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  1. Hi Bean , thanks for asking, sorry I don't write any more info. I was four am when I posted .
  2. Hello everyone , I'm from Chile and want to show you how I fixed my Peugeot. (Sorry for my bad English) I buy a 1997 break Peugeot that was seating for three years . When I take to my house I star overhauling the entire car. Sadly I found the floor very rust ,and the front has a big crash . So I star looking for a new project and buy the actual car that's is a 1995 Peugeot break . Was in very good shape. Have so minor rust in the floor, a gearbox support damage. And the engine burnt oil . The engine of the 97 Peugeot was repaired, change the rings, crankshaft and conrods metal, water seal, clutch,coolant hoses, cylinder head maintenance. ,so I swapped the engine that repaired to the 95 Peugeot.
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