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  1. Hello Folks... I tried and tried to sell this stuff and finally put it on ebay auction... got one take,r $50 for all!... All the time I spent pulling and hauling all this stuff around and all the time put into clean-up and advertising...well if I had only known. duh.... Sorry I can not fulfill any wishes it's all gone the fellow didn't even want the wheels... off to free give away metal recycling...
  2. Thanks for the welcoming! Duh...yes location would be very helpful. They are located in "Beautiful Bandon By-The-Sea" as the saying goes up here. It is Bandon, OR zip 97411. About 1 hour south of Coos Bay and appx. 90 miles over the northern CA and southwest OR border traveling Hwy 101. I'm used to listing on ebay and they have you specify location in another area in the ad, so not used to mentioning it in the ad description itself...TFYI!
  3. I have never listed here and don't know what I'm doing but....I'll see how I can get all these photos to you. I am a long time Peugeot buff, having started out with an $80 403 sedan that wouldn't die..!.. and I thoroughly enjoyed, then on to 404's,504's and a Slew of 505's. I had 15-17? of them all at once at one point. Well this collection of parts are gleaned from them (all good cars) as well as numerous new parts purchased from W. Hemisphere in CA. I have ONLY 505 parts. I randomly started snapping LOTS of pics...some items are duplicated here and there and everywhere thru the photos...but you get the idea... a few of the oil filters and odds and ends filter wrenches etc. may not be peugeot, but ended up with my 505 parts, but not sure without more research...but again, most certainly are and the Purflux filter boxes though some look tired all contain brand new filters. That's why I need to stir you to an online photo album (flickr or imgur)) I know there are some rare parts among them. The injection pump and the head were given to me by a well known retired Peugeot mechanic who hales from Argentina and had a commercial garage in San Jose, CA who specialized in Peugeot, even had big Peugeot neon sign up on the highway at his business. I have gotten rid of all of the cars at this point and moved and down-sized and given up my Lion love affair...I have neither the time nor inclination to try to catalog and list all this stuff individually, life's far too short for me now to do that! haha. All the parts I do believe are good ones (maybe all?), but no guarantees of course. It would have been really nice to clean things up more as they have been setting for a long time with moves in there, so look more forlorn that they really are. This stuff is boxed up now for the most part awaiting pick-up. I will add some pics here. If a serious buyer, please call and we can discuss details further and I can provide the rest of the pictures to you as well.These items are sold as-is and PICK UP ONLY in Bandon, Oregon 97411. Please check out my feedback on ebay (user i.d. heartwood29)and rest assured you are dealing with a very honest, legitimate seller. MAKE OFFER https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/with/36334274401/
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