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Anyone got stance 505 ?


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Hi , is anyone got stance peugeot 505 ?. My suspension is in a bad bad condition. I want to put some nice shock absorber or coilovers? Did front suspension fit from another peugeot`s model? I think maybe 405/406?. Is someone fit something diffrent from original ?

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My brother has done this with his 505 v6 - coil over sleeves on stock shock bodies, and his other car is running sport springs.  He changed his hubs to 6x140 and runs 17x8 rims on his car.

Nobody makes anything so anything you want will need to be custom fabricated.


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I've been in contact with one Frédéric Massy at this company, and they actually make coilovers as well as cheaper but sporty stuff for the 505. But it is rather expensive. In 2018 their cheapest system was 1470 Euros and the most expensive was 3530 euros. Still only coilovers in the front I believe. 


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