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  1. This was extremely ease to install but unfortunately they don’t clear 15” 205 GTI wheels, I end up ordering 3mm wheel spacers and same wheel bolt and washer kit as I did for rear wheels.
  2. Detective Coating is who I use, he’s a friend and they are located in Virginia. They have many different ways to get in touch and Justin would be the one to answer your question, I just send it and he gets it done for me.
  3. ^^^^ guess who’s in driver seat 😉
  4. Finally! I got my 406 HDI rotors and calipers from powder coater! These were at he’s place for about four months! We both forgot about this project 😉few weeks ago he messaged me about none familiar parts and with title”these must be Peugeot parts 🙂 is this yours?” I got new hardware and rebuilt kit from UK, I definitely know what I’m up to this Saturday.
  5. Well done 👍 sir, nice to see another one back on the road.
  6. Worse than that! Chevrolet Sprint Turbo 🙂
  7. For few weeks now I noticed that my tachometer would not work at all times, at first I was suspecting faulty Spoox tachometer adapter for GTI6 engines but then I remember to try dash tap trick first 😉 and sure enough it would come back to life. Today I visited the graveyard for spare clusters so I can swap out tachometer parts and when I was taking my apart I noticed that connector on tachometer circuit board was extremely loose and it was just about to fall off! I have no idea how did it came loose as mounting tabs were not broken and it clicked in just like it was made to do so, I gave it few wiggles and it was all good, stayed in nice and firm. Once instrument cluster was installed I drove it around the block and everything was back to normal:-)
  8. I added two front porch lights as they never existed and it was always too dark on that side, assembled pergola kit where bbq is at and made a raised bad for garden to grove some vegetables. Luckily someone added water bib and 220V in that area for spa and I already order 60A box to finish it and I’ll use 110V out of it to power my WIFI sprinkler controller and LED lights. My mom helped me to plant bunch of flowers and fruit trees.
  9. I still work full time and most of my spare time is around my house.
  10. ^^^^ definitely NO check this or do that here! Facts people!!!
  11. As I was saying “green connector “
  12. You can use Bosch scanner for Motronic systems or get flashing code by jumping green connector (if I remember correctly) in engine compartment. To be more precise that fuse box is located right before passenger side strut tower, it’s a black square box. Idle surge can be caused by multiple things, I would strongly suggest reading fault codes then repair faulty item and then proceed to idle surge. Most folks will tell you check this, check that, could be this, could be that...well that is no way to diagnose or repair any vehicles. This type of suggestions usually comes from key board tuners with usual some to none experience.
  13. Hello Joe and welcome 🙂 As you can see this is great little Peugeot place and most of us here have ton of informations to keep these wonderful cars on the road. You are making great progress on this car and what most of people don’t realize is that little money invested in them is all that’s it’s needed to keep them going. Besides Interior these cars are great and easy to work on, I should add that front caliper slide pin boots (I see white ziptite in your picture) are available on Rockauto and extremely affordable.
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