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Trying to find an affordable tachymetric relay for a 1985 505 Turbo (N9T)


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I've got a solid low kms 1985 Turbo sedan that has been sitting dormant in my heated dehumidified garage for far too long now. It showed signs of a dead tachymetric relay...no fuel pump sounds, no tach movement, and no start...all at the same time while a start attempt was made.  I thought at first it might be stale gas so added high test gas to the tank without success.

Advice from some sources suggested failure of this relay above all other possibilities. So, I have been seeking an affordable source of a replacement for Bosch relay #0 332 014 151. I understand that it is now obsolete...does anybody have a cross over that is a reliable fit and function?



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Pretty sure Volvo uses Tachymetric relays:  


85’s also had an issue with the ECU that prevents start, and it needs a repair to the board.  Repair escapes me but if you search the site I’m pretty sure it was posted.


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The tachymetric relay, tachometer and fuel pump are all very very likely to fail independently from one another when the car sits for a while. Also the ECUs at nearly 40 years old like to go bad too. Basically anything with capacitors in it are questionable.

More than likely the relay, tachometer and ECU can all be repaired by someone good with electronics, which is what I'd do. A friend of mine has taken broken relays and tachs and ecus and gotten them to work perfectly. 9 times out of 10 its just capacitors that have gone bad and need replacing.

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If you bridge the right pins on the relay connector you can quickly test the fuel pump.

More than the relay it could be that your ignition is the one that isn't working. The tachometer, ECU and tach relay all need pulses from the ignition coil to work.

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