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505 turbo (or other N9T original) crankshaft wanted


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A mistake was made by the Lithuanians that grinded my crank for overdim bearings, and now I need to redo the work myself. And unfortunately I really would like to get hold of undamaged crank for my engine when I am completely overhauling it.

I put the block in the acid for stripping today, and will take it out on Monday to assess the damage more. But I do think the block is 100% fine.



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As they are quite heavy, I would think that yes.

The engine was rebuild in a really "amateur" way when the car was painted. And the problem that made the engine fail the last time, was not fixed. When I disassembled the engine now, I found out that the oil sump is so badly dented, that it hits the oil pickup. So I recon it is way to close to have decent oil flow.

This time I will do it properly myself. 

I'll try to take pictures and do some updates in my project thread along the way. 🙂

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First measure crank and see how much needed for grind. In case its out off repair then I'll can look my storage for better option. Surely welding and regrind is possible but thats bit extreem in cost way cause it needs to be straighten also and of cause all grinding to top off that.

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