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Found 2 results

  1. Good Day. New to the Peugeot community. I found this car with a friend and knew it needed to be shared. My friend will probably be posting it on the Facebook group as I don't have Facebook. The story behind this car is short. You would think a car of this age would have some history and stories. Not this one. It has one story, from one day as that's all it was driven after being purchased. The original owner purchased the car in 1975 after getting a new job. He brought the car home, parked it in the garage and that's where it remained. One problem... he did not have a driver's license. The car remained in the same place until yesterday (May 12, 2020), one spot for 45 years. the mileage on the car? 51 miles. 29 Miles on the trip-odometer. Now I am not a Peugeot person but I am a car person (mainly into VW and Mopar) and knew that a car with this story needed to be taken care of, shared, and not sent to it's demise. I have taken a number of Pictures to document the car, going to upload a few tonight. Quick question: I have no keys to the car, but I can get a parts 1972 504. Can i take the ignition switch out of that car and use it in this one? Thanks, Nick Vancouver.
  2. I love Peugeots… and this car was a complete impulse buy in August, 2011. It was in New Jersey on Ebay and I bought it sight unseen then had it shipped to Florida. Truthfully, I have no business owning this car. It needs occasional work and there are no mechanics to work on it here. It appears from my research that the 38,466 mileage is legit. I have only put 1,500 miles on it in the last 2 years. It has been sitting in outside storage. Interior is in excellent condition for its age. Car is clean. Carpet is excellent. There are two leather upholstery seams that have split (one each on the front seats) but otherwise very nice, some small chips on the driver's door where it appears it was hit repeatedly over the years, and the steering wheel has expected wear. Paint buffed up when I got it and might now… It has been in the sun so might need painted. I have not opened the sunroof so cannot speak to its condition except to say that it does not leak. Mechanically the car runs very well. AC is cold when it starts but has issues later when engine is hot and car is turned off… then blows warm air. Obviously compressor is fine but there is a sensor issue that needs a real Peugeot mechanic to troubleshoot. The rear brakes need work. I have put new tires on the car and a new alternator. Overall I would say this is a very nice car for a person who can work on Peugeots. It is listed on E-bay. I paid $3,200 and am basically trying to get that back out of it.
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