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PRV turbo questions

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Hey gents.... 

I can report that the Volvo B-280 cams do work well enough in my turbocharged six. I've not tried the 'E' profile... Just the 'F' version we got Stateside. 

For those of us wanting more naturally aspirated yank.... I have stroked the crankshaft out to 79.4mm for an engine that pulls very well indeed.   Am eager to see how this one responds to being force-fed.  79.4X93.5 for.... More fun!  The intake note changed with the displacement increase... Likely due to shorter rods.   

For a future build I'm wanting to shove the pin as far up in the piston as we can manage for as long a rod as can be fitted with long stroke. 

We can wander deep down this rabbit hole.   Red pill is worth taking,.  

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