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Radiator Differences

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Hey everyone. Going to throw a couple posts up on fixing our 1982 505 TD Sedan with a 5spd manual transmission. Anyways the car has seen one to many blue devil head gasket treatments and has a fully blown head gasket. The radiator weighed about 35-40lbs when we pulled it out of the car. So I am on the hunt for a used unit or having ours redone. So the picture below is the radiator that came out of the car. Now with 5? blue devil treatments.




So Nephew was close to a junkyard that got a 1980 diesel in and went for the radiator. When he sent pictures the inlet and outlet were on different sides. As seen below. 



I had also gone to a junkyard with a old worn out 09/1985 505 turbo and its radiator looked like the one above at least in the outlet placement. The one in the 505 turbo was plastic and also in bad shape. 


So my question is what year cars would interchange with out 1982 Turbo Diesel. Or do we have a unicorn of a radiator. With the inlet and outlet on the same side. 


So at this point I think our best bet is to find a good radiator shop and have ours cleaned or maybe have a new core put in. We flow tested it with the garden hose and the flow rate was very slow. Figure that and the weight its stopped up pretty good. Or is there a universal style radiator that is known to fit in these cars. 

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I believe the earlier TD cars like yours had the rad with the top outlet coming out at a 90 degree like the junkyard rad - top rad hose was a J shape that ran along the top to the driver side and then tuned back to the motor in a “J” shape.

I’ve never seen someone do a universal rad in a TD, but I’ve retrofitted many rads from different cars with no issues.  Rad hoses can be tricky, but metal or even copper ones can be made pretty easy if needed with just some hose couplers to connect them.


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