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    Owned and driven Peugeot's for 40+ years. My first one was a 195? 403 and since then it has been 404, 504's, 604's, Mostly Diesel models.
    Current cars:
    84 604GTD updated with an XD3T engine and 4 speed Auto trans. from an 86 505TD
    86 505 TD 5 Speed wagon, My daily driver
    Just bought an 89 505 Turbo 5 speed with 66XXX miles
    84 505 Wagon and 82 604TD parts cars!!

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  1. Just listed my 89 505 5 speed Turbo on Ebay! http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/?cmd=ViewItem&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649&item=290616517173&sspagename=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT Steffen Richmond, VA
  2. After giving it a lot of consideration I have desided to sell the 89 5 Speed Turbo That I bought last spring. Reason for selling the car, I have my 86 505 TD Wagon and the 84 604 TD and then I also have an 95 Chevy Silverado. And after all I'm a "Dieselhead" . I love the versatillity of the 505 Wagon The comfort and handling of the 604, and the Chevy as a backup vehicle! When I bought the car with 66500 miles, it had been sitting for sometime and had a lot of Electrical issues, after a lot of cleaning El. connections', car runs great, Starts right up and runs real nice, on very rare occasions,
  3. Looks like most of the running problems was caused by corroded Electric Connecters, After cleaning all visible wire connecters, grounds Etc. I guess it was because the car had been sitting unused for about 5 years. Even found signs of mouse nest a couple places, Don't looks like the mice got into the wiring. I have used a lot of leather conditioner on the seats and they are now very soft and comfortable, The interior is really in great condition The car runs great and real fun to drive and very fast!! have to watch my speed! Well I have been driving diesels for many years, this is my first Tu
  4. I did Use the Org. Sunroof cable.The motor Drive teeth grapped the cable just fine, no slippage at all. Steffen
  5. last friday I made a trip to our local pick & pull Yard, as I was looking for a tail light for a frinds car. Well! at the same time I desided to look for a substitude for the missing Antenna grommet on my 89 505 Turbo, it had a piece of Duckt tape wrapped around the antenna mast. dont really looks that good! As I did not have any dimentions with me, I picked up 3 different ones, only had to pay $0.50 for each!got home ! and found one of them was a perfect fit,even the right angle! I know it came off a Ford model, not sure wich model! The grommet is Rubber and has a grove in it and fit nice
  6. Yesterday I drove the car for about 20 miles to a frinds house and on the way home I made several stops, doing some shopping, car ran great, only once did it start missing as before, but overall it ran very well. This morning I vent to get a news paper, when I got back in the car , it would turn but no fire!!, after checking the fuses and found them all to be ok, I got in the car and it started right up. Got home and opened the hood, vrikled the wires that goes to the 2 Yellow relay's above the big fuse panel, and engine Quit! Did some more movement of the wires and got in and engine fired rig
  7. 89 505 Turbo 5 speed Vacum hose connections? I believe I got the vacuum hoses in their right places, The first one (closest to the firewall) goes underneath the manifold to the fuel pressure regulator. The second one goes to a "T" one hose goes around the front of the engine down to some gadget under the air cleaner! other hose goes down to a canister (Horizontal connection) between the fuel evaporator thing and the firewall ? is that right?. This morning I adjusted the TPS according to Joe Grubbs instructions I found on the "505 turbo website". I took the car out to run a couple errands, Car
  8. Update on my 89 505 5 Speed Turbo. Since I got the car home and checked it out, I have done the following. Did a compression test, all cylinders was between 120 – 125 PSI Adjusted the valves, they where all very tight! Installed new sparkplugs Replaced Fan/Alternator, Power steering belts. Changed Engine oil and filter, Transmission and differential oil w/ additive. Install new Fuel filter. Replaced driver side steering rack booth. Replaced lower ball joint on passenger side. New wiper blades. Replaced front sway bar bushings. Free up dragging parking brake Replaced all tires with a set of tir
  9. As far as I know, George at Sunset is no longer in buss, as far as Peugeot is concerned, Someone told me that he is in to alternate fuel setup (Veggie Diesel Etc.) Steffen
  10. Hi to all, My name is Steffen, I live in Chesterfield, VA (Near Richmond) I hav owned and driven Peugeot's for 40+ years. My First peugeot was an 195? 403 Sedan that I bought back in 1963, That was back when I lived back in Europe, I'm from Denmark but lived in Sweden at that time. I came here to the US in 1967, I drove American cars until I ran into an 404 Wagon, and since then it has been several 504's, a couple 505's and several 604's both Gas and Diesels. Over the years I have restored many 504 and 604's, at the present time I own 5 Peugeot's. 1984 604GTD with the XD3T Turbo Diesel engine
  11. This 89 505 Turbo 5 speed is now sitting in my garage. Changed sparkplugs, did a compression test, all cyl. 120 - 124. put in fresh gas and Injector cleaner, started up and runs real well. changing oil and filter today, plan on retoqge the head and adjust the valves. Steffen Richmond, VA 84 604GTD 86 505TD 5 speed Wagon 89 505 Turbo 5 Speed
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