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Peugeot 505 Turbo Diesel 1984 for sale... $2,500

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Hello,  I have owned this 505 for 10 years now.  But circumstances in my life are changing and I need to sell it.   Mechanically the car is great.  The engine was swapped from a 2.3 to a 2.5.  That 2.5 has a known history.  it has about 65k miles on it.  The reason for the low miliage can be verified by Rob Courtier, Garage Courtier in Dallas TX.  The engine was a warranty exchange years ago on one of his customers.  This customer eventually wrecked the car and the engine was saved and stored in a storage for over 2 decades.  I purchased the Engine on December 2015.  Since then I have driven the car very sparingly.  I can give proof for all this upon request.

The Bosch pump is a brand new one I bought from Dubar garage in California a few years ago

The wheels were converted to 15 inches,  Brand new tires, Brand new motor mounts,  All hoses are brand new.  Radiator was rebuilt by a local radiator shop. Brand new Alternator.

The body itself is in poor condition.  the car drives great but it does look bad.

 - There are 2 dents on the roof from a tree leaf that fell years ago I have done lots of repair on it. 

 - There is a small rust spot underneath on the driver side

 - a fender bender occurred on the rear driver side door.  i replaced the door but it still shows.

 - the interior is worn and old. 

 - All AC related accessories, Cruise control accessories were removed.  It was too expensive to fix so I did away with it.  I simplified the car to its basics


I have quite a bit of spare parts I can give with it.

it is a 5 speed.   it drives great, straight on the highway.  It will drive wherever it takes you.  

The value of the car is the mechanical part.  If you want a show car this is not the right body.  If you want a diesel with low mileage this is the one!

I also have a spare 5 speed transmission that works just fine and a spare 2.3 turbo diesel that I also purchased from Rob Courtier.  That 2.3 has about 200 K

More pictures upon request.  I can facetime also and show you the engine running. 

Peugeot 505 -4.jpg

Peugeot 505 -3.jpg

Peugeot 505 -2.jpg

Peugeot 505 -1.jpg



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Sorry that you have to let it go, but a couple things that might help you sell it:

- Is there any damage to the rear of the car?  Looks like it has early Euro tail lights, which are cool - they just don’t work with the center panel or bumper well.

- Is the car capable of being driven long distance?  Short distance?  Trailer only?

- Any known rust issues or damage?  Can see a patch on the hood and some dents on rear quarter panel corners… Driver door looks like it has been pushed in?

Tons of potential, but just so very far away!

Good luck with sale!



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