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what about a how-to?


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I'm a new member to the forums; it seems to me that there is a wealth of information on this site that is not available anywhere else. The trouble is, it can be difficult to find.

I have a 2002 VW Jetta, and the forums at VW Vortex have created master "how-to" sections that i've found very useful over the years. see an example:


essentially, each time a technical tip gets posted that the mods find particularly useful, it gets added to the how-to.

what do you guys think about this? would it be possible and/or desirable to add something like this to the forums?


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That's kinda what the "Technical Resources" forum was supposed to be...

There's also the 505 Tech in the header bar that has some useful info...

So we could likely start moving "How To" posts to the Technical Resourses side so that they are easier to find...

If anyone comes across anything useful - just flag it to an admin and suggest it be moved... That's likely the best way to handle it going forward.

Thanks for the suggestion!


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