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Peugeot 604 GTD
By Steffen, 02/16/2014
  • VIN VF3AA41B5ES104008
  • Color Maroon
  • Price 0.00
  • Year 1984
  • Odometer 300000
  • Odometer Unit Miles
  • Description I bought this 604GTD in NC in March 2009, I had been searching for a good 604 for sometime, looked at several, most was very rusty or overpriced.<br />
    This one is about as rustfree as any 604 one could find, did have a lot of electrical and vacuum problems, needed the leather seats restiched, new fabric installed on the door panel's, front struts repaired. Also the paint was really badly weathered, clearcoat was peeling on hood, roof and trunk. The real nice feture of the car was that it had been fitted with an 2.5 liter XD3T engine and the 4 speed overdrive Auto tranny out of an 87 505 TD. also had 4 new tires! After fixing all those problems, I drove the car on several trips. Car is a great driver and a real joy to drive. So I desided to spend the $$$ on a fresh paint job, so after remowing all exterior trim, bumpers Etc. off to the paint shop, now the car looks nearly new. Since then I have installed Keyless entry, Even got the Close Window's/ sunroof to work from the remote, a real nice feture!!
  • Engine code XD3T
  • Transmission 4 speed auto (4HP22)
  • Body Style 4 door sedan
  • Vehicle status Licensed and insured
  • Production Date --

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