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  1. 1986 Peugeot 505 STI for sale in Las Vegas, NV. 125000 miles, 2.0 litre engine. The car runs, AC works but is a bit weak. Sunroof will not close completely. Dent at driver rear quarter panel where i was victim of hit and run. I think it can be hammered out.. Rear bumper on driver side pushed forward from same attack. Paint is well worn and she is covered in flat black plasiti-dip, which just peels off. Per local mechanic the "control bars" are badly rusted, the catalytic converter is coming apart inside and the rear calipers need to be replaced. Brian Holm says it is better to just rebuild the brakes and he has a caliper rebuild kit but it must be done carefully to preserve the integrity of the hand brake. The stock radio is gone. I put in a replacement which I would like to keep since it has a cd changer attachment. All outer door handles need replacement. The passenger mirror is sagging and both mirrors must be set manually as electric control stopped working. Be advised this was an East Coast (aka New Jersey) car. Been here in Las Vegas for 2 years now. We drove it out here without any issues. Cruise control is not functional. (Solenoid control broke.) MAKE ME AN OFFER.
  2. Thanks guys for the replies. 1st off I am in Las Vegas, NV now. Moved here over 2 years ago. I did not mention that a local mechanic tells me that the rear brake calipers need replacement. Brian Holm tells me its best to rebuild them . He also said that it must be done carefully to maintain the hand brake functionality. The paint was bad so I covered the car with flat black plasti-dip. I really do not want to junk the car. It runs so there are many parts that can be used. Do you know of anyone here in the South west that is looking for a parts car ?
  3. My 1986 505 STI is close to dead. It runs, the AC works but given the report from the mechanic that the control arms are dangerously rusted I am afraid to drive it. The CAT rattles and I find it is not even a peugeot cat and is welded in. I am so sad to see it go but I no longer have the health or money to repair it. I do not have the space to store it. Should I junk it or what. Looking for ideas
  4. FYI My mechanic found a few distributors from a site in Washington state. Dont know the name. Thanks all.
  5. First off thanks for the answers. I looked at the 123ignition. It cost $435.00 US $. The car is not really worth that much and I am on a very fixed income. The magnetic pickup says it was made by ACDelco France. No part number on the pickup. I found a distributor on ebay that says it works on a 505 but it has a condenser in the picture. Can a car that had electronic pickup distributor be replaced by one with points and condenser ? Can I then convert from points using one of those electronic conversion kits. Thanks for answers.
  6. Thanks for your help SRDT. I do not think that I am qualified to perform an adaptation process. Do you think it might be possible to replace this distributor with one that uses points and condenser and then install the electronics upgrade kit that is available?
  7. I am sorry I did not reply that I finally found someone who got the car to pass smog. Cost me 400 but it was worth it. Thanks for all the advise.
  8. My 1986 505 STI is dead in the water. The electronic pickup in my Duceller Distributor 525213A is fried. Even Brian Holm my Peugeot Parts dealer from New Hampshire is unable to help me this time. Does anyone know where to find a replacement transducer pickup or an entire distributor for this car ??? or is there a different distributor I can use. FYI This is a replacement engine that Alberto from Ramsey Peugeot in NJ installed and it has worked fine for 6 years now so I am quite sure the engine is vehicle appropriate. Thanks in advance
  9. Randy, I am looking for a distributor for my 1986 505 STI. or at least the pickup for the Duceller 525213A Any chance you have one.
  10. I am a bit late for this forum but want to add my 2 cents for new readers. If you convert the refrigerant in an A/C system you must do the following because the OILS ARE NOT COMPATIBLE.!!!! (R134a will turn the mineral oil in a R12 system into grit that will destroy your compressor.) 1. You must replace the expansion valve / orifice tube with a new one. 2. You must replace the dryer with a new one. 3. You must remove the old compressor, drain the old oil out, refill the compressor with correct amount You must then manually rotate the compressor a few times (make sure to have a cup ready to catch the oil) to pump the new oil out thereby flushing the compressor. 4. Install the proper amout of new oil that is appropriate for your refrigerant. (Mineral oil for R12, Ester or PAG oil for R134a) look up your compressor for how much oil is need for that specific compressor. (Do research about how much oil is needed for your vehicle.) 5. You must FLUSH out the Evaperator, Condenser, ALL hoses with a good flush solvent. Then blow them out with compressed air. then repeat. (Catch the solvent and examine for particles, if particles continue to appear repeat until clean.) These particles can clog you compressor and cause it to fail. 6. If you switch from R12 to R134a you should consider converting to a parellel flow condenser which has much more volume then a tube and fin or piccilo type condenser. Warning: You cannot flush a parallel flow, the holes are too small so if it gets clogged in the future you must replace it. I have read a lot about this and it is suggested that you install and inline filter to protect your compressor for the future. There are many more details so I suggest you reseach auto a/c forums for help on the specifics.
  11. Hello. I just learned how to do a/c recharge on my other vehicle and want to redo my 505. However I cannot find the "High" port. This car was converted to R134a some time ago and now the a/c is not working well. I want to start from scratch because I suspect that the shop that converted it did not do a proper flush before conversion. But. I cannot find the high port. It's not in my Haynes manual and I have traced the system multiple times and still cannot find it. Does anyone know about 505 a/c systems that can give me clue where to find the high pressure port ?
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