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  1. This last weekend I finally end up painting rocker panels and it took lot longer then I was expecting. If you guise remember US cars have rocker panels coated in black under coating and when Euro skirts are mounted most of top black coating is visible and it just doesn’t look good in my opinion. I end up leaving other half portion of coating on rocker panel as this coating is thick and it’s great protection and way better then paint. I should also add that I drilled holes for Euro skirt mounting clips and welded those little holes that were holding US body kit, nice and flat now.
  2. If only that was the only leak 🙂
  3. Ebay UK or 405 MI16 Face book group will have what you need.
  4. Hello, I used factory 89 US 405 seat belt, so far I did this to three of my 405’s. I’m not sure what lubricant needs to be used on auto seat belts, as soon as I acquire one of these cars I immediately swap auto seat belts to normal seat belts.
  5. I gave it quick wash and I got it running for a quick minute, engine was missing few parts but luckily for me I had it all in stock 🙂
  6. Actually gas tank is out of it, Bryan gave it to me two years ago when I needed one for my wagon. I have new set of tail lights for my silver car, found new set in UK.
  7. It’s actually 89 car with 91 15’ wheels, it has been picked trough and it’s in rough shape. It does have engine and transmission in it and most likely I’ll have it parted out.
  8. ^^^ I’ve noticed that when I was looking at Bryan’s Euro car, gaps around side skirts are terrible. For a while I was thinking it was my installation error but it’s just bad fit from factory, I’m also glad that I tucked in my rear bumper, looks way nicer without 10mm gap.
  9. Picked up number 7 MI16 this last weekend, ML did awesome 👏 much better then I was expecting. Mercedes tech that I know swears by these things when it come to towing/hauling he sends me pictures of he’s all the time.
  10. Thank you guise 🙂 IT definitely turned out better then expected. I can’t get my eyes 👀 of it 😂 Yes Rabin he did end up finding them, should be done by end of the week.
  11. Door moldings and arch trims need more adjustments but it’s pretty close.
  12. I got the front end assembled today, unfortunately it took about six hours to get it all together, I really like how it turned out.
  13. Picked up brackets from powder coater and purchased double side tape that supposedly is made only for automotive trims and it had high strength glue.
  14. I end up picking it up on Tuesday and on Wednesday I installed rear bumper, I’m satisfied the way it all turned out. Earlier today I noticed that rear arch trims are missing 😞 I called my painter and he looked trough the shop and did not fined them, supposedly he will look more thoroughly tomorrow. Hopefully they surface up otherwise I’ll end up getting another set from UK.
  15. Whole last week I was at Arizona with Gooding&Company for car auction, my favorite one was 190E Evolution II and I did drive it on auction block. Here are few pictures of cars that we had.
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