the way it all turned out. Earlier today I noticed that rear arch trims are missing 😞 I called my painter and he looked trough the shop and did not fined them, supposedly he will look more thoroughly tomorrow. Hopefully they surface up otherwise I’ll end up getting another set from UK.
  2. Whole last week I was at Arizona with Gooding&Company for car auction, my favorite one was 190E Evolution II and I did drive it on auction block. Here are few pictures of cars that we had.
  3. Sneak Peak 🙂 Painter send me few pictures today, most likely I’ll pick it all up tomorrow.
  4. Washed arch trims and chrome inserts today and I had to made one front chrome insert as it was not supplied by seller. Luckily Paul gave me few extra rear chrome strips so I just end up cutting it and shaped the ends of it to match original one. I’m really debating on cutting over fender trims and also I can’t make decision if I should paint them in color of the car including door moldings and bumpers. Opinions are welcome 🙂
  5. Arch trims came in today, big thanks to Paul Gritton to make this happen. Brakes calipers came from 406 HDI so did new pads and rotors, these are for my Wagon.
  6. WOW last post was January 19! I haven’t really driven it till last few weeks but I did do engine oil change and replaced subwoofer and new better subwoofer box. It’s retired from truck duty so rear trunk space is no longer important so upgraded was a do. And yes Mike lid closes just fine, I’m holding it up so I can take picture of it 😉
  7. As you would expect I used US body kit to live on this car now, I have it all fitted and now it’s just waiting it’s turn to go to paint shop which won’t be for some time 😞 I also purchased windshield removing tool and windshield bonding glue so I can remove rear windshield out of parts car and replace the non existing one lol Sometimes next month I’ll search for new front windshield as this is cracked beyond saving. I should also add that I replaced rear bumper, brackets and crash bar as old bumper was cracked from previous kiss in the arse (lucky no body damage) and all of the brackets and bolts were rusted and now replaced as this car lived in Michigan for few years. One more thing I added to this car is longer front fender and rear fender trims, only very early 89 cars have them ones that were built in early to mid 88 as 89 models. These up front are longer and they go across entire fender as later 89 and up model are using shorter moldings. Rear short moldings were available only on early cars and 89 and did not have them at all.
  8. For about five years now I’ve been waiting for this exhaust to look as it should, according to Dave at Euro Sports where I purchased it (it was new he’s old display unit) it was built in UK 🇬🇧 in early 90’s on Euro platform so with US bumpers it would look short. Tail pipe was tucked in under rear bumper and I did not want to extend it as I knew this day would come when I would have proper bumpers on it. I made some small adjustments on it as it’s more visible now, muffler just needed to be rotated up and to the left to look like it was in center. It really looks perfect now, tail pipe has about 10mm clearance between bumper and it sticks out about 15mm so it looks just right like it should. Now one more problem that I ran in to is that US cars have rocker panels painted dark gray with texture on to of it so when you add Euro side skirts that texture is visible and it’s gonna need to be painted in color of the car. Paul has included new front bumper side brackets and unfortunately they were about 10mm to long, so instead of having original rusted ones stripped and coated I decided to cut out 10mm out of new brackets and have them welded and powder coated.
  9. Once this US to Euro swap is done I’ll make a separate thread on how to as usually keyboard mechanics that never have done this type of swap tell you it just bolts up, well let me tell you that ain’t the case. Now front bumper is definitely direct bolt on and it bolt up with out any drama. Once I get my arch trims (arrives sometimes today) I’ll finish up with fitting it all and take it to paint shop, arch trim is by far the most important pice, with out it you just can get door moldings and side skirts to fit perfect.
  10. You can attach it with screws, in my case I choose M6 button head bolts and flange nuts. Quality is good but it extremely flimsy, I fiberglassed under side to make it sturdy. Definitely needs to be cleaned up before I take it to paint shop.
  11. I end up repairing my fuel gauge sending unit as well, that little arm in the picture below that moves up and down lost one of the contact tabs and did not make any contacts with little resistance circuit board. I end up using it from another broken sending unit that had good working arm and contacts.
  12. Test fitting aftermarket front bumper lip, first impressions are flimsy AF and definitely needs trimming. Mostly like I’ll take about four inches out the middle and bond it back together, to reinforce it I’ll probably add fiberglass on bottom of lip which should make it not to be flimsy. I definitely love the way it looks.
  13. I’m not sure if I ever asked but what is your French car background? You seem very knowledgeable 🙂 please do entertain us sir 🙂
  14. WTB 405 fuel sending unit, I don’t care if pump works or not. l’m located in Roseville California. Thank you.
  15. Mine 720/999 just arrived with personal 405 FAN California license plate 🙂 #405lemans#savospec
  16. I also ordered this universal lip, definitely minor trimming required 😉
  17. It may end up on silver MI16, I’ll make that decision later on this year.
  18. I should also add minor changes to fuel system, new 6 microns larger ethanol compatible fuel filter and lower profile fitting for better clearance. My old fuel filter was mini billet 40 micron filter and it was just not good enough, it would not trap enough debris and they would end up on top of injectors where there would not be enough of fuel passage which would cause misfire and running lean conditions. On top of that might as well do oil change with factory filter. I’m still looking for functional fuel level sender.
  19. I finally received my Euro bumpers, side skirts, door moldings, new fog lamps and other bits. Mr Paul Gritton is awesome person to deal with and he made wooden crate for me and bubble wrapped it all. Everything is washed and ready for paint, I also took door chrome strips to powder coating (semi gloss black) and ordered universal front lip.
  20. Welcome and that’s a beautiful 505 sir 🙂 and long live 4g63T 🙂
  21. Anything is restorable, now the question is how far do you want to go with this project. Engine and drivetrain parts are easy to obtain interior parts are bit harder to obtain.
  22. Hello 👋 About few weeks ago I attended 100 years of Citroën celebration and it was absolutely amazing. Organizers did fabulous job and I’m definitely looking forward to next event, here are few pictures I took while attending.
  23. These photos have been taken by professional last Saturday for 100 years of Citroën celebration.
  24. Professionally detailed and ceramic coated.
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