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  1. Hey guys, Sorry for the delayed response. Yes we did find the original keys, hard to believe but they did find their way back to the car. We had a peak of about 70 people watching the video live and almost 3,000 views since the video has been up. After the video that night we hooked up a battery to the car to see how the wiring has held up. Headlights (Low and High Beam), signals, hazards, horn, wipers, interior lights all turned on and were working. Some questions were raised about the engine's condition, well it spins without much effort by hand. Good news! Might do a video
  2. Here's some photos of the interior I promised. We have emailed Peugeot about the car. Looking into all possibilities. Hope everyone has a good week.
  3. Phil made a Facebook group to post about the car in. Search "51mile504" to find the group. We will be doing a live video tonight going over the car inside, outside, and under the hood. I will post more interior pictures up this weekend.
  4. The car is a manual transmission. I was once told by a friend that ICBC had a fire in the 80s at some point that damaged most of the records from before that. Could be just a rumor though? I measured the distance from where the Brasso dealer used to be in North Van to where the car was located, it was about 25 miles- not far off the 29 miles on the trip-odometer. Trying to decide on whether or not to give the car a detailed detail job or leave it as a time capsule with the dust and dirt from its one drive home and then years in storage. Is there any other low mileage time capsule
  5. Mike, Whereabouts was Brasso Peugeot I've been trying to figure out where this car would have been driven from. I have added the car to the registry on here.
  6. Name: Peugeot 504 GL Category: North America Date Added: 2020-05-14 Submitter: kickywow   Peugeot 504 GL  
  7. Good Day. New to the Peugeot community. I found this car with a friend and knew it needed to be shared. My friend will probably be posting it on the Facebook group as I don't have Facebook. The story behind this car is short. You would think a car of this age would have some history and stories. Not this one. It has one story, from one day as that's all it was driven after being purchased. The original owner purchased the car in 1975 after getting a new job. He brought the car home, parked it in the garage and that's where it remained. One problem... he did not have a driver's licens
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