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505 parts wanted

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Here is the list of the possiable.

-2 sets of rear control arms that are not separated at the rear of the control arm and are rust free

-lug nuts from a 1st gen with alloy wheels

-instrument cluster from a 1st gen 1985 turbo diesel with tach

-89 505 sedan rear bumper

-sun roof cable (maybe that should be in the impossiable)

-carpeted trunk panal for the gas tank filler side of the trunk

-1 piece rear spoiler the one that mounts to the trunk lid

Now for the impossiable.

-set of european head lights

-european gas tank for diesel

-european gas tank for gas

-intercooler for xd3t diesel

I believe that is it for now any help would be greatly appreciated


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One question:

Do you mean the duck tail spoiler or the 89 style raised rear spoiler? Both mount to the trunk...

I currently have two spare rear suspension subframes, as well as a rear duck tail spoiler that needs finishing - but I'm way up in Canada so shipping would be a fortune...

You could also try the Peugeot-L list on yahoo groups - someone might be closer that has the parts you need.

Euro lights should also be pretty easy to find - pretty sure you can still get them new.


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I'm looking for the ducktail spoiler that mounts to the end of the trunk. The large 89 spoiler isn't as taste full I think.

There is a guy who restors peugeot's in North Carolina Sun Set Coach Men that has them but I want to shop around since I need two sets.

I haven't uploaded any pictures yet of the 89 V6 but it is good looking with euro head lights a full crome lion emblem and a french badge on the grill with nice fat 225/50 tires on redone wheels.

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I don't like the 89 spoilers either... But the older duck tail one is a bit dated so I'm hoping to modernize it a bit with some re-contouring... Make it look less "add-on" and more integrated. I'm also loosing the side trim on mine too...

Post pics of the car - sounds pretty nice!


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