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  1. This is driving me crazy. 405 has a new-ish battery, but if I don't drive it every few days, it'll be dead when I need it. No clicking, no instrument lights....nothing. A quick charge and there we go. Keep this up and I'll be buying another battery in no time. In recent months.... - new starter - checked wiring to starter, alternator, etc. - alternator working right. - inserted ammeter between battery negative post and negative wire. Meter shows drain of about 8 mA when everything is off. YouTube instructional videos say that's ok. - inserted ammeter between batte
  2. If not for the fact that the starter is basically a necessity for automotive use, I'd just give up on this starter problem and forget about it, much as one might do without a radio or A/C. But I've spent the past week pulling all the pieces that lead up to the intake manifold, checking everything, finding nothing. Touching the hot lead to the battery + post, gets a pleasant spark but nothing's turning over. Refreshed the negative battery clamp, the G1 body post to which the starter body should have contact. Everything is consistent. Which is: any two pieces of steel show something
  3. My Mi16 (summer car) has had a starter problem going back more than a year. I should mention that, long ago, I installed a relay and heavy wire to the solenoid. I believe it's wire number 47 that we interrupt to get more power to the starter. Now it no longer matters. A year ago, I had a few experiences where I had to call AAA or use my portable battery pack to get going. Even if I knew I had a fully charged battery, I might get in, turn the key and get an errrr, pause, errrr, pause, errrr. After a few such experiences, I installed a new starter (with solenoid attached) and things were go
  4. I still have two - the S wagon and the '92 Mi16. Wagon needs some muffler work (suddenly it's embarrassingly loud!), but running great. Mi16 looks great but driving me nuts. Two-yr. old battery, alternator, etc. have been checked out at Advanced Auto Parts and everything checks out good but keeps stranding me (my battery pack having a harder and harder time doing its job). I charge it up - the car - at home, it starts right up. Buy the groceries, come back to the car, engine sounds like it cranks once-around, then dead; not even clicking. A jump start from another car gets it going instan
  5. Life is Good When.... you notice a black on black Alfa Guilia coming up behind you, in your Mi16. You give him a thumb's-up as he passes you, and he's already giving you one! fs
  6. I agree, except that I haven't been able to find another factory '89 seat belt to install into my wagon. A few years ago, when I had three 405s, my two Mi16s had 89 belts and my "poor ol'" wagon was, and still is, stuck with automatics. Maybe I just haven't been looking hard enough. Or, it might be that I have too many non-vehicular projects going. fs Keep on with your 405s; lookin' good.
  7. Congratulations on swapping real seat belts for those $%^^&*& automatic belts. I've had real 3-point belts in my Mi16s forever, but haven't found a set of real belts for my S wagon. So...first question - where did you get your real belts for your wagon? I've looked at a few online belt sellers but their belts are too long for 405 front seats. (I'm not sure WHY they won't sell belts longer than a stated length for a prospective buyer's car). Second question - Peugeot factory manuals I have state a particular brand for 15-year lubricant for the track on the automatic belt. Not willi
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