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  1. 265’s soft compound works great for me, first gear always spin and with right tire and temperature first gear can hook as well.
  2. at Subaru comment In my opinion C43 is better, it has nicer interior, better electrical components, nicer running engine, better fuel injection and so on... yeah 5.4 makes these cars in to a beast! Perfect power to weight ratio.
  3. I was at the track before work with my buddy Derek yesterday and he hit 9’s right of the trailer. New engine/turbo and first run with A/T swap. He needs to learn the car all over now and once power is turned up with 60’ at 1.2’s he will be in eights easily.
  4. Few weeks ago crankshaft vibration damper failed, luckily I was close to home and no damage to timing belt cover occurred. Took about two weeks ro receive parts from UK and took me only about an hour to replace it. She’s back in service
  5. This past weekend I was busy with my customers car a 1999 C43 AMG and she’s getting heart transplants! Engine is running great but he wants 5.4L power so he found low milage engine from 2001 E55 AMG.We are still waiting on seals, gaskets and service parts but I was able to replace V/C and intake manifold gaskets. I managed to clean up most of it and I’m hopping to have oil pan switched and cleaned the rest of the engine by Thursday. Engine bay will be cleaned up this Saturday before we install engine back in.
  6. I would strongly advise to contact Mr. Jürgen! It’s amazing what that man can come up with (NOS parts)
  7. If I may sir I would advise on parking it and stop sending money on it and send it this way at SavoSpec’s when you are ready! She cleaned up nice and looks amazing
  8. Lately I’ve noticed small oil stain where I park it and I keep everything clean and organized so this is totally unacceptable! Oil was definitely leaking and it was gear oil and it was coming from speed O ring/speedo adapter and luckily I had all parts in stock! Most of these parts are OEM and this is perfect reason why I keep/buy x2 or more parts for these cars and every time I use something out of my stock I immediately reordered whatever I used so I have it for next time. While I was at it I noticed steering rack boots stared to show cracks (everything was replaced when I
  9. I attended Citroën meet today, owner had multiple other vehicles in he’s collection as well.
  10. This was extremely ease to install but unfortunately they don’t clear 15” 205 GTI wheels, I end up ordering 3mm wheel spacers and same wheel bolt and washer kit as I did for rear wheels.
  11. Detective Coating is who I use, he’s a friend and they are located in Virginia. They have many different ways to get in touch and Justin would be the one to answer your question, I just send it and he gets it done for me.
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